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The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

    3,048 vote(s)
  2. No

    175 vote(s)
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  1. everdepotSilver518

    everdepotSilver518 New Member

    Engaging with the community is a definite yes! Really appreciate such appreciation sales!
  2. dsmonteiro

    dsmonteiro New Member

    Everyone wants to get 50% off on great hardware, so it's normal that there's a overwhelming support for it.

    But it's also easy to understand that many people were frustrated. I tried many many times to grab one of the keyboards and I couldn't even see if it was available or not, just a loading circle thing.

    When I finally did get to see, it was already "Notify me". Worse than that, halfway through the sale, Blackwidow Chroma Stealth became available again, I was able to grab it and just as I was concluding the process, BAM! Error message, "the cake stock is a lie, please remove it from your shopping cart to continue."

    I think people just want a smooth process, even if they aren't able to get what they want.
  3. MajesticBagel

    MajesticBagel New Member

    These sales are always good fun, even if you don't get what you want. I've never had so much fun pressing f5 in my life.
  4. jamvng

    jamvng New Member

    For sure have these sales, how can we not like sales. The negativity is from people who couldn't get the item they wanted. But the fact that we can even get 50% off on everything is amazing. You warned that site problems would happen due to traffic. People should have expected it.
  5. jamvng

    jamvng New Member

    Min warned that the site would suffer problems due to traffic. He can't really control or fix the site if there are too many people going on at once. Razer isn't a big company like Microsoft, who you would expect to have the web server capacity to handle stuff like this. They just don't.
    dsmonteiro likes this.
  6. TheDonDadda

    TheDonDadda New Member

    I think you should email people codes for future sales that have at least one razor product registered, after all it's us that get you those awards :) the people bitching are the ones that buy something to make profit on eBay. I didn't manage to get anything but it will not stop me from staying up till stupid o'clock again to try get that gorgeous chroma keyboard!
  7. dsmonteiro

    dsmonteiro New Member

    I get that... I'm a Mod at the OnePlus' forums and I know how their open sales days went and how people went ballistic.

    You are right, you can't control some things. But you can do what's possible to minimize it. Like what they are doing now with the sales opening at different days for different regions.
  8. ZeusOGaming

    ZeusOGaming New Member

    I've heard some people say that the remedial sale will be region based. Does this mean that if I live in the UK and want to purchase a Razer Blackwidow Chroma Stealth I won't be able to get it because it's US layout? I've been dying to get it for ages but can't afford it with such a low income and the last sale was my perfect chance.
  9. Xenophe

    Xenophe New Member

    I was a bit sad at the sale because I didn't get what I wanted. However, I knew I had a lot of chance I couldn't get it. So I looked in the shop what wasn't sold out and I found something usefull for me even if it wasn't THE item I wanted. I received my item yesterday and I love my new keyboard it's amazing compare to the one I was using! Thank you for the sales!

    I must say, I haven't read all the pages of this thread so maybe it have already been said.
    Maybe to specify that people might not been able to get THE item they want because of limited quantity using an other character type or size to make sure people notice it... Yeah, lots of people doesn't read the entire text carefully..
  10. SIRFureman

    SIRFureman New Member

    You could limit 2 purchases per household or something like that
  11. Xenophe

    Xenophe New Member

    It is specified in the post about it: "We will be posting the sale times 24 hours before the sale opens and it will be marked with the appropriate region tags. You will only be able to retrieve your codes again then. "

    I think it's only to avoid the large traffic they had at the last sales... The sales won't be at the same time for each region so it means there will be less traffic on the website. I don't think there will be items that won't be sale in your region.
  12. MisterSlyer

    MisterSlyer New Member

    I think the issue with the sale is the fact the Razer store rarely has sales besides clearance items. So to go from nothing to 50%, as awesome as it is, will draw people who don't genuinely want products but wish to resell expensive items for profit. I like how Razer Insider was used to try to cut down on this by requiring useful posts and codes. I hate to say it but maybe 30% max would be a solution. That or more frequent sales. Personally I wanted to use the code for products only available on the razer store (stealth or weaver).
  13. Xenophe

    Xenophe New Member

    It was already limited with one product per shipping adress!
  14. ZeusOGaming

    ZeusOGaming New Member

    I know but the thing is, if the US is the first to get the sale due to the regions, will there be a chance that all the products will be sold out after their sale is over and the UK begins?
  15. Terpzy

    Terpzy Member

    In short, people like sales. Woo! 50% some of the best peripherals on the market! But think of the number of fans that Razer currently has and compare this to the stock that they keep on hand. I would be surprised if 10% of the total fans even got to buy something from the sale. This leads to a lot of unhappy customers unfortunately.

