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The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

    3,048 vote(s)
  2. No

    175 vote(s)
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  1. Shadowfire67

    Shadowfire67 New Member


    Just wanted to say thank you for the appreciation sale. Even though I'm pretty disappointed I missed out, it was still something nice to do. If you guys do it again next year, hopefully ya'll will get the issues sorted out.
  2. You could try doing something similar to what Valve has started doing for the Dota2 International passes. Instead of making it a one 24 hour event where everything gets sold out in 30 seconds, do three 8 hour events. Keep the same stock, but at least that way traffic will be kept down and people have multiple chances.

    I managed to snag a BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth so thanks all the same. And the Taipan from earlier is still serving me well. Good job Razer!
  3. GhostHunterPhD

    GhostHunterPhD New Member

    I would say not to do this type of sale again. A better idea would be to send a coupon code to current members/owners of your product/s with a 30 day expiration window. This is why.

    I was excited to get a code and was planning on purchasing the high-end Black Widow Chroma. Just like an EBayer, I was ready to go when the sale started and alas, nothing but cycling and broken cart issues. I even received an email that asked me if I wished to purchase what was in my cart. Of course, in my head "Yes"...however, your store servers slapped me with a "No". I made at least 20 attempts until 1130 CT last night. I checked this morning and everything was sold out.

    So why give this to code to current members...where is the marketing strategy in that, right? I mean come on isn't any business' goal to draw more fans/consumers/customers/etc..? I was one of those new prospects. All this did was turn me off to Razer. Most consumers that are turned off by a business tend to spread the negativity 10x more then they spread a positive experience.

    I will do neither because at least you reached out for feedback; however, I don't believe I would purchase anything from Razer in the future.

    This is 2016 and the Oprah Effect should be a thing of the past. Thank you for seeking feedback. Sincerely, Lost Prospect/Promoter
  4. It is very unfortunate how this sale was done, and how quickly the servers came down and items went out of stock.

    I set an alarm for 5 minutes before the sale started, but I couldn't get in at all. I didn't expect it to be such a mission to simply get web pages to load, and I was looking forward to the sale, even telling all of my co-workers. I attempted multiple times throughout the night, but eventually gave up.

    This morning I came on and saw virtually everything Chroma related out of stock...

    Should there be future sales like this? No, unless Razer can be fully prepared and not cause such dissatisfaction.

    I know Razer's intentions were in the right place, but this sale was great for some, but a disaster almost everyone else.
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  5. lisat

    lisat Member

    Min, I think a lot of anger is from people who signed up JUST for the sale. In the past you had limitations on sale participation such as "at least 20 posts on Insider". Sure there are a lot of us who've been here a year or more and participate regularly who are upset, however it is more a disappointment with the shopping cart frustrations than anything else. We, the real, active fans love and appreciate any sale or promo you give us. There is also the issue of people who were able to buy more than 1 item @50% off. This seemed more like a Insider sign up promo. I'm sad not angry and I am always grateful.
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  6. Ovol1

    Ovol1 Active Member

    Although it is a good idea to have the sale on at the same time for everyone it's kind of annoying. I couldn't buy anything in the sale because by the time I got onto the Razer website everything had sold out.

    I think that the time the sale started in the UK was something like 10:00 but some friends and myself couldn't be on our computers ready to purchase at that time because we had work. However, in the US I believe the sale is in the evening where many people have finished work and are at home ready and waiting for the sale to begin meaning they are more likely to get the products.

    Would it be possible to stagger the sale starting times so that it was in the evening for everyone and would this cause problems with the items going before the sale started for other countries?
  7. L0n3r637

    L0n3r637 New Member

    Anyone else feel like most of the people who bought during the sale aren't even "Regular" Razer customers/fans? Most likely people just grabbing a Razer product just because it has the word "Sale" on it?

    Also. Most likely the reason for the "numerous" buyers during this sale is because it was announced on *numerous* gaming/peripheral news sites/pages..... Next time they do a sale they should find ways to let only the LOYAL Razer fans/customers know about the sale. Probably only announce them here on Insider and/or by Email.

    Sounds selfish, I know, but as everyone's been saying lately, they can't satisfy everyone.
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  8. Shadowfire67

    Shadowfire67 New Member

    I'm pretty sure that the new outlets saw the sale coming up and wrote their articles rather than Razer telling them all that a sale is going to happen.
  9. MajesticBagel

    MajesticBagel New Member

    Step 1. Go to the store
    Step 2. The store is broke, wait.
    Step 3. When the store is fixed, find your items for purchase
    Step 4. If they are all sold out, you did it correctly!
    Just like last year :)
  10. Eoinmc97

    Eoinmc97 Member

    I don't know if it's been mentioned already, but maybe do a sale with different features/tiers? And not nescessarily be a sale, but rather a kind of "Distribution Event" where you send out Vouchers/Coupons to your fans. This way, you could do multiple Events in the year outside of sales (if you're feeling that generous XD) and define what vouchers you give out. For the big ones, you could follow a list like this, which rewards fans for their appreciation.
    Less than 1 month and 3 posts:
    (That would allow Christmas to make new and valid fans) Free Shipping of a Razer icon badge or beanie (or something) with your order. (Valid for 7 days)

    3 Months Insider membership and atleast 15 posts:
    Above, and maybe free shipping on all items in your basket? (Valid for 14 days)

    Here, I feel that activity and time should be interchangable, as neither really show who is more of a fan. Basically, whichever you have first. This way, vocally active fans are not inhibited by their join date, and vice versa.

