That is it for the CES 2016 sale?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by piasraspear333, Jan 15, 2016.

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  1. Nyanzalifegeo669

    Nyanzalifegeo669 New Member

    LoL! What happened to "So do I"?
  2. zevus

    zevus New Member

    What does this matter?

    I have. =p

    But, yeah, most places give you some 5, 10, or 15 minutes 'hold' after putting something in cart.

    Explain the relevance of your comment?
  3. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    Decided to make it easier for you to understand.
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  4. Nyanzalifegeo669

    Nyanzalifegeo669 New Member

    Do you realize that being disrespectful like this is only confirming just how unprofessional you are as a moderator? Screenshots being taken and being sent to Razer, so keep it coming. I won't be baited into a back-and-forth with you.
  5. CommanderFlynn

    CommanderFlynn New Member

    Can I be the one person that goes that Razer have NO obligation to hold the sale at all? They don't have to give everyone a chance at 50% off, and realistically they cannot create the items before the sale to meet demand lest they suffer a drop in build quality.
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  6. Nyanzalifegeo669

    Nyanzalifegeo669 New Member

    But they DID hold the sale. Why not wait until stock is replenished a bit and THEN hold a sale for us "loyal insiders". See that's the thing, "Insiders" were made privy of this sale, not the entire public, so more people should have been able to get AT LEAST one item of their choosing.
  7. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    haha. Funny how you poke me to get a response like that and then reporting to Razer. I have been like this since the day I joined so I am not falling for your threats.
  8. MaxiPigz

    MaxiPigz Member

    This sale was announced on every gaming site, i'm French and the main gaming site spoke about it..
  9. Nyanzalifegeo669

    Nyanzalifegeo669 New Member

    You're a moderator, your job is to deal with people and give them information in a kind and courteous manner. By being demeaning to customers who spend their hard earned money on Razer products you lose the right to be respected and spoken to nicely. I'm older and have dealt with people like you in the past. I won't be disrespectful like you were to me because that doesn't get us anywhere closer to a resolution.

    Please show me where I "poked" you also. I was nice to you from the get go. And by the way, I don't make "threats".
  10. NebulousLife

    NebulousLife New Member

    I'm fine with being late to the punch, but even now their store still isn't resolving properly. It is still telling me there are keyboards in stock but nothing is added to the cart if I try to add them (however their laptops can be added). Also if I try to login to the store it asks me to reconfirm my password, thanks me and I never login.
    The same stuff was happening right when the sale went live and then their whole site went down so I went to bed.
    To me this event felt more like a stress test of their store and IT infrastructure then actually showing appreciation for their customers. I'm just glad I'm not apart of their IT department because I doubt any of them have gone to sleep since the sale went live.
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  11. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    Didn't I give you all the information in very kind words and weren't we having a discussion in kind words? Werent you the one who just used a one line response to back out of the discussion when you found out you were wrong to blame the company?
    Werent you the one who said this? and called me unprofessional even after knowing I don't work for Razer and nor I am a professional Moderator? You got personal so I went personal. Just call it even. I do not wish to further continue this discussion with you.
  12. DrewLazz

    DrewLazz New Member

    Exactly this. If the sale is to honour and thank those of us that purchase Razer products (often at full price) throughout the year, then require a minimum community participation.

    If, however the real point of the sale is to get people into Razer Insider forums and active in the community, then this is exactly the way to do it.

    As a guy who two years in a row didn't get what they wanted (and thanks to the plummeting Canadian dollar won't pay full price anytime soon), I'm pissed that the storefront was effectively broken the entirety of the sale.

