The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. RafeeJ

    RafeeJ New Member

    To be honest, I think the Razer Store should work on like pre-ordering sorta thing. E.G I wanted a Deathadder Chroma, but they sold out within minutes. I ended up getting the classic version, which isn't half bad.

    But, I would've been happy to order the DA Chroma but have to wait up to a month to receive it. That month being: Having everything restocked and shipped. That means you could cater for everyone, as well as not disappointing anyone.

    Probably not a viable option though..
  2. R3AP3R

    R3AP3R Active Member

    First of all, I was frustrated because of the server gg. I was at the check out page 1 sec after the sale start, but the code wasn't working and I only memorized 1 code. As a result I would need to get into the insider and check again which I failed to do so because the server gg. And after that, I couldn't even get into the order page anymore for 3 hours. By the time I got back to the order page, I got a "Notify Me".

    It's like playing an online game when the server cannot handle the loads, players feel it. You have connection issue from the beginning of the game and it gets worse, you get disconnected from the game. By the time you reconnected back to the game, you have already lost the game.

    I would rather see an "Out of stock" message at the check out page than getting a denial of service. In that way, I would happily say GGWP to all the winners.

    But don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you should increase your servers capacity to handle this abnormal traffic. From business point of view, it's not cost effective just to handle a few hours of traffic.

    In my opinion, a better strategy is needed to run this sale. Otherwise, there will just be more frustrated gamers.
  3. Jinuyr

    Jinuyr New Member

    Based on the feedback I've read on this thread, I think your concern is completely valid and should be looked into. My two cents on the matter is this...

    Min-Liang Tan, to my understanding, you have always wanted to reward hardcore Razer followers whenever possible. This action, will always generate negative results, and in fact, any decision you make as a CEO for Razer will always generate negative results and positive ones along with it.

    Just like the news or other service industries, you only ever really hear about the bad news because it's exciting. The good news is often left behind.

    I think Razer is doing great overall to manage their interactions with their customers and you shouldn't listen to all the people that whine about their situation.

    For the record, I wanted a Razer SEIRĒN really, really bad, but I didn't get to buy it. I suck it up, I try again later, but I keep on gaming and I keep on supporting Razer. That's just how it is. The real fans stay and the casuals can go play something else.
  4. yeldus

    yeldus New Member

    I think the reason why you see more hate than love is just because more haters actually go online and express their butthurt than nice people express their happines.
  5. KinkySoup

    KinkySoup New Member

    The sale is always a great time for fans and non-fans to get their gear. Who doesn't want a piece of cool razer especially when it becomes even more affordable?

    However, people get disappointed and angry for various reasons. Here's some of them which I gathered from my friends who were at in-camp training(ICT, if you are from SG, you would know what this is) with me this week.

    1) It was 10am (UTC+8), following the 6pm(PST) when the sales started. There's a reason why the sale is at 6pm. However this idea was not extended to other regions. It becomes hard for people who have to work, or have restricted "imba camping". We had to try to purchase it off our mobiles because laptops and tablets didn't make it into army camps. Also, I'm sure other people who were caught up in work meetings or appointments would have found it really hard to show their support.

    2) The checkout process is a sure loser for people trying to buy through their mobiles. Even though we bought before from the razerstore, there's no previously saved address/card that we could easily check out with. I understand the security issues with saving those data, but it totally killed off any chances for people trying to get some hot stuff through their mobile phones. I watched my friend try to check out a BW Chroma on his phone. By the time he keyed in all his details and tried to submit, stocks were already out. He was so disappointed for the whole day.

    3) An idea on how the sale could actually function fairly for all is to perhaps make it like how Amazon does their "daily deals" during Black Friday. There's a set number of inventory that they want to sell, people are given 15minutes to check out if they managed to add their desired product into their cart. People over the quota will be placed on a queue list where every "expired or suddenly-do-not-want-to-buy" person will automatically give up a slot for the next in line to have a chance to buy.

