The 2018 Razer Blade

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Luqman.Hussain, Feb 3, 2018.


What are two Things you would like to see on the Razer Blade (2018)

  1. Slimmer Bezels

  2. Bigger Battery

  3. Better Thermals

  4. Better GPU

  5. Dolby Atmos

  6. 1440p instead of 4k

  7. New Body Design

  8. 2 year standard warranty

  9. New Gen CPU

  10. Better Trackpad

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  1. Luqman.Hussain

    Luqman.Hussain New Member

    I was just wondering what you guys would like to see on the new Razer Blade for 2018. My #1 change should be those awful bezels. They could easily fit a 15" screen in their already present 14" body. What do you guys think? I also think that Razer should drop their resolution to 1440p. 1440p for a 15" is perfect. Plus, the GTX 1060 can't even push 4k in games. 1440p is the sweet spot for the screen size and for performance.
    But most importantly what do you guys want in the new Blade?
  2. letto_0155

    letto_0155 Member

    A release date would be nice. CMON MIN hurry up man!!!
  3. Kamachiz

    Kamachiz Member

    Screw smaller bezels and 1440p 15" screen. WE NEED 120 HZ 4k PANELS!! I use my blade on an incline (cooling pad) so the position of my eyes are actually more to the middle and lower instead of being focused on the ugly bezels on the top of the panel. Amazing graphical details + amazing fps is all i could ever ask for in a gaming laptop. That and give us a 2 year warranty razer, every other company on the market atleast offers an option for 2+ years.
  4. RocketSkates93

    RocketSkates93 Well-Known Member

    Would like to see Dolby Atmos support and THX Certification. An Apple MacBook is better than a Razer Blade in this category.

    Next I would like to see is a new body design being 15.6" with a Gunmetal color option and mechanical keys as a bonus since it's beginning to become standard with low profile Cherry MX keys being developed. A new body design also opens up the possibility of improving battery and cooling solution.

    Also, make sure it has Chroma!
  5. robby_boom

    robby_boom New Member

    what I need as an architect and a 3D model designer, it would be nice to have ~15" thin bezel 4K screen with pen support (eg. Wacom) with 100% sRGB and at least 90% adobeRGB. Of course 8th Gen i7-8700HQ (not Kaby Lake R). 16Gb ram standard with the option of 32Gb. 2 SSD slots. solid battery size with FAST CHARGE. at least GTX1060, but a sure upgrade would help (eg. MAX-Q 1080).

    I know it's asking a lot, but I've been using other thick power laptops and I really want to convert to Razer but the hardware isn't there yet for the Razer Blade. I know that power needs are answered by the Razer Blade Pro, but i need the portability and lightness of 15" slim laptop.
  6. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    So wouldnt the Blade Pro be an upgrade to portability either way? Thinner / lighter and aesthetically better (bonus!) + you get a bigger screen!
  7. robby_boom

    robby_boom New Member

    17" in my opinion is simply just too big for portability. 15" is a sweet spot for productivity, gaming, and multimedia. there is also the idea of pricing. say the new razer blade 4K 512Gb is $3,499 AUD. the Razer Blade Pro 4k 512Gb is $5,900 AUD.
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  8. Slimmer Bezels is on the top? You want to make your laptop more slicker or more usable/portable?
  9. vistar

    vistar Active Member

  10. Jerry-H

    Jerry-H New Member

    I have some expectations about the Razer blade 2018:
    1. It should change into slimmer bezels, current bezels are so wide that can anchor a CV.
    2. It should have a full backlit keyboard, it is really hard for users to find those function keys and punctuation keys in the dark.
    3. The screen should be 2k 15", and the touch panel with 120Hz refresh rate and high Color Gamut(90%adobe RGB or higher is the best) is the best.
    4.Magnet power port!!!!!
    5.SD-Card reader.
    6. Options to choose High-Performance CPU(eg:i7-8xxxHH/HQ) or Long Battery Life CPU(eg: i7-8650U); because CoffeeLake-CPU, especially, power conservation editions have a good balance between performance and Battery Life.
    7. Razer also needs better thermals, maybe they can use vapor chamber to replace heat pipes.
    8.non-key trackpad like the Razer Blade Stealth.

    I know I'm quite demanding, I hope Razer can do better.

  11. I agree with a lot of what you're saying one thing id like to add is quieter fans .. mam that high pitch sounds disturb me and others so much when i game.... so much for quite mode lol
  12. Kamachiz

    Kamachiz Member

    Theres no real going around loud fans under heavy load gaming. The main being is really due to the fact that blade has a thin chasis and adding more chasis would just make the overall blade bigger and uglier in my opinion. So far the only "quiet" thin chasis laptop i know of with a 1060 or higher is a asus rog zephyrus. But it is really only around 10-15 decibels quieter than the blade (40-50ish decibels). This is mainly due to the moved down keyboard allowing more space around hardware on top to cool and a underclocked gpu.
  13. while i completely understand that, we're talking about innovation here. im more than sure that razor can come up with a solution. at the very least come up with first-party software that allows us to control the fans to a certain extent. i use a cooling pad that can supply more than enough for heavy loads without the high pitch noises. maybe the same size fan with fewer blades to reduce the high pitch? as you can see my real issue isn't the noise its the annoying high pitch that it creates. i do agree with you that whatever a solution might be that it shouldn't add on to the chassis as that is the main reason why i purchased this instead of other bulkier designs
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  14. dtdynd

    dtdynd New Member

    i8 and a minimum gtx1070 (non maxQ) or 1080 maxQ. give me that in a 15 inch and I'll buy in a heartbeat. 17 inch is just too large.
  15. phoenix2063

    phoenix2063 New Member

    When was the last time Razer updated the design of the Blade 14inch, rather than just the internals and screen resolution? Bezels need to be halved, thermals/fan noise improved and i really don't understand why they haven't done anything about the fingerprint magnet chassis given it's been an issue from the start??
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  16. Kamachiz

    Kamachiz Member

    As far as i can remember, they only refreshed the 14". the blade sealth however got alotta love from razer, they reduced the bezels about 50% and made it a 13.3" panel.
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  17. HEmmett

    HEmmett New Member

    Honestly, the poll results should be different. The number one thing is thermal design. If they could cram in another fan or two and add the same number of vents, the laptop would be much better. Everything else is fine but, the slimmer bezels would be nice since we have had the same screen (minus the 4K touchscreen) for years now. A close three would be the better GPU, however, with the new eighth-generation processors that just rolled out, the 2018 blade should include them and either a more efficient 1060 or a newer 1070.
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  18. angelbreathe

    angelbreathe Well-Known Member

    Where's the 240Hz option for PC Master Race? Hehehe..
  19. labotsirc

    labotsirc Active Member

    March will bring news about future GPUs. Let's see what we get announced. Almost sure that Razer would be releasing a new blade around April May, with the latest hardware and design improvements that most of us are asking. The last real iteration of the blade 14 was last February.
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  20. Jakooth

    Jakooth New Member

    Major problem for me is the overheat and how I saw my Blade crack open, because of the stupid battery. No matter what uber powerful things they manage to squeeze inside it does not matter, if it is about to explode for Christmas next year. So I vote for more reliability - Thermals and Warranty.
    Somehow having removable battery (even if it is smaller), so you can easily buy a spare one will be mega fantastic... but I started dreaming.
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