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The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

    3,048 vote(s)
  2. No

    175 vote(s)
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  1. bbb008

    bbb008 New Member

    There are definitely better ways to hold this appreciation sales.

    It's always great to get people excited.

    I think the codes should be out for a small time frame (ie. 24 hours) and a cool down period (ie. another 24 hours) prior the sales. In addition, sales can be done batch by batch grouping of certain countries with similar timezones.

    As for the website, the part where the price loads and "Add to cart" or "Notify me" should be more efficient in displaying. (No idea how to solve that though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

    Anyways it is great on your part to organize such sales and deep down, it is always a joy be a part of this, whether or not the purchase is successful. Bad attitude is just the burst of emotion of the moment where we failed to get what we want. I am sure most of us are greatly appreciative of what you guys have done to give back to us.

    Great job in CES 2015!
  2. olorae

    olorae New Member

    Keep the sales, don't be disheartened by the negativity you're receiving. Ppl who missed out on the sale are just being bitter/sore, anybody who has any brains would understand with a 50% sale, items will be sold out in an instant.
  3. GetSlept

    GetSlept Member

    I really did like the sale. I was able to get the Razer black widow classic for 69.70. That's a hell of a deal. My wife was able an item too that she wanted. I think if we win CES next year the only thing I would change is broadcasted to everyone. Ex. The CES sale should only be posted on insider. That way only people who actually look at insider and follow get the deals. When it's posted on facebook and Twitter it brings in scammers and people aren't decicated Razer fans. Which then causes people to get gear who shouldn't. It's funny how poeple runs the forums when something's is posted about sales or preregistration for new items.
  4. angweixiong

    angweixiong New Member

    We anticipate > We're excited > We're disappointed > We complain > We get over it > We continue to buy Razer.
  5. cbear83

    cbear83 New Member

    As awesome as I think having the appreciation sales was and is, I can't help but feel this is a semi-condescending post to make as the CEO of Razer. I understand that you are frustrated that people are upset they didn't get to buy anything and are taking it out on you, but this is kind of in poor taste. Those people who were upset are also handling it in poor taste, don't get me wrong. I know being a new member that my opinion really doesn't matter much, but..

    It's your choice whether or not to have the sale, but dangling the carrot and somewhat threatening to take it away isn't going to suddenly cause everyone to realize their terrible attitudes that night.

    The reason people were truly upset is because they were not given a fair chance at the discounts. Had the codes not been reversed, I believe there would have been less mean spirited remarks and comments. Someone is always going to be a poor sport about it, though.

    For the record, I didn't get what I wanted but that's just how it goes. I'm hoping I can snag a BW Chroma at the end of the month to replace my 2013 ultimate.

    I hope you can also forgive and understand why your consumers were upset. You did make a mistake and did own up to it, so that's okay in my book. I have a philosphy of trying to not get upset until I know that person's side and have given them a chance. Having appreciation sales is a good thing, it's good enough to have such a loyal fan base when there could be other companies out there getting that money instead.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2015
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  6. Jp720

    Jp720 Active Member

    sorry, did not realize that was what you meant. I thought you meant it would start at 6:00 for every single time zone. lol Now I see what you meant xD
  7. kaisiang

    kaisiang New Member

    I think the sale should definitely go on, like you said, you can at least make 2000 people happy if there's 2000 pieces of an item, that alone is a very big thing. The rest might be pissed, but they haven't lost anything either. At least everyone got a chance, and the clever ones, (or plain lucky ones who mixed up the codes in the first place) were at least very happy too.