    4) For people like me wanting to get a Razer Blade Pro because that's the best entertainment I could get for my offshore job. Sure, I may have been outplayed this time, but it is the only time when the RBP drops to a price deemed acceptable to buy. I could just wait it out for the next sale, but how much longer do I need to go with less gaming? It will be such a disaster to succumb to a lesser laptop in the process because of the long wait. :slightly_sad:

    Well, I do hope that the appreciation sale gets to as many fans as possible. Sure there will be disappointments, but losing out because of the gameplay just makes one feel so much more pwned than one who actually had a chance to try and got outplayed. Keep up the good work!
  6. parsimoniae

    parsimoniae Member

    I think the appreciation sale is a great gesture by Razer, and while I can understand that people may be disappointed they don't get the item the want, I really don't get the anger people express.
    For future events, how about asking Insiders to indicate the one item they want, and then within each item category; randomly allocate codes based on your stock levels.
    That way it's more of a lottery as to who gets the chance to buy it and any unused codes can be reallocated within each grouping after a certain timeout period.
    This could avoid the hectic F5ing as people compete for each item and reduce everyone's stress levels!
    I love Razer products and the way there is such engagement with the community...keep up the good work! :)
  7. Slartz

    Slartz New Member

    Unequivocally yes. As previously stated as a company you don't often do sales, the products you create and sell are always great build quality and made for purpose so why should you do sales unless of course it is for a good reason.

    The CES sales are a great way to show appreciation and people will always moan more than they praise. I was fortunate this year as I wasn't fighting for one of the hottest new products. I still had to sit and refresh for hours and more than once I thought I had got an item which I lost moments later. It was exciting and I think even if I hadn't been so lucky I would always be back the next time
  8. just one thing you might change in future ... in my oppinion at least ;) is the start time of the sale ... for the us shop the time was fine i guess but the rest of the world ?!? if it starts at 2/3 in the middle of the night normal people ar asleep ;) maybe it would be better is you start the sale at the same time but localised ... so the us store at 6 pm pst the european store at 6pm gmt ... localized shops ... localized timetable ...less for the servers to handle and the people got a better chance to get the stuff the love ... at least if it is still available ;)

    and let´s face it the servers crashed due to too many fans and not by getting hacked :D
  9. Just a little thought on that, is it possible to postpone the CES sale for a few months after.. so that you can prepare and have a little bit more in stock ?

    Or maybe allow the code to work for all customer forever, so that they can buy their item when it get stocked ?
  10. JustTooFast

    JustTooFast Member

    The qualification system will need to change as well though. Since new members can also be one of us, the die-hard fans of Razer, there must be a way to reward them as well.
  11. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    This is the part of all this that actually upsets me the most. I find it terribly disheartening and sad that when @Min-Liang Tan wants to thank his fans he ends up feeling bad for having done so because so many people are upset. It's absolutely unforgivable how people act when they're being greedy and thankless when someone tried to do something nice for them.

    I've been feeling miserably sick lately, and not spending the time I normally would on the forums -- that being the case, I'm not going to even finish reading all the comments, and I do apologize for that in advance.

    My own personal two cents: I love that you guys are willing to give us such a huge discount on an item. I don't mind that it's a mad rush, that servers go down or that things are slow. That's never really been an issue for me. If I have a fair shot at getting what I'm after, and it's the same chance everyone else has -- and I still lose out, then oh well!! At least we all had the same opportunity.

    That being said, I was a bit disappointed that the only reason things didn't work out for me was due to the inaccurate code, but even then it's not that big of a deal. Life goes on, there will be another chance to get what I was after. Fortunately, this time it'll be another sale chance and I'm absolutely thrilled that Razer and @Min-Liang Tan is willing to give us that second chance.

    People need to just calm down, there are far bigger reasons to get upset, angry, sad, etc and "rage" in this life ... not getting a Razer gear on sale is not one of those reasons. Save those extreme emotions for when you learn a family member has cancer or when a child is mistreated or some other truly big deal. Not for something like this. This is a reward that we just have a CHANCE at getting ... but it's the fact that we had the chance in the first place that really matters.

