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The all-new Razer Blade Stealth 13

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Razer.WolfPack, Dec 4, 2018.

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  1. Asten__

    Asten__ Active Member

    I own then last iteration of the Blade Stealth (i7-8550U cpu) and sadly, i have to report i also have the connection issues on my usb-c port. So far (about a year of usage now) it has not gotten worse, so i hope the connectivity will not degrade because of some mechanical issue inside the plug on the notebook. The behavior it exhibits is that when I connect my core v2 (and i tried different TB cables), i need to wiggle around with the cable until i end up in a position where the corev2 is recognized. It always charges my notebook, however. I also never had these issues with the included power adapter, so it seems not to be about the power connectors but the data connectors that have the issue.

    Too bad they did not fix it with the new iteration..
  2. Droglez

    Droglez New Member

    Mine doesnt always charge when I plug it in. I have to wiggle it around sometimes. Dear God it’s awfull, now that I think about it..
  3. Clabby94

    Clabby94 New Member

    Does anyone know if the TB port will send video to a external usb-c monitor?
  4. Droglez

    Droglez New Member

    I’m not sure, but I surely suppose that it will, since a TB port can transfer up to 40GB/sec. HDMI 2.0 can transfer 18 GB/sec and HDMI 1.4 can Transfer 10,2 GB/sec.
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  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Yes with usb c to usb c 3.1 gen 2 (10gb, similar with tb1 speed) or better one. I tried use usb c cable that comes with my usb c monitor, it didn’t work and use TB3 cable that come with Razer Core, it works. So you need at least usb 3.1 gen 2 10gbs data transfer speed.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2018
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  6. Clabby94

    Clabby94 New Member

    Thanks for the replies! My stealth will be here Saturday :)
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  7. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Fingers crossed that you’ll get good unit and hope Razer addressed issues mentioned above.
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  8. So I have correct the speaker crackle issue, I changed the driver to R2.73, it seems to be an issue with the most upto date driver.

    R2.73 is an old driver but seems to work.

    In regards to the battery drain, I updated the battery management driver and this seemed to help a bit
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  9. Reg3e

    Reg3e Member

    Nice, the HDMI that I never use on my Blade Stealth is finally replaced with something useful > w<
  10. nycrom666

    nycrom666 New Member

    Will get mine Thursday. I hope everything will be alright with it and i can connect it to my core v2.
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  11. Clabby94

    Clabby94 New Member

    To update this, mine is up and running! Right off I noticed two issues. First is that while playing games the laptop is discharging while plugged in. Actually right beside the battery percentage it will say "Plugged in, discharging". Other issue is that even though I'm hitting 60 fps and beyond, it's just not smooth at all. First thought was to check the refresh rate but in synapse it's set to 60hz. Although in windows display setting it shows 59hz. Regardless it's probably going back because the discharging issue makes it unusable.
  12. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Feel bad man. It sounds like ac adapter couldn’t provide power that system demands, hmm weird...since it’s low power gpu, it was known on Blade Pro with full gtx 1080 with small 250 Watt AC adapter considering other 1080 gaming laptops use around 300 watt power brick. About gaming experience is it framedrop that made not smooth or screen tearing?
    It’s actually 59,xxHz so it’s similar refresh rate with 60 Hz value.
    Is it online games btw? Internet connection may also become the culprit when you play on decent fps but still feel not smooth, if frame timings are inconsistent in the game you play, you can get micro stutter.
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  13. Clabby94

    Clabby94 New Member

    It's microstutter I think. Even though I'm pegged at 60fps it look like 40.
  14. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Hmm interesting, do you monitor the cpu and gpu temperature clock like earlier video i shared here, cpu usage almost all the time is hitting 100%, meaning cpu bottleneck the gpu, it may be the culprit. GPU usage may hitting 99 or 100, because gpu is prepared for that especially in nowadays titles, it shows the gpu efficiency and max performance, but not 100% cpu usage all the time even though the temperature is great, maybe the fans react more aggressive due to that and asked more wattage than the ac adapter could supply. The result is your issues discharging and stuttering imo.
  15. Teneul

    Teneul New Member

    This fixed my snap-crackle-pop sounds coming from my speakers when they are not being used.

    I am starting to lean towards returning my stealth, base model after having used it for a couple weeks now because the trackpad is still finicky. There is still a coil-whine coming from the lite-on SSD which is rampant and the super mediocre palm detection on the trackpad in addition to other random and frequent trackpad issues (jumping cursor regardless of the presence of the palm, intermittent but not frequent periods where it freezes for about 3 seconds causes me real consternation. The size of the right shift has also been a huge learning curve. If I press the up arrow one more time...

    It seems I'm getting around 8:30 hours of real-world usage out of the battery. Nowhere near 12-13 and that's with simple web browsing and multitasking. No gaming or stress application usage (adobe products, etc.). I do realize now that looking at my battery-report it does drain significantly on suspend mode overnight, 10-15%. Here is my battery report for comparison:
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
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  16. Clabby94

    Clabby94 New Member

    Trackpad cuts out intermittently for me as well.
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  17. TK-1987

    TK-1987 Well-Known Member

    Really sad to hear there are so many uses cropping up. I'm still waiting for the refund on my unit. I do plan on getting another eventually. Besides the coil whine mine was pretty good. It kept very cool when doing auto cad work and light gaming. Surprisingly so. But, that's what you get with low powered U class cpu's and a MX150 with two fans.

    But, CES is just around the corner so I'm going to wait and see what's on the horizon. If there is nothing I like I'll give the New Stealth another go.
  18. Diel87

    Diel87 Member

    same with mine the problems are still here
  19. BaffTech

    BaffTech New Member

    I was all sold out again but getting in here is holding me back...
    Is that possible that there are some razer systems with no issue?
    I previously got a Stealth 1st gen; I read so many drawbacks but told myself I would give it a try though. But the unit I received had dead pixels so I returned it and convince myself I would wait for better stability and if possible mate screen.

    I was really hoping this could be now.

    Anyone happy with his?
  20. TK-1987

    TK-1987 Well-Known Member

    Like I mentioned in my post a few pages back I liked my unit. If it wasn't for the coil whine I would've kept it. Battery life was good, performance was good, it ran very cool under load, and was pretty close to everything I wanted in a small laptop. I plan on getting another and hope it doesn't have coil whine after I see what CES has to offer. I'm going to buy it from someone else other than Razer directly because they're still taking there time refunding me for my returned unit.

    Also remember happy users don't come to forums and post about it. Even though we are a load minority you're only ever gonna hear our end of the story. My blade 14 is a few years old now and still works perfectly. And the only issue I have with it is I want something new and with better battery life. It's served me well and I'll be sad to see it go when I sell it. :wink_:
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