Thaughts on Riven mains guys? :3

Discussion in 'League of Legends Talk' started by soloMediumOrchidretro564, Dec 21, 2017.


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  1. Hey guys and welcome to my very first post! nice too be here, anyway i was wondering if there is many riven mains running around these forums! if so post me your ign and we can play. i have 1.5million on riven and im looking to show me people the ways of a crazy riven player lol :D

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  2. EvvyOrion

    EvvyOrion New Member

    I am just now starting riven, would love any tips you have for me
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  3. I rarely play Riven but her kit and mechanics are so hard to master.
  4. RedSurge0010

    RedSurge0010 New Member

    Okay dude, just take it slow. Work on the animation cancels ( e into w etc) they help allot). Also, baiting ppl with the last hit on your q is something to work on since not much ppl check the cooldown on her q and are easily trick.

    In the end, Have fun playing Riven!!
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