The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. TheSapphire

    TheSapphire Member

    Everyone who didn't get anything got pissed. It's human being. But now, after everybody chilled down, I think that the whole promotion was a good thing and you should keep doing it.

    There are plenty of Razer fans who don't have enough money to buy everything they wanted. least for them..staying up until 2AM and having the chance to buy something for 50% is worth.
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  2. Aerohomebyte695

    Aerohomebyte695 New Member

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  3. Magiqal

    Magiqal New Member

    In almost any situation the negative opinion is louder than the positive. Most of those that were negative are likely long gone at this point so now you are getting what I believe is a more realistic view of the situation. As I mentioned earlier, I was disappointed and a bit frustrated at the time but didn't think anything negative. Then you announced a new sale to make up for it and showed how much you care about your customers and that makes it so much easier to stand by the company. People will appreciate any sale whether its 5, 10, 25 or 50%. Will the demand drop with a lower sale? I am sure it will but that doesn't mean appreciation isn't there.
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  4. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    We don't do sales at Razer. We never have pretty much all year round and our products are usually at the retail price even years after they've been launched.

    The appreciation sale is not to sell more products - it's exactly what it means - it's in appreciation of the support - if we didn't run the sale, we would also sell out our products at full price.
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  5. ajinkyaapte

    ajinkyaapte New Member

    I'll be frank. This was the first time i heard about the Razor appreciation sales ( That is why i registered into Razer Insider forums). I was tuned in from 830(dc time) and constantly refreshing the cart. In the end, I blamed my university network for the goof up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . Later when i read the CEO's post on facebook, I was like ok. things like these will happen because this is like a lottery, even if the codes were right most of us will have 1 in 10k chance to get what we want( as the demand is so great). I think fans should just appreciate the things that razer is doing and being straight forward when they goofed up with codes. It is like a lottery guys, if you are lucky, you will get it. :) The amount of hate razer has received is too damn high(on facebook page of the CEO). They're a business company in the end, they can't just go YOLO in a sale.
    P.s - Eagerly waiting for the next sale date :)
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  6. jdbogaard

    jdbogaard Member

    Reading that thread on backorders, it would appear that the 50% off CES appreciation sale means selling products at a loss (IE selling them for less than it costs to manufacture the product, as opposed to selling it lower than what you charge to distributors/retailers). If that's the case, its really hard for us to expect Razer to produce EXTRA products to sell at a loss.

    People might be less upset if they understood Razer is taking a hit every year by having this sale, and they aren't making money on products sold at the 50% off sale.
  7. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    Yeah but it sucks when all I wanted to do was to do a mega big THANK YOU to everyone with an insane sale.
  8. Creef

    Creef New Member

    I really enjoy the whole Razer sale. Sometimes I win and get something, other times I don't. It just makes winning more fun. Same goes for playing the lottery. Not everyone wins the jackpot when they play the lottery. I've been a fan since my first Boomslang mouse and will continue to be a fan. :D I think the sale should stay.
  9. ProudSikh

    ProudSikh Member

  10. spencelele

    spencelele Member

    I was pretty unhappy at first but I do realize it's not going to be perfect and it's pretty much just luck. Either way I really appreciate the sale and it was my first time participating. I think it might be a good idea to lower it to 10-25% off that way it won't cause the ultra-unhappy feeling but on the other hand, I personally pooped my pants when I saw that it was happening because I'm a poor college student and could finally afford stuff I really have wanted. So there's two sides, and I hope to see the sale again, but if not, I think we'll all understand (or at least the mature followers).

    P.S. - Was most happy with the way you responded to the incident, whether I buy anything or not in the upcoming sale I won't forgot how you handled it, and I think that's more important here.
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  11. elfenleid

    elfenleid Member

    I think it's an amazing thing that you guys do and I completely support it in upcoming years. However I do recommend that the process of selling the items on the store is slightly more user friendly where I think all the anger and frustration comes.
    A lot of the people here might not have the best financial situations and buy a product that costs £140 is out of the question. Having a 50% is probably the only opportunity that person will have to buy one.
    Timezone is also something that didn't help this time. Maybe run the sale in different times for different stores. Most of the work is already done as Razer is already split in different world areas.

    As a final suggestion here is something that I commented in a previous post:

    Min, thank you for everything that you guys have done, it is and has been amazing. Keep doing it, simply adapt to your growth and your customers :)
  12. Magiqal

    Magiqal New Member

    It does suck, but I would say true fans, even relatively new ones (like myself), appreciate it. You never see this kind of sale anywhere else which once again just shows the care you have for your customers and fans.
  13. TheGeekNextDoor

    TheGeekNextDoor New Member

    I realy hated that shipping to my country is 30+ € so the price was the same :'(
  14. This says everything the best. Thank you, Spencelele for putting everything into words so perfectly
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  15. FoX31

    FoX31 Member

    Well, still a big thank you for doing what you do :)

    Btw, any chance that a retailer might get the Blackwidow Chroma Stealth? I don't mind buying it at full price lol :)
  16. You should for sure do some sales.

    Even with sales, you are gonna earn more money of it, when you sell everything :)

    still maybe you gonna get me to buy a keyboard from you...when it will be cheaper !
  17. Raizenbe

    Raizenbe New Member

    Well, I woke up in the middle of the night (3am)for this sale too, I tried to get my Orbweaver but could'nt at that time due to the codes not working....

    Still when I woke up to go to work (8am), I tried again and it worked...
    The best thing is I already received it :D

    So thanks Razer, keep doing your thing, sales or not, you're the bests...
  18. Niko838

    Niko838 New Member

    Would it be feasible to not have the sale right after you win but instead have a bit of time to stock more? I mean, with these kinds of sales it's always a risk whether things go smoothly and whether you get the stuff you wanted or not. I'd say that it's more the name of the game rather than something that could be avoided. You can't please everyone, really
  19. cheeseprata

    cheeseprata New Member

    Honestly speaking, CES Appreciation sale should still go on, however, it should be like last year, where stocks are released a bit at a time, so that everyone have equal chance... rather than everyone flooding the website causing server to crash
  20. HkDrakath

    HkDrakath New Member

    I just cant afford a good keyboard and i was happy to know i could get a chance to buy one. Everyone knows the risks, specially me knowing that ill have to ship to an address that could be used by someone else since i live on a third world country and i would need to ship it from the US to my country(Honduras). I think the arrogance and ignorance of people who are used to getting everything they want is were all this negativity came from. In my office every one of my friends has a razer kraken and i have a 50$ senheiser, i just wanted to be popular xD. Still thinking on buying that chroma blackwidow even if i cant get it on the next run of the apreciation sale, saving is the key after all. mr tan, you're an important person, dont let this ignorant sodomists get to you. In the end, the one's who just want a bundle will go away and the ones who really want your product will find a way to get it.
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