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The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

    3,048 vote(s)
  2. No

    175 vote(s)
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  1. rk7646a

    rk7646a New Member

    I don't know how my problem will get resolved. But I had a confirmation # and then my order was "unsubmitted". That's not even a stock issue...that's a "nope takeback" issue. So far the response has been "no clue what happened and we can investigate" and "re-order with a new browser without a discount".

    As for future sales...if you want to decrease the amount of frustration, then decrease the number or type of frustrations. I couldn't load the page for the longest time and it was ok...I assumed it was being swamped. That's fine. When I saw things were out of stock...that was fine...again expected.

    When I added what I wanted and put in all my information only to get "not in stock" at the VERY END...I was annoyed.

    When I finally got through and ordered something after refreshing for an hour...I was happy! And then...exactly what happened in my first paragraph.

    If you want people to not be frustrated then keep it to what's expected: slow loading pages and out of stock items.

    Also take some lessons from concert ticket websites. You reserve it in cart with a timer on your purchase.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2016
  2. haloboi

    haloboi Active Member

    Oh great a repeat of last year. People who have no idea of how Razer sales work or no idea how servers work either. All these "new prospects" acting like they are entitled to a MASSIVE DISCOUNT simply because they create an account with less than 5 posts(3 of which are complaining that they didnt get anything). Its people like them that caused the dedicated fans with 100+ posts to get nothing and yet I dont see them complaining.
  3. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    Is this even a question really? Who doesn't like a discount lol
    On a serious note, you should probably make it so that to participate in the CES sale you should have like 50 posts or something to get 50% off...
  4. so, do you want people to camp like 24hrs BEFORE the sale starts, to keep ensuring that the item they want is in their cart all the way till start of sale? and it will still be gone in seconds.
  5. MochaRaf

    MochaRaf Active Member

    I don't believe it is quite that simple at all. One of the reasons this wouldn't work out is because people will always find loopholes to abuse the system. Look at how things went in this sale, people are posting pictures on Instagram and Facebook where they ordered multiple items. Now you need to let that fact sink in, people apparently managed to make several purchases using the same/multiple accounts during a sale where the inventory was finite and sold out rather quickly. Imagine how much worse the abuse would be if you allowed these people to continue placing orders.

    I am not saying I wouldn't like your idea implemented, as it would be great for those of us who stick to the rules and would only purchase one item, but even then those sheer amount of orders would tie up the Razer store for months.
  6. In addition to what he said, there were 845,000 unique views to the CES Appreciation thread where you get your codes. so umm.. all the whiners suggested to fulfil backorder etc, to 845k customers? really?
  7. dimension7623

    dimension7623 New Member

    As a company razer has been disappointing, why even offer codes to all your insider members when not even 1/10th of the people get a chance? Why vote for such a shady company? As a CEO it just shows how cheap you are.
  8. MochaRaf

    MochaRaf Active Member

    Would you prefer they don't give anyone a chance at all? Or perhaps only the first X amount of people that click on the "retrieve code" button that receive an actual code? I know the system is far from perfect, but at least everyone has a fair chance of getting something the way it is setup right now.
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  9. MochaRaf

    MochaRaf Active Member

    I am not quite sure I understand your question. Are you asking why they bother to advertise the sale when only a select amount of people get to purchase something they really want? I would assume it's the same reason stores advertise doorbusters during Black Friday.
  10. Executor.X

    Executor.X New Member

    Thank you for the 50% sale, got my Razer Nabu :D
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  11. vchris7

    vchris7 New Member

    I just want to say thank you for everything. I was able to purchase a razer blade that was on sale. :)
  12. Xiopiche

    Xiopiche Member

    CES appreciation sales are awesome. some people complain because they had issues or their sold out of the product they wanted but oh well, you win some you lose some.
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  13. ClaimhSolais

    ClaimhSolais New Member

    I was planning to get a new headset but the ones I wanted was sold out (expected since I check the store some 9 hours after the sale started ). I wasnt disappointed at all ,I was glad there was a sale to begin with .
  14. LittleMissVi

    LittleMissVi Member

    Well said, my friend.
  15. Executor.X

    Executor.X New Member

    Updated news : I had place a order of Razer Nabu during CES sale, and I receive an E-Mail from razersupport said that my order had been declined. Please reply to my email to solve my problem, thank you
  16. jwan830

    jwan830 New Member

    10% off is probably pointless since most third party retailers are pretty much always selling at lower prices.

