The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

    3,048 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. enknamel

    enknamel New Member

    Seriously there is anger because EVERYTHING SOLD OUT IN 5 MINUTES (if they were even ever offered for sale). You give me a coupon and I think of all the awesome things I can buy then tell me I can't buy anything because it's all gone. Talk about blue balls.
  2. MAC4thgen

    MAC4thgen New Member

    or having another sale for insider members. still have one for the masses a separate one on a separate date for insider members.

    Like most everyone here says, I'll still buy the stuff whatever you guys decide to do. My naga epic has so many miles on it the numbers have worn off but it still works amazingly. Tiamats still thump and the orbweaver weaves hella orbs, that is to say it is also a great product. I also have an onza and plan on getting a sabertooth.
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  3. Ender357

    Ender357 New Member

    you have to realize its the vocal minority, i dont have enough to buy raer stuff right now save a goliath control mousemat. but if i had the money, i buy your stuff even without a sale.

    you have a very loyal customer base and i think by holding a sale every once in a while is really nice. id love to have a razer blade...but like i said, cost is everything.
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  4. TugboatSpenny

    TugboatSpenny Active Member

    Do what you gotta do. people often forget they are a business and businesses have to do whats best for them AND the customer. You're doing great in my mind #HailRazer
  5. VoKraken

    VoKraken New Member

    I sincerely think there's no need for a reward.
    The reward here, is the hard work Razer put in his product and the R&D you do to create amazing product like the Nabu.

    Razer work hard for gamer. If you want to reward the comunity, it's amazing.

    But you're not forced to do it.
    True fan will still love you.
  6. BeeDub1515

    BeeDub1515 New Member

    One of my old jobs many moons ago was in a construction business that had quite a lot of hazardous duties. When the facility went went 3 months without any injuries they would have a pizza party. They'd shut the place down and we'd work a half day. These happened twice a year on average. Without fail someone would complain that there wasn't mushrooms/pepperonis/etc. on the free pizza. That they bought Coke products rather than Pepsi stuff. Whatever.

    You can't win them all, don't bother trying.
  7. darren486

    darren486 Member

    well bro, if that fellow gets 5 device instead of 1, it would have already impact 4 other ppl getting something they want(if this is only 1 person, what if there are 50?), and also do you think razer are actually filtering the shipping address? i could be renting a room in a house with a few ppl, and if all of us buy 1, it wouldn't be fair if our purchase got cancelled, what i'm trying to say is, they should think of someway to curb or narrow down the possibility, maybe by only giving the chances to a certain members, maybe for ppl with ceratin numbers of liked or post or something.
  8. Jspartan22

    Jspartan22 New Member

    I honestly think your negative is based on people having direct contact... ie Twitter, Facebook, Instagram... everyone knows how to # something when they are upset or disapointed... i guess what I am saying is if you think about it in life most people will stop and wait for a manager to complain or will write an email to complain but in all of that when was the last time anyone on here stopped and #ed, emailed, wrote a letter about something that someone did well. People use these tools to be heard when they are upset but not to say thanks.... i waited online with your servers for an hour... struggled with nerves to get a Blade that I have wanted for 2 years now... i got mine and immidately tweeted it @Min-Liang Tan ... i thank razer and it's leadership for being a stand up company. I buy every accessory from you I can and will continue to do so, not only because you make awesome products, but because no matter what people have to say and how much they complain you always take care of your followers.... you always answer tweets, you make sure to acknowledge everyone and everything and ask for recommendations as to what "the people" want. You rock... your company rocks... you do you .. i will follow and buy razer products either way, you have made a customer for life

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  9. Sindx

    Sindx New Member

    What about allowing back orders for certain items, I know personally if I could have gotten a back order for a Kracken Chroma I would not have really cared when I got it especially at that price... Then again not everyone can be chill about it.
  10. Protato123

    Protato123 Member

    It's all about fate man. When you are participating in an online sales at this scale. You don't choose the product. THE PRODUCT CHOOSE YOU.
    If you are a Razer fan, you rather die gaming than die begging. #Razerforlife
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  11. RioTgeaR

    RioTgeaR Member

    The unhappiest people shout the loudest. I was amazed at the 50% off that you guys were doing, I don't know of many other sales on great product like that.

    That being said, I know everyone has an opinion on how things should work and that you asked for it, but I'm AMAZED at the amount of comments regarding how a sale should be run. Minor tweaks and changes make sense, but there seems to be an overwhelming THIS IS ABOUT MEEEEE vibe. When shoppers don't get what they want on Black Friday, they don't shout at Target and Walmart. Or maybe they do?