    Keep making your fans happy, and the company will do good.
  8. akahata

    akahata New Member

    I was all set to order a Razer BlackWidow Chroma Stealth. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling codes.
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  9. Merehumes

    Merehumes New Member

    I wish i had not been so late to this thread. It's probably dead by now. The purpose of the sale is not getting thru, its to celebrate an achievement. Maybe creating some sort of commemorative item to celebrate the achievement instead of eating the cost of sales at such slashed prices would be cool...even the idea of creating something of relatively great value and then releasing it in due time after the CES celebration, giving it out in a controlled fashion to everyone who is a part of the community, or whatever yall decide is the criteria to be met. The point would be that there is a much smaller sense of entitlement. you would be able to control what is going out, and to whom it goes out too; additionally you would be able to make sure that (since it was a commemorative item, special edition or what-have-you) the purpose of the celebration was clear.
  10. bayfastLicorice927

    bayfastLicorice927 New Member

    I believe if I was in a later wave like wave 8 or so and I wanted a Naga Epic Chroma I wouldn't expect it to be available and I would have a list of other awesome Razer products I would be interested in purchasing, however, it is possible everything I was interested in would be sold out by then and that's okay, you can't predict every item that everyone is going to want, and it's unreasonable for people to think you have magical storehouse where you can have 50,000 units of everything on hand. Sure it's safe to say there is going to be more interest in newer items such as the BW Chroma or the Naga Epic Chroma but again it's not like you knew you would win at CES. I am not really the type to be active on message boards and what not but I do follow you guys and your exploits on facebook, and have been a fan of your products since the early 2000s. As a San Diego native myself I am happy to see the growth and popularity you business has had, people love your products. Unfortunately with that love also comes hate and jealousy when people didn't get what they wanted when they wanted frustration came to the forefront of the Internet and it cast the shadow of a false sense of entitlement on to what was supossed to be a nice gesture of appreciation by you. I didn't get to take advantage of the promotion, however, I am thankful that it was offered, and though there were mistakes you addressed them immediately and took responsibility. It didn't feel like a prepared and disingenuous PR spin either, I can't speak for others but I felt the genuine frustration and I could see that you cared. I don't know that I have ever seen a CEO as active on the boards forums and social media like Min-Liang Tan. Keep doing what your doing
  11. Sicalegs

    Sicalegs New Member

    Honestly, I got the timing wrong so when I realized my mistake, the codes had already been swapped so I didn't know about that error. It was the Insider site being down that caused me anxiety because I couldn't get in to grab my code, but I never once got angry or raged because I couldn't get the code.

    And even when I got my code, most of the mice were sold out, so I had to settle for a team licensed version of the mouse I wanted, but I figured "better than nothing eh?" So don't take the raging on the Internet to heart because most of it is probably coming from people who have a huge sense of self entitlement, i.e "I should be the one to get what I want" without any consideration of stock or other factors. Thanks for the sale!
  12. angweixiong

    angweixiong New Member

    A close door CES sale to those who are in the Razer mailing list and have registered at least a Razer product warranty.
  13. iceart

    iceart New Member

    I think it's a wonderful way of appreciating fans. As with any big sale, like Black Friday, there's bound to be people who miss out (like PH. like me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but remain hopeful that maybe next time they could snag a good deal.

    and that's how I feel.

    Perhaps, like many others have mentioned before, there must be a better way to do the sale. Like limiting the number of items a person can buy or not being able to buy the same items. I'd really appreciate if I could see exactly how many items will be up for grabs and the remaining items throughout the duration of the sale- this way I don't end up browsing already sold out items. Just so we can manage our expectations.

    Thanks for hearing us out! :D
  14. Hayjoood

    Hayjoood New Member

    I guess it all comes down to Hardcore fans snagging up the products before the average people. If it cause so much negativity then such sale should not be done.
  15. SpritFire

    SpritFire New Member

    Been reading alot of posts and its great to see that the general community here is positive. It's rare that the CEO of a company would interact with us on such a personal level and I really appreciate it :)

    There will always be haters and qqers on the Internet (screw that lot). That said I believe there are ways to improve that way this sale is done.

    1. Limited backordering

    I have read what Tan has said regarding the issue of backordering and agree with your various reasons. Nevertheless there could be a compromise such that backorders are fulfiled to a certain quantity. Now I do not know exactly how much of each item is stocked up but I do know that someone who gets what he is aiming for would be one less disappointed customer. I mean it does not seem reasonable to stock just 25 Blackwidows when there are hundreds wanting to get one. You could have 1000 available backorder units. You do not need to fulfil each and every backorder, just a certain definable amount. 7000 disappointed people is better than 8000 disappointed people.