    5 Months Insider/ 35 Posts:
    Maybe €/£/$25 off of your most expensive item, or a flat out 25% voucher on your most expensive item? (Valid for 21 days)

    10 Months Insider/ 70 Posts
    Free Shipping, and the above? (Valid for 30 days)

    1+ Year(s) Insider Member/ 125 Posts
    50% off of the most expensive peripheral/non-system item in your basket. Like, this sale. (Valid for the entirety of the sale period)
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  11. WickedSlammy

    WickedSlammy New Member

    The solution is very simple, since you are only allowing one item to be purchased at 50% off with their code, just let people backorder what they want if it gets sold out.

    If it's in stock, they will get it quickly. Otherwise they will have to wait until your store gets more stock.

    I would have gladly paid and waited to receive my item.
  12. GameGH0ST

    GameGH0ST Active Member

    I enjoyed it. I got what I wanted. People will cry and complain regardless. The demographic you cater to is the one that feels the most entitled. And their courage is super high because they are on the internet.

    It's not a big deal Brother Tan. The Razer faithful will always be exactly that.

    Thanks for the 50 percent off. I bought the Merc backpack. Thoroughly appreciated. As long as you keep making great gear I'll keep buying it.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2016
  13. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    I like these sales - although I was thoroughly disappointed that there were numerous websites like pocketnow writing articles about the sale and saying that linking the insider post. I was also kinda disappointed that Razer posted it on their social media rather than just insider. I feel the sale is definitely in the spirit of the people who have been around for awhile or at least part of this "group," not some randoms who find an article online that probably didn't vote on diddly squat and will get upset when they see that you sold out anyways.
  14. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    The issue with this is simple:
    They would go out of business. They can't give every single person who waits in line an item below the cost to make it. They do this out of appreciation and in an attempt to say "thank you," but in these regards people just want to get the item. They aren't appreciative that it was even offered.
  15. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    You have been a member of this website since yesterday... That means literally the only reason you joined this community was for the sale. If you were around here more often you would know the nature of how this works and the rules. It's really just that simple. There is no reason to get upset because you didn't get there in chance for the 50% off.
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  16. WickedSlammy

    WickedSlammy New Member

    Make the sale only last 12 hours, all orders must be placed in that time frame. Also, you have to have been an Insider member for a year to qualify. Easy
  17. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    That is not "easy," say they have 200 mice in stock. Then say they average a sale of 300 mice per hour, but the cost to produce the mouse is 50, being sold for 40. 300 * 12 = 3600. they lose 10 per mouse, 3600 * 10 = 36000. A loss of 36000 per item they have in stock?

    Obviously there are hypothetical numbers, but does that REALLY seem like the easy choice for a relatively small company in the grand scheme of things?
  18. je_moeder

    je_moeder New Member

    here I am trying to buy some nice gear 10am after a gaming night but then i didn't even get my RAZER BLACKWIDOW CHROMA STEALTH i feel sad now because i thought i would be happy today if u do something like this and only have a couple of 1000 in stock and knowing there are milions of gamers razor u need to hold another one after u restock
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2016
  19. InuHanyou1701

    InuHanyou1701 New Member

    Honestly the sale was awesome.I was really excited for it. What really got me upset was the servers going down. I was fully expecting to be beaten by people with robot hands. I should have expected server issues but for some reason I didn't.

    I had my order ready to go, item in the cart, coupon in the text box when the timer hit zero. The coupon didn't work the first 2 tries and by that point the servers started going down. It took me about 15 minutes to actually be capable of completing my order and by that point, what I wanted was sold out. I wasn't denied by people faster than me. I was denied by the servers going down. It really left a sour taste in my mouth. I was left feeling like this was more of a scam to get email addresses for newsletter and whatnot than it was a sale.

    After taking some time to step away and cool off, I was able to think of what Razer was going through. My experience was awful but you guys are having to deal with all the fallout and disappointed customers.

    Backorders would help, but I see your comment about not wanting to do that so I do understand the logistics and financial ramifications of the situation. I would suggest something along the lines of "make sure your servers can handle it next time!" but that is easier said than done. It would be nice if those of us that were not able to get what we wanted because of the server issues and not because of demand (Yes I realize those 2 things go hand in hand) could get our purchase made but I understand that will probably not happen.

    I've been thinking about the situation all day and I have to wonder if there is any way, the next time you have a cool sale like this, for us to get our purchases made before the timer hits zero. What I would suggest is give this "Pre-sale preorder" opportunity to people who have been Razer Insider subscribers the longest (Which would not be me but this still seems like a fair process). Those who have been subscribers the longest would get first dibs and then it would work its way down to those of us who have been subscribers a less amount of time. Maybe even cut it off and say "If you have been a Razer Insider subscriber less than a year you will have to wait until the general sale and will have a pick of whatever is left". The importance of this sale is to reward your customers and show appreciation for them. Shouldn't your most loyal customers who are active in your community benefit from it the most? Again, I realize this is probably easier said than done. :smile_:

    At the end of the day though, if I had a choice between "Always do this sale and deal with angry people" or "Never have this sale again" I would absolutely want to have the sale. It sucks when experiences like mine happen but the excitement that I had leading into the sale was still worth the anger I felt at the failure. I greatly appreciate Razer for doing things like this and it really sets you apart from your competitors. Hopefully there will be a way in the future for you to give everyone interested a fair shot. Also, sorry for being one of those angry people. =) I was just really excited to get my new keyboard and was REALLY bummed when I couldn't. Maybe next time! :big_grin_:

    Edit: Also in answer to your question, I'd rather see you continue the appreciation sales with the 50% discount than lower the discount. Even if you lower the discount percentage you are going to have people upset. You can't really help that.
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  20. Cilir

    Cilir New Member

    wait.... there was a sale? nooooo oh-well not like I was able to buy anything anyways, just got a new job so not in a hurry. plus tax season is here I'll wait till I get my returns mwahahaha.
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