    Razer is a great company, I use the same headset I bought in 2008, and my spouse uses many other great products by you (ok, I'm a little jealous =]) My point is, keep up with the positive comments and suggestions, but don't tell them how to run their generous sales and offers. Be grateful that the opportunity existed.
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  12. Lepren

    Lepren Member

    @Min-Liang Tan

    I have been reading through the comments and I was wondering if you could do the sale in a way where you would:

    1. have people sign up to get a code all on ONE day only (and can only sign up once per account)

    2. have the codes activate at a pre-set day/time (in waves):
    you would email the people ahead of time telling them their discounted window of time to purchase their item.

    3. allow enough time between waves to re-stock.

    4. change discount to 40-45% off

    Just an idea.

    but either way I'm glad you guys have sales like these, and I think people want them to continue because they know that even if they didn't get what they wanted "there's always next year, when Razer will wins [insert event here] for the [insert # here]-th time in a row." because you guys seem to continuously do an excellent job at everything. Keep up the good work.
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  13. elg1n

    elg1n New Member

    Sure, maybe this only happens for razer-naga-epic-chroma, RAZER BLACKWIDOW CHROMA STEALTH. I do not know what your buying but pls check out the items they are not on NOTIFY ME now :) So maybe it's not as white as it seems to be
  14. friendlly

    friendlly New Member

    Rule of life. You can not make everyone happy. Try your best and leave the rest. This year most of the negativity was attributed to codes being flipped, not having access to the forums to get the right code.
  15. techsharpRuber576

    techsharpRuber576 New Member

    You can always allow customer to pre-order while you guys stock up your product.

    So like you say if every month you sell 1000 DA chroma, you only aim to produce somewhere around that amount? Why can't you accept orders first and ship them later on.

    Quoting apple store, so IF apple is only able to produce 50000 iPhone per day, do they sell 50000 units only. They accept orders first and ship them later based on order batches. They can sell million of units even if they are able to produce 50000 each day.

    Since this is only a 1 day sales, not a long term promotion that Razer will suffer a loss in profit OR ruin of product prices. I don't see why you can't do that, then you will NOT disappoint anyone at all.
  16. ProfessorWC

    ProfessorWC New Member

    I think everyone just needs to have realistic expectations about these things. I fully expect it to be another week or more before my order ships, and I fully expected to spend an hour on Monday placing my order (which was roughly what it took). The codes being flipped wasn't a huge issue, as by the time I got to the cart, the flipped code problem had already been made public.

    In the future, perhaps it might work to give out a big discount up front, but allow people to backorder at a slightly smaller discount if they miss out on the first wave?

    In any case, I am incredibly grateful for the sale and will continue to purchase your products no matter the cost.
  17. fortunz

    fortunz New Member

    It's fairly normal for the least satisfied folks to be the loudest. You mentioned you can't stay fully stocked because razer is in high demand. It's kinda the same for online negativity. As long as you're in demand, there will be whiners. Best advice is to take it as a compliment.

    Or post messages about foregoing/lessening future sales if people don't calm down in hopes of subtly modifying the behavior of trolls. If you actually succeed at that, there might be a nobel peace prize for you. ;)
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  18. I can only imagine how difficult this situation must be for both you and your team.

    I initially voted "Yes" for continued CES sales because I agree with the concept, however, the more comments I read, the more I realize how many factors people aren't taking into account. Things like the fact that Razer is very likely losing money by discounting this deeply. Perhaps you're right, it's time to move on from the CES sale. Perhaps transitioning an annual customer appreciation sale where Razer can hold more stock in anticipation of the sale, but with less of a discount to soften the blow would provide more overall satisfaction.

    For what it's worth, my personal disappointment stemmed from two hours of trying to find out if my product of choice was even in stock still, only to find out it had sold out within minutes.
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  19. StatixPrime

    StatixPrime Member

    I did not get anything because it was already out of stock. I still think you should do the sales. I picked up some awesome Hammerhead Pros last year. Even though I missed out, I still pay full price to support an awesome company and community.
  20. Jspartan22

    Jspartan22 New Member

    The audacity of some people.... you have a CEO who is asking your opinion as to have or not have a sale and you have the Balls to tell him how to run his 1 Billion dollar business.... you don't even have the money to buy the things he sells.... some of you are amazingly rediculous. .. @Min-Liang Tan ... keep up the great work Sir and thanks for all the great Products and innovation .... Sorry end rant ...
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