    But, as a guy who loves Razer products and thinks the company is run absolutely the right way with a brilliant culture coming from the CEO on down, this is a great method for getting casual purchasers into the community. If 5% of the new Insider members stay, that's probably a few thousand new community members.
  13. mattgman

    mattgman New Member

    The insider website was under maintenance last night for people in PST!
  14. GoneDrinkin

    GoneDrinkin Active Member

    xxthe_remedyxx. let me rebut every single one of your points.

    you're funny.
    You didn't do your homework. Ample warnings saying that items will go out seconds or minutes after sale starts. If you're too slow, don't blame Razer, blame yourself.

    give people rain checks? to what extent? So if there were 1 million people who wants to get in, they should sell to these 1million people at 50% off? Razer already warned as mentioned previously, if you're not prepared, it's your fault. NO ONE is entitled to any product. I emphasis, no one is ENTITLED. everyone is given a CHANCE.

    Also, are you saying that Razer should not have this sale at all then? You stopped buying Razer's products because you couldn't get in on the 50% sale. So if another brand doesn't have a 50% sale, they are better? i don't see any logic in that.

    It's funny. Your loyalty with Razer lasts for a day. New member yesterday, loyal gone today because you can't get in on a sale.

    For the record, what YOU want is not the right thing to do. Who are you to define what is right for Razer to do? What if you want to buy (for argument's sake) 10 Blackwidow Chromas for $10 USD, is that the right thing to do?

    So lets say, Brand A holds a sale for 50%, and they ran out of stock. Are you going to say, WE WANT RAIN CHECKS. I DIDNT MANAGE TO BUY AT 50% OFF. I WANT A RAIN CHECK FROM BRAND A. what, are you high or something?

    We support Razer by cheering in celebrations that we (Razer and authentic Razer fans) won CES 2016. Managed to buy something or not, the point is we won CES 2016. 50% Sale is just a bonus that doesn't affect much. We don't lose anything if we didn't manage to buy something, we just didn't gain anything.

    So like i said, 1 million people on Insider. Razer obligated to sell to each of them? Razer stated clearly in the terms and conditions. WHILE STOCKS LAST. You accepted the terms and conditions when you retrieve the code. If you don't agree with it, then dont take part in the sale.
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  15. GoneDrinkin

    GoneDrinkin Active Member

    those "most places" defined it as such. Amazon lightning deals defined it as 15mins. Certain stores (that I tried to bought from) in Sweden defined it as only on confirmation. Razer defined it as only on confirmation. Therefore, basket or not, doesn't matter. What matters is when you got a confirmation notice. You do not define what policy Razer takes.

    I agree. I do believe that a better way would be to have only Razer Insiders who meet certain criteria such as 3 months member + 50 posts or something, to have the Razer CES Appreciation Sales. But then again, there are fans who have supported Razer by buying their goods, but are not involved in Razer.
  16. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    Ok, I didn't bother reading everything once I got the jist of all this because I wasted enough time responding to all this last year. Here's the thing, Razer doesn't owe you anything. They decided to do a sale because they happen to like you. I wanted a wildcat this year, didn't get one. Oh well. Most of you complaining, it would seem, made accounts solely for the sale. So you have no room to complain. I understand it is frustrating when you get excited and see an amazing deal and then your hopes get dashed. That is frustrating, sure, but you shouldn't get mad at Razer for deigning to offer you a sale on incredibly popular products. Every year, the sale is just what they already have in stock, they don't pull stock and they don't add extra either. It is just what is already in the warehouse. They do it to show appreciation and some people get great deals. But none of us are entitled to any kind of discount for any reason. You are not entitled to a deal. Some people get lucky, be happy for them and hope you get a good deal next time. It would make no sense for Razer to add more stock for the sale, or to fulfill orders on out of stock items placed during the sale, as they would lose an immense amount of money on this. They already basically are just by doing the sale.
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  17. MochaRaf

    MochaRaf Active Member

    I truly understand your frustration, but at the end of the day we need to take a step back and realize that this sale isn't just about us as an individual, but instead a celebration of what Razer has accomplished this year and the awards they brought home from CES. People tend to forget that Razer has no way of knowing if they have won any awards until the announcements are made, and it is ONLY after receiving confirmation that they have won an award at CES that they hold the 50% off CES appreciation sale. It would make no sense from a business perspective for them to start stocking up on products weeks or even months prior to CES for a sale that may not even take place. Stock for Razer products have always been limited even outside a sale, from my understanding they are not a company that mass-produces products and then sits on them. I also don't think people realize that it takes more than a few days to create a production order, so it's quite unrealistic as well as unfair to expect a company to increase their stocks in such a short time.