    But I understand cutting 50% off the MSRP is throwing away profit so the stock must be limited. So maybe meet in the middle, 25%?
  17. BlackKey

    BlackKey New Member

    Thanks Razer, for yet another great sale. Keep up the amazing work. And sales, if at all possible :)
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  18. I know there's a lot of users here who think someone who's only just become a member is a leach and the cause of the influx, but I really think from a marketing perspective razer is trying to get it's product owners more involved in the community as a positive.

    Being an owner of the product already I think is a good pre-requisit for being eligible for the sale, I think also if the code is to be unique then it should be limited, seemed as though they gave them to as many people who signed up, as oppose to a limit to the stock they feel as though they could handle, limiting the quantities and items would also assist in the astonishing amount of stock that appeared to sell out.

    I know there are a lot of hardcore fans who are horned for a chance at razer stock at 50% and not entitled and I would agree that a sale is a privilege to an extent but if I am unable to purchase an item within a minute of it going on sale then I don't feel as though an ample amount of stock was available to even quantify for a sale.
    (they have done this before and are aware how much stock they need and openly admitted they do not increase stock levels for said sales due to not knowing if they would win the CES, which they could still anticipate and order double stock in Jan and not order any additional stock if Feb for hot ticket items, immediately doubling stock available in a worst case still have a 2 month supply in advance).

    In short it is very disappointing that the leading company in this sector can have a fan appreciation sale without showing any compassion to the fans of the product (and if your buying the product, especially after already owning other razer products, just because your not a regular forum poster does not make you any less of a fan, or you wouldn't be purchasing a single product to begin with).

    It would be nice if razer were to allow people who had items in their carts to place a back-order or even a subsequent single use 40% off code as a consolation/apology showing their appreciation for their fans but unfortunately I feel as though there chroma stealth exclusive products RRP on their website is inflated and therefore unless it were to be discounted I would not purchase it, and yes that does leave a soar taste in my mouth given the product was available for less than a minute after the sale begin. I think anything longer than 4 hours I think would of been acceptable, but less than a minute is deplorable.

    I hope all this feedback and suggestion is taken on-board to avoid future disappointment as I'm sure razer will win future awards, if I haven't moved to another product by then remains to be seen, if there are no offers of rectification from this sale, I doubt I'll still be after a razer product in 12 months time.
  19. songsoflife

    songsoflife New Member

    Honestly, those whiners should just stop whining...you win some, you lose some...not everyone can get something especially with such a popular brand with such a huge fan base. Min had already set expectations at the very beginning before the sale. I didn't manage to get anything during the last 2015 sale as the servers were totally down. So what? life goes on...I read comments of some even saying that razer has lost their loyalty. Just because you did not managed to get a razer product, your loyalty to the brand is lost? what kind of loyalty is that? Seriously!
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  20. MochaRaf

    MochaRaf Active Member

    While you bring up some very valid points which have been the topic of debate for quite some time, I personally don't think it's as simple as just stocking up on an extra month of inventory. Since it is very rare that Razer heavily discounts items, it brings in huge influx of people when they do, and even with an extra month of supply there would still be a huge amount of people who would not get what they want. An idea that has been previously proposed by other fans is that instead of having the sale right after CES, that they wait a few weeks to adequately stock up. But once again there will always be someone left out no matter how much stock you have, and by waiting too long you lose that special spark that comes right after winning CES and people will still complain that Razer now had ample time to stock up and things still flew of the shelves.
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