The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Manahotep

    Manahotep Active Member

    Its foolish to "fully stock" as Ming said. What does that even mean, can he predict what people will buy. i do have an idea though. If your lucky enough to get a 50% off item congrats.

    If not how about tracking the item people want to buy with it the most and doing a 25% sale run for that? Meaning do a production run on the most wanted items and make then 25% off?

    Was hoping to get the mic at the discount as i have everything else razer makes including their long forgotten Barracuda sound card and headset. But alas its not meant to be. Audio technica it is.
  2. I do agree with you completely. Run sales in the future, but give much less discount, 25% perhaps? Most people on here just want cheap gear, those who didn't manage to get anything rage all over the forums and Facebook. It's not worth it. It's not a celebration, it's an unappreciative folk fest. My humble opinion.

    P.S. I didn't manage to get anything myself since the code didn't work but I still appreciate that I was given a chance ;)
  3. The negativity goes towards not everyone being able to get their chance. It doesn't mean we don't appreciate these sales, because we do.

    If you do a sales for EVERYONE, then everyone expects the opportunity to participate. Instead of getting 'sold out' in the shop, put the order on queue and tell people that. It makes everybody happy.
  4. ValitoKejika

    ValitoKejika Member

    I definitely enjoy the Appreciation Sales and would LOVE to have another chance to purchase something at 50% off. Though I missed out this last sale due to low funds in my wallet, since I know for a fact there will be a remedial sale at the end of this month, I'm saving up.

    I feel one way to help improve stock though is, before you actually do the sale, maybe give yourselves a few weeks to prepare. Obviously there will still be disappointment in the consumers, but if you give yourselves time to stock up about 150% of each hot item, you will be able to disappoint less. It's obviously not a perfect scheme, but food for thought. You guys are definitely smarter than me at marketing so maybe this will give you guys a good idea that isn't exactly this but something. Either way, I love Razer and continue to back you with my support for your products and your awesome marketing ways!
  5. Please do the sale, I was looking forward to picking up a new mouse after my current death adder was having some issue. A lot of people are going to be angry about this but limited stuck and the site crashing made a lot of frustration. Hopefully you can figure out how to do this in waves and allow people to get one item for 50% off.
  6. OneThumb

    OneThumb New Member

    Have you ever thought of doing a 10,000 person sale code giveaway raffle, or something like that, you raffle sales codes then if they aren't used in say 24 hours they expire and go to someone else until they get used
  7. Roxor90

    Roxor90 New Member

    I understand why people are upset and there will always be those that are unhappy. The sale was done as fair as possible. Think of Black Friday, many people miss out on those deals and never blame the company. I wish everyone could just be happy that this opportunity arose.

    I do give you major credit Min-Liang Tan. I am very new to the razer family having only recently purchased a DA Chroma about a month back. The determining factor for the sale was your commitment and involvement in the industry through multiple social media outlets. It takes a great company to make a great product, but customer service is what sets you miles apart.

    Thank YOU!
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  8. Vestieri

    Vestieri Active Member

    Might be an idea to do the sale (like the upcoming nabu x one) for only the real qualified razer fans. Not for everyone who quickly and for that sole purpose makes an account. I even saw advertisements for it on techwebsites! That way, too many people will indeed try to get on the website, whereas many non razer fans just try to get some cheap gear.

    Next to that, I just like to mention that I do really value your efforts to show appreciation to fans. All the wining is mainly coming from cheap discount hunters I think. Keep up the good work and don't let those rude bastards take your spirit down!
  9. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    It takes about 2-3 months from loading an order to gettiing goods on shelf., probably not going to be possible to stock more.
  10. KevoPavo

    KevoPavo New Member

    I fully support having sales in the future. I was completely prepared to not get anything out of the sale but truly appreciated the opportunity to at least try. I can say that I was burned by the switched codes which was a crappy situation but you definitely handled it well. I think there is a mentality out there that companies owe us (the consumer) something. While, certainly, you do have an obligation to keep us happy I feel that the consumer base has come to expect too much from the companies they support. You offer products which are bar none the best in the industry and have others scrambling to catch up. I look forward to continuing to support Razer in the future and would love the opportunity to roll the dice and see if I get something I would like from the sales.