    Now I am not saying that the CES appreciation sale couldn't go over smoother, as there are always things to improve upon. I would say the two largest issues that emerge from a sale of this scale are the ability for the servers to accommodate the traffic, as well as people abusing the system. People are already finding loopholes to order more than one thing while there is limited stock, imagine what would happened if there was no finite stock and people could place back orders. I am not saying that people shouldn't get their hopes up when it comes to getting something they want, but I think there also needs to be a level of realism and humbleness applied to these type of sales. Not everyone will get what they want, that's the bitter reality. Only a marginal amount of people are able to get their first or second choice through a combination of luck, preparation, and a hint of determination. Would it be great if everyone could get what they wanted? Absolutely! But it is just not realistic, which is why Razer made a statement prior to the sale going live that stock is limited and people should expect items to go out of stock fairly quickly. I realize that the current system for obtaining the 50% off code is far from perfect, but it may yet be the fairest way to distribute codes to ALL fans. If this sale is only meant for hardcore fans who follow Razer religiously, then perhaps they should make the guidelines to obtaining a code much stricter. Should they only give out codes to reflect their inventory? Absolutely not, because there is no way of knowing what product the person would want to use the code on, and whether the person would actually end up making the purchase. Of course there could be some alternative where they severely limit the amount of codes, but then it's no longer a CES appreciation sale but instead just a very exclusive private sale. The current system is far from perfect and many people end up being diasspointed, but at least the way it is setup now gives everyone an equal fighting chance at grabbing something they want.

    I realize that I just wrote a mini-novel and many people won't bother to read any of it, but I just wanted to share my thoughts as I find it rather disappointing that people feel so entitled when it comes to this sale. I am amazed at the type of comments people have made, especially those that use a lot of profanity. It makes me wonder if these people also throw temper tantrum when things don't go their way during Black Friday sales or in other aspects of their lives. And please don't get me wrong, I understand why people are upset and frustrated, I just don't think it merits the amount of abuse that people are dishing out at Razer because they failed to properly read the terms of this sale. Razer made it perfectly clear that there will be server issues, that there is a limited stock, the codes do not guarantee a purchase, adding the item to cart does not reserve the item, that there are different times the sale goes live according to the region you live in and codes will be invalid until that time, and that an order is not complete until you have a confirmation number. Having said that, of course there were issues that were outside of problems associated with the list above, such as people timing out during the order submission stage which resulted in no order and their code being invalidated. And I want to reiterate that it's not that I don't believe people have valid reasons to be upset, as there are plenty of people who have a valid reason to be, I just find it appalling that there are people who are cursing out Razer without taking the time to inform themselves about the parameters of the sale because they feel they are an exception.

    For those people who managed to snag something they wanted, I am happy for you! For those that didn't manage to get anything I wish you guys better luck next time. For those that will boycott the company now because they feel like they have been wronged, it is your right to do so. I personally am very grateful that Razer has decided to hold the appreciation sale again regardless of the negative feedback that emerged from last years event, so congratulations to Razer for winning "Best PC and People's Choice", and thank you very much!
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  18. sambogaming

    sambogaming Member

    The sale started at 9am uk not 10am, its not a joke you just didnt look at the timings properly. it did say 10am CET on the insider post.
    However the keyboards were gone by 9:05, i was only able to get the black ops 3 version of the blackwidow, all the other US/UK layout boards were out of stock
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2016
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  19. gezeni

    gezeni Member

    Got a source on that? If memory serves the terms of the coupon said that you would get it through, but razer would cancel it later.
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  20. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    I don´t think we will have another sale next year if people are complaining that much about how they were not able to be fast enough
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