    2. Differing starting times per region

    It is not feasible to upgrade your servers when they can handle normal traffic just fine. However it is also rather depressing when fans from countries with limited Internet speeds have to jostle with fans from developed countries with their 100mbps connections to connect to your stores. There can never be a perfect solution regarding handling network traffic but one possible way could be to have differing starting times for different regions. Obviously you would need to limit access to regional stores based on IP. This way the servers won't collapse with a global starting time and there are less people to compete with to access your stores. In addition people do not need to stay up at 3am to join the f5 wars. It would also be better to not ship to forwarding addresses so people from other regions using VPNs or what would not be able to buy anything.

    Switching the codes was unfortunate but we are all human and we do make mistakes now and then. That said it is imperative that we know that this is an Appeciation Sale and not given. Razer does not need to hold this sale but chooses to do so. Having this sale for three years(?) straight is testament to the innovations that Tan and his Team have come up with. Kudos to them for winning Best of CES five years straight and for the many more to come.
  16. Enforcer_X

    Enforcer_X New Member

    I think all the negativity is just a VERY vocal minority, was I disappointing the BlackWidow Chroma Stealth was out of stock and my code didn't work? Sure, but I didn't post all angry about it, I also didn't make a positive post, I just didn't say anything, until now. I think the sale is a fantastic thing, some get some cool stuff at an epic price and others don't. However, limiting it to one item per person is more than fair and goes a long way to make sure fans are getting the products and not people looking to sell it on ebay or something.

    I was also surprised, sadly, because companies and certainly their CEO's admitting to a fuck up and trying to make it right almost never happens, but that also made me very happy so see the Razer CEO come out and literally say they and he "fucked up". So a lot of respect for that even if I don't get anything in the remedial sale.
  17. Would it be possible to set up a tracker so that each vote towards Razer provided the voter with a code at the time they vote? Then if Razer wins and the sale occurs, everyone who actually voted already has a code and is eligible to buy/draw/however the system works at that point. If the sale doesn't happen, then no harm done and those codes are just a string of meaningless letters and numbers. I'm probably not the first to suggest this but I haven't seen any in the 20-ish pages I actually read (not all sequential) and I feel like it's an idea worth getting out there even if it is one that would ultimately be impractical if even possible.

    I feel like limiting it to active Insider accounts is, while arguably quite fair, far from the best way to go just because a great deal of people who qualify in every other sense as a Razer fan (I will not refer to them as "hardcore" fans, as I disagree with the "hardcore"/"casual" distinction in the sense it is almost solely used) just are not active on Insider. I am a member of like seven different forums and on at least two I only post a few times a year just to check in, as I already moderate one, am still in University, am working, spend a great deal of time playing games, partake in two TeamSpeak server chats and a Raidcall server, and still try to have a life outside of all these things. Posting on a forum so many times a year is just not something I'm realistically going to be doing, yet I am no less a fan of Razer because I am unable to get online once a week and say "I'm a fan of Razer".

    Not to sound unappreciative, or to target anyone specifically (the Insiders only idea has been posted dozens of times just in this thread even), but being a fan of Razer--being a part of the community--and meeting an arbitrary statistic of online, Razer-related activity.
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  18. In the future, maybe you could allow items to go on back order so everyone could still get what they want and enjoy the sale. Another option might be to hold a lottery and only give out a certain number of codes for particular items.
  19. berbano

    berbano New Member

    From what I have seen, the majority of the people complaining aren't even true razer fans. Most of the reaction is like "to hell with Razer I'd rather have a K70 RGB anyway". I appreciate you doing this to show you actually care. It really doesn't matter what you do, people will be mad at one thing or another. Shake it off and keep making awesome stuff.
  20. CptDavenport

    CptDavenport New Member

    I just have one question: I was able to get in and tried to reverse the code so it worked for me, but then by payment methods I was not able to choose PayPal.
    So my question is: Is PayPal not available as a payment method for the sale? Cause I have prepaid MasterCard but it didn't have enough money to use... :slightly_sad:
    And I'm from Germany btw, if that was a contributing factor to the fact that I couldn't choose PayPal
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