    We have to remember that companies like Razer do not have to hold sales (and for the most part do not). They provide the opportunity to show that they care about the consumers who purchase their products, and certainly should not be catching as much flack as they are for the way the sale went down.
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  11. Coolmenskate

    Coolmenskate New Member

    It might be a good idea to do a sale with a lower discount, if you want to lower the demand. It think people just profit from the fact there is a sale, even if they don't know about the CES.
  12. rykk2000

    rykk2000 New Member

    Just remember you will never make everyone happy. I think the appreciation sale is a great thing and should be continued. Keep up the great work!
  13. Ollyaaa

    Ollyaaa New Member

    Just stagger it and allocate your stock evenly throughout all time zones. Simple.

    Why not accept back orders?
  14. boogen3

    boogen3 New Member

    It seems like you guys have been receiving far more negative responses to any event lately. I'm not sure if that's due to the influx of new insider members or if people just have moved into a new mindset of "I deserve everything I want." Servers have always gone down when sales like this happen. It's to be expected. There was similar outrage with the first nabu sale. I say do this sale again next year when you inevitably wow everyone at CES with the next big idea from Razer. I just think some form of vetting, like the nabu x, may be necessary. Also, any info on the modular project Christine?
  15. Domn8r8

    Domn8r8 New Member

    I was upset, along with many others, that I didn't get what I had hoped for. When I found out my code wasn't working because it was wrong, that bummed me out, more than a little. But based on your response to the screw-up, my faith was restored. Had you said, "Oops, sucks for you," I would still be pretty upset. But you handled the situation as well as you could. I really appreciate that in a company. Much respect.
  16. J017Rogue

    J017Rogue Well-Known Member

    Can't please everybody all the time - I'd say don't run them anymore... granted I bought every piece of gear I wanted over the holidays - but filling the insider page with angry rants about your stock by holding appreciation sales isn't the way to please anybody I think. You're the CEO though haha. Perhaps every time you win make a special "best of CES" branded product for the razer faithful that really want to commemorate Razer being the most 1337 - usually this would just cost you too much money to do but I'm sure it doesn't cost more than running out of stock on every item in the store by selling them at 50% off... I guess I could be wrong though.
  17. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    Actually I think that was part of the problem - the tech sites started covering it and pretty much every deal hunter wanted to get in - it's a no brainer to buy something and be able to resell it the next day for a profit.

    The whole point of the appreciation sale is to give back to our true fans - so yes, perhaps we might do that the next time - i.e. only allow qualified fans to participate.
  18. Bluerza

    Bluerza New Member

    I've never got to enjoy any appreciation sale not because of the servers but because i forgot the dates :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I'm not an active person either here or on facebook so i never got to give you my feedback. Among all the things i bought from you i never found anything to complain about and i always get excited when i see a new release. I'd love to buy more gaming gear but money doesn't come as fast as it goes so please keep on doing these sales so that one day i can enjoy them :D
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  19. cheeseprata

    cheeseprata New Member

    and instead of doing online sales, maybe razer can allocate to the stores maybe 2 cartons of a certain item on promo at this store, guess this will not F*** up everything! And everyone will be happy!
  20. Ex-Fusion

    Ex-Fusion New Member

    Well I say the sale is a very good idea but its the number of item in stock thats not sufficient. Maybe waiting in a part of the year where you can have more stock would allow more people to have a chance of getting something. i.e : my dad and I waited because we knew about the traffic but by the time the servers were alright there was nothing left at all. But then again you're not a small company and its kind hard to keep the pace with those 6 050 457 hardcore fans who all want that chroma product everyone talks about.

    So, it's obvious that there will be negativity, but it's worth it. We can't always have everything.
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