Tartarus vs Orbweaver

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by kajira, Oct 30, 2014.

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  1. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Alright, another comparison for you all!!

    I've often pondered picking up one of the keypads instead of just trying to work with all my letter keys on the keyboard when I remap everything to my liking. I'm not convinced it's for me just yet, so first I'd love to hear from others on why do, or don't, like the keypads in general.

    Secondly, the Tartarus and Orbweaver are very similar, but it seems that the Orbweaver has the higher quality mechanical anti-ghosting switches but more keys and a bigger profile in general. So I'd love to hear the differences in both tech-specs and if people have experiences with both how they feel in your hand.

    Perhaps hearing from you all can help me decide if I need to put in yet *another* Razer order in the near future. lol
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  2. starfox1o1

    starfox1o1 Member

    I use the Razer Tartarus and it is amazing. Perfect amount of keys that you usually use with that hand and the thumb keys. I use it for League of Legends mostly and my key maping uses only 12 of the available keys. Whereas playing a game that uses a lot of keys takes most of the key pad and takes a lot more thinking to set up based on how often you use keys.

    Play games that use lots of keys/important keys (say a game that uses shift to run, control to crouch, push to speak, tab for players core, interaction key, etc.) get Orbweaver.

    Anything else like simple/casual games or MOBAs get Tartarus
  3. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Not sure if you're using Steam, but clicking on my signature link gives you my profile where you can see my list of games. That's a pretty decent sampling of what I play, not including anything Blizzard or MMO which are in my start menu instead.

    I do find that I do a fair bit of key re-mapping though, because I greatly dislike the usual WASD movement and I change those every chance I get (to DCSF) - this means that almost every other key nearby also needs reassigning. And, some of my "habit keys" just have to be where they have to be, because that's where they've been for years and years. (some of them, like "reply to whisper" are keys I've assigned for nearly 20yrs since The Realm Online and the original EverQuest beta)

    here's the kicker - being female and having smaller hands I'm not sure I could even comfortably reach the 4th row of keys on the Orbweaver. :D However, if the mechanical performance really is better/nicer then I'd be willing to sacrifice that for performance and just have them gather dust. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Your feedback is fantastic and invaluable and very much appreciated. Thank you! :)
  4. TylerMayes

    TylerMayes Member

    I use the Orbweaver myself and have small hands. The far buttons are a little bit of a reach but I simply map the less often used keys to those positions. Usually I do complex setups where the top 5 buttons switch to new key maps. Often these new key maps will have some overlap, for example my movement keys stay in the same spot. In this way the top 5 buttons allow me to essentially change only 3-6 of my standard buttons used.

    It does take a bit of setup and planning. But I find that I rather enjoy the processes of designing a well functioning layout for my remaps.

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  5. Vaikanen

    Vaikanen New Member

    I have both (only because I review a lot of products from various manufacturers). I'd definitely recommend the OrbWeaver first, but I'm pretty much a "mechanical keyboard snob" so I prefer the superior mechanical keys. The OrbWeaver also has more buttons than the Tartarus (20 vs. 15) and is moderately adjustable.

    But if you can't afford the OrbWeaver, the Tartarus is still a good speedpad too. I suspect but there *might* be a Chroma Orbweaver announced soon, but I'm just speculating (but if there is, it may drive down prices on the 'older model' OrbWeavers).

  6. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Very good feedback, and @Razer|Mentality that's a really good point about being able to use the top buttons to switch profiles. I would not have thought of that, but it's brilliant. :)

    Thank you!!
  7. Medrilan

    Medrilan Active Member

    I was able to purchase either, but I have really small hands and after gettting a hands on demo with both of them, I chose the Tartarus, because it fit my needs better. Plus, not a lot of desk room for it, so it fits perfectly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  8. VickyTheDemon

    VickyTheDemon New Member

    I've been using the Tartarus and all the incarnations of it since it was called the Belkin Nostromo. I have tried the Orbweaver but I prefer the Tartarus personally though that could just be because it is what I am used to.

    I actually prefer the feel of membrane keys, it makes it easy for me to transition to a laptop and back and I find my fingers flow over the keys easier. But again this is really personal preference.

    All that said, the Tartarus is a great device, any game pad like it is. While it's true you could just use a keyboard for the same thing, you can learn the keys much faster on a gamepad. It's just easier to physically remember what button does what. I find the space bar on the Tartarus much improved over previous designs, especially the Nostromo were it could get stuck on occasion. I also prefer the new 8-Way HAT and find it more accurate than the older model again. I'm also fine seeing the old scroll wheel be replaced with an extra keyboard key as I find that works much better for me in most games. Overall I really think the Tartarus perfected the Nostromo design, there were always a few niggling problems with the old models but this one is perfect. If there is anything I could do to change the Tartarus it would be to just give it a third small thumb button...

    Entering commands on these devices are very fast, I find in some MMOs that I have to slow down my presses because the server can't keep up with me and I will have to wait for it while it goes though all my commands one by one. You can also change profiles on them on the fly via a button press, which is a bigger deal than you might think in a fast game. It definitely give you a leg up on your competition because they just wont be able to keep up with your keyboard entry speed when using something like this.