    People will get upset by a lot of stuff and unfortunately Razer has grown so large that when any sale happens a lot of people will be upset with the outcome. I was bummed about not getting something for the sale but guess what, I was going to buy a Razer Chroma at full price anyway so OH NO I lost the opportunity to maybe save money.
  16. Xenophe

    Xenophe New Member

    That's a good question but I think that they will have certain quantities reserved for each regions (?). Well let's wait for an answer from a staff member!
  17. Tenneiyl

    Tenneiyl New Member

    Except Razer is amazing, so of course you were going to win. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: In all seriousness though, I really think these sales are a pretty neat way to celebrate a win, and an awesome community. I missed out because of the mix up, but I'm pretty impressed that you're doing a 2nd sale - thank you.
  18. LuciousWiro

    LuciousWiro New Member

    New to razer products here. Have my kraken headset and razer death adder. Of course the frustration (for me) comes from the mix up (which you've apologized profusely for).

    Maybe you should leave it open for everyone to order one piece of 50% off? Since you won at CES, leave it open for EVERYONE to get an item. Make it regional when you can order your item and like when a new console comes out, you can't guarantee everybody will get theirs immediately. It sucks when there's a massive sale, but everything is sold out so you literally can't even order it. Maybe place everyone in a "que" based on when their purchase came through? Give them a ticket for when the estimated time of shipping is to be (1 month/4 months) and go from there.

    I can't speak for everyone but I can say it's frustrating to go and vote for a company, be promised a 50% off promotion for that company's win and then be told we as fans and consumers can't participate because their isn't enough stock.

    Give out the code, give each region a window (maybe a day?) to make their purchase, ticket to those whose item sold out that made their purchase on the correct day (DEAR GOD DON'T GIVE OUT THE CODE/ALLOW FOR ORDER ON THE SAME DAY! RAZERONLINE/INSIDER WOULD IMPLODE).

    For me as a new consumer of your product it is sort of a slap in the face to say here's a code, here's my product, but you can't have it because you didn't order it fast enough/code was messed up/razeronline was down. Some people actually do have jobs too (or 2 full time jobs). Thanks!
  19. CataholicPriest

    CataholicPriest New Member

    I know that feel, lol.

    I couldnt get anything from the sale this time, dont get me wrong, it is an amazing thing razer does, and the sale was above and beyond anything ive seen any other company do, but when shipping to me is 40 bucks, the savings end up being a few dollars, or in some cases the product is the same price with shipping if I were to get it in a physical store, only being able to get one item at a time makes it hurt that much more, lol.
  20. souledgar

    souledgar New Member

    I think this particular time the negativity was very high and Razer got the brunt of it mostly because of the mistake with the swap. Usually in such scenarios where there is a limited stock in a drastic sale with a first-come-first-serve policy, users blame themselves if and only if nothing else went wrong, i.e. the system is sound, they simply didn't get there in time. There will be some who blame the system in this case, but they will be the minority. However, the mistake with the codes allowed people this time, including me (privately) to place the blame squarely on Razer. Analogy: The game tells you to smash x, but you didn't smash fast x enough. Blame yourself. In contrast with; The game keeps telling you to press X, when the real button is Y. By the time you realize it, you're dead. Blame game.

    I would like to have more sales in the future, but I would like Razer to be self-aware of its ever growing popularity and potential traffic such sales might generate, especially when it is let known well in advance and well publicized, and plan an event around this knowledge. The steps that Razer is taking for the remedial sales are in the right direction. Because it is such a high traffic event, it would also be wise to state the rules of the sales very clearly, such as 1 item per code and limited stocks available, perhaps even on the front page of the store, the code claim page, as well as in the check out page. Even now there are people who continue to ask if they can still use their codes in the remedial; you can expect these to clog up your traffic at that time.

    Finally, thank you Min-liang, for being such a responsive and engaging CEO.
  21. blackcow333_xf_rzr

    blackcow333_xf_rzr New Member

    Of course you should keep up those sales. On the one hand it is disappointing for some of the people who are not able to buy your products, due to the availability that is limited after a very short time (out of stock), but if you can grab those products and update your periphery it is really amazing! =)
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