    Have fun, play on and enjoy!!
  12. Stwyde

    Stwyde New Member

    The sale actually got me to order a classic series deathadder before the sale started just so I could guarantee I'd get it before the stocks ran dry. I think staging the sale might be a good idea with stock divided equally into the sale stages. This way the last stage still has options for purchasing, and then after each stage has had some exclusivity, the gates can open for all unclaimed stock. That way server load gets divided and everybody can be happy. I still love the sales even though they're very hit or miss, I just feel like the servers crashing made some people feel cheated out, especially if they had everything in their cart and ready to buy but the servers decided to kick them out.
  13. Zaphyr

    Zaphyr Member

    An Amazon system would cause just as many problems, after all it doesn't take it from the stock in the current razer system until you purchase and pay. I remember the days when they put up Wii's for £50, and they were literally gone in a second, and even then there was issues with the system. The button just wouldn't 'click through' for some people(including myself) because of the sheer volume, and that's Amazon, they have way better servers.

    Either way, there's still going to be way more people wanting a said item, than there is going to be items available.
  14. YahikoEvolution

    YahikoEvolution New Member

    Min, this kind of appreciation sales are great! :) especially for those who want those peripherals so bad but doesn't have enough money to buy them. I voted for yes even though it doesn't benefit me. I hope Razer store will be available here in PH so I don't have to deal with overpriced resellers anymore.
  15. LetsGet2Wrk

    LetsGet2Wrk New Member

    Even though I did not get to get the items that I wanted and I hope that there will be another great sale going on. But with all the frustrations from the consumers, I was really disappointed too.

    People would 100% tell you that you should make another sale but what do you get in return? Lower profit plus more complaints next time?? If thats the case, I don't think its worth it.

    I'm a huge razer fan and i personally uses razer product for everything, blade, death-stalker, orbweaver, ouroboros, black-shark, ferox, and more, including products that are out of the market. I would also love to have another sale to get more razer products but if not, its all fine.

    Always wanted to thank you for improving my gaming experience. I support you till the end =]
  16. Dreigo42

    Dreigo42 New Member

    I love seeing the Sale as a celebration. It's a shame that others can't seem to see that. But there has to be a better way of doing it. Perhaps just on specific products (like Razer Store Exclusives for example). Remeber that many of these people intend to sell your products again at a markup. If only there was a way to pick out the true fans.....
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  17. LeftTheNest

    LeftTheNest New Member

    Perhaps a single use 50% off code for every insider member that can be used within the week? I know it would be difficult, but if you did it this way and allowed people to pre-purchase out of stock items with the discount, I don't think there would be any negativity at all. Thank you anyway Min, keep on keeping on.
  18. Not_Baraka_Obama

    Not_Baraka_Obama New Member

    min, I love the fact that you guys did the sale. I didnt end up getting what I wanted (a orbweaver stealth), but I did pick up a Naga classic. I understand people getting upset, but please dont let that change how you do things. you run a fantastic company and I think the majority of people are extremely happy with the way you guys do things.

    I remember a few years ago (2012 maybe?) when a 90% discount code got leaked by a storefront, and you guys honored them. that made me a razer fan for life. keep up the good work.
  19. LeftTheNest

    LeftTheNest New Member

    I'd just like to point out I realise the logistics of backorders and why they're a bad idea. An alternative would be extending the single use codes so they're good for a year but don't work on products that come out after the codes release?
  20. BlackKey

    BlackKey New Member

    I just wanted to chime in to show my appreciation for sales like these. Even though you haven't seen me on forums like this one, I have been a big fan of Razer for a long time. Whether people are active on forums is not quite the best indicator on whether they are true fans or not. I have owned two of the very first Razer mice (the Boomslang, which had a ball and was not even optic back then), have used Razer products since and now my use of Razer products will extend into to the future.

    So thank you Razer, for making great products for me for the past one and a half decade, and for showing your appreciation this way.
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