    If you want more keys (Though know you'll have to reach a bit farther) or prefer mechanical then by all means go with the Orbweaver. I'm sure it's an excellent device so long as it's physically comfortable for you to use.
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  9. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    See, and that right there is why I was debating between the two. @Abidon lives with me (he's my oldest daughter's boyfriend) and he has the Orbweaver, and I know for a fact I can't reach that top row of keys easily. lol However, I do kind of like the suggestion earlier of having all of the first three rows available for hotkeys and then only using that top row for easy clicks to different profiles. Very creative way to still use something that's harder to reach.

    Very good information though, definitely gives me more to think about, and honestly, the more information/opinions there are the easier the choice should be. (in theory. haha)
  10. VickyTheDemon

    VickyTheDemon New Member

    Yah I hear ya. If you have access to an Orbweaver (I was able to try one at a local Frys), I would just try it for a while. An evening if you can manage it. As others have said that top row really is just harder to reach so you're unlikely to use it much, so expect to use those for rarely needed commands.

    I think the difference really comes down to do you want mechanical or dome keys. The Tartarus feels like a laptop keyboard in a more ergonomic form. And it's quiet to boot. The Orbweaver feels like a mechanical keyboard (Which personally slows me down) and of course it's louder. Even the stealth mechanical keyboards from Razer are significantly louder than the dome keys.

    Both the Orbweaver and the Tartarus are adjustable so if you have bigger or smaller hands you can adjust them as needed to a degree.
  11. Grendalsh

    Grendalsh New Member

    The Nostromo/Tartarus/Orbweaver gamepad series is game changing for PC gaming. Once you get past the learning curve, you'll wonder how you played games using the keyboard.

    (Disclaimer: I run an fan YouTube channel dedicated to the Nostromo series of gamepads, and Razer has sent me versions of all the devices to review.)

    In the debate between the Tartarus and the OrbWeaver, the number of keys is often brought up, but the real deciding factors should be your hand size and preference for membrane/mechanical keys. With constructive use of the 8 keymaps and modified keybindings, the number of keys is really a non-issue.

    I've found that, on the OrbWeaver, I have difficulty reaching all four rows of keys. Granted, I have kinda stubby fingers, so if you can palm a basketball you should be fine. For those of us with smaller hands or shorter fingers, I would recommend the Tartarus over the OrbWeaver.

    If you're a mechanical key purist, then you'll want the newer OrbWeaver model. Hopefully Razer will work on a mechanical variant of the Tartarus, but for now they only have mechanical keys in the OrbWeaver. That said, the new Razer Green switches are very slick, and I greatly preferred them to the Cherry switches in the early OrbWeaver models. These are much quieter, while having a smooth throw and retaining the pre-click pause.

    My only complaints with the new series are the removal of the scrollwheel, and that the palm rest can't be removed.. Some of my guild are ladies with very small hands, and being able to remove the palm rest on the Nostromo models gave them a much more comfortable reach. I personally made good use of the scrollwheel in several games, and replacing the three triggers of the scrollwheel (ScrollUp, ScrollDown, Click) with just one key was a loss, if only a minor one.

    You can check out my YouTube Channel, The 2 Ring, at www.youtube.com/user/grendalsh. While the vids are outdated, the layout basics still apply.
  12. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    @Grendalsh Wow, thank you. That was definitely a very useful review, much appreciated!! :)
  13. VividTangeloxbit376

    VividTangeloxbit376 New Member

    I love mine!

    Yes, lol. Spacebar was meh. Mostly it worked. 60% of the time, every time.

    NOOOOOOOO!!! I found bad news.
  14. Theurgie

    Theurgie Member

    Thanks for all the info, looks like I'll be getting the Orbweaver
  15. TenzorDK

    TenzorDK New Member

    I recently "upgraded" from the Belkin Nostromo n52te to the orbweaver chroma stealth. I would say they each have thier on right - or place to shine. The orbweaver is great for the game that really needs you to have the extra buttons (and nice physical aesthetics). The software on the Belkin Nostromo was not the best, but combined with a bit of fiddling and the onboard memory it was manageable. I do love (yes love) mechanical keyboards, but! I do find the orbweavers keys needs some getting used to. This is also why I ordered some O-rings. If you don't have a large hand and don't need the extra buttons (since you can just macro), I would go for the Tartarus.
  16. TenzorDK

    TenzorDK New Member

    whoops just saw your last post .. hope you will like your orbweaver. Let us know what you think!
  17. I use the Orbweaver myself, and I must say I prefer it over the Tartarus, mainly because of the mechanical keys and because of the more keys which suit my use better.
    For casual MOBAs I think the Tartarus is enough but for anything else get the Orbweaver :heart:
  18. Pffpro

    Pffpro Member

    I have exp with Tartarus... its pretty cool for use
  19. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I've learned to absolutely LOVE my Orbweaver!! It took me a bit to get through my first Synapse profile and get everything just how I wanted it, but now that I have I couldn't be happier. I find it far more comfortable and easier to use than my keyboard for gaming.
  20. RunninBearPoo

    RunninBearPoo Member

    orbweaver...ive got my eye on you...
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