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Tartus v2 macro for thumbstick

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by CosmicLatteupfront756, Mar 15, 2019.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am trying to set up the 8-directional thumbstick in Tartus V2 right now. I am using it for movement in WoW, and the basic 4-way WASD mode feels a bit choppy (compared to my old N52te that just died). I am having trouble pressing the thumbstick at an angle to generate the equivalent of a two button press, like W+D for Forward Right, S+D for Backward Right, W+A for Forward Left, and S+A for Backward Left.

    To make it more fluid, I'd like to assign these movements explicitly to the in-between keys on the 8-directional pad. And I can't figure out how. There are 3 potential ways:

    1) Use the default "joystick" XY movements listed in Synapse. But these are not recognized by WoW.
    2) Assign two key presses (W+D) to a bind. This is not supported by Synapse. You can only assign 1 key per bind.
    3) Make a macro, "hold W+D down" as long as a key is pressed, and bind it to the key. When I try to make "W+D" as a macro, I get 4 events (w down, w up, d down, d up) in the macro editor. I edited the XML file to delete the "up" events, which gave me the macro I wanted (w down, d down). However, when I bind it to a key with "play while assigned key is pressed" it gets stuck in a loop. I realize I can make a second macro to create a two macro toggle, but I am looking for 1 button solution.

    Any ideals on how I can accomplish this?
Thread Status:
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