The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. How about they just do a raffle competition to win 50% off discount codes. Then it would be fair and everyone would have the same chance. The only reason they do it the way they do is so they can get everyones details even if they don't manage to get something. Its not rocket science to make something fair. Its also not like this is the first time this has happened. Clearly Razer don't want to learn, they just want to play games and take your info.
  2. plexabot

    plexabot Member

    I think a 10% sale with maybe free shipping on all orders would be good. For example, I spent $53 on the Orochi once it included tax and shipping, so a 10%/free shipping deal would draw less crowds but still be a good deal.
  3. 25% and free shipping would still bring tons of people here, it might not be "server killing" amounts, but it would be nice to establish a customer base for Razer's website.
  4. 201091

    201091 New Member

    There just needs to be a better way to thank the actual Razer faithful. whether it be how active you are on the site or maybe even a little fee for a "pro"-like membership like $1-$5.
  5. I mean, not everyone that owns razer products is part of this forum. The sale was a great idea, it was just executed extremely poorly. a 25% off sale would still satisfy the majority of Razer's customers.

    The problem is that a 50% off sale is going to bring in way too many people, its going to bring in people who dont even own/know of razer products. Its a great way to introduce people to the brand. However, with this sale exposed shortcomings on Razer's end. The lack of server stability, the lack of stock, and the absence of a real time customer support are all something that an established retailer has.

    The only question left, is whether Razer wants to fix these things to be able to compete in the E-Commerce market.
  6. DeDude21

    DeDude21 Member

    I definitely think more CES Appreciation Sales in the future would be awesome!! And thanks sooooooo much for having ANOTHER awesome sale!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :big_grin_::big_grin_:
  7. DeDude21

    DeDude21 Member

    I agree!!!!!!!!!! That's such an awesome thing for the CEO of Razer to do!!!!!!!!!!!! :big_grin_::smile_:
  8. DeDude21

    DeDude21 Member

    Does anybody have any advice for the next Razer sale and an effective way to order what we want with a discount code quickly? Thanks!!! :big_grin_::smile_::big_grin_::smile_:
  9. Thanks for giving a sensible reply to my points, I think what makes everything further frustrating is all the items are back in stock now a short 3 days after the sale, so all this talk about stock availability is somewhat negated (although I'm sure they have a reserve number of stock they allocate for after the sale period as their sale numbers will return back to usual).

    Also I agree there are always going to be people who miss out due to the sheer volume of people, but as I stated in my previous post, they would know there is a list of maybe 10 "Hot Ticket" items that sell very well, all they need to do is stock 1-2 months supply in advance and that should sustain sales for a few hours, if that were the case then the sale would of lasted longer than seconds.

    My overall point is it's hard to constitute a sale when it for the majority of desired items lasted seconds in availability and there are strategies to avoid this.

    I feel as though they allocate a small number of stock available for the sale so they can minimize their potential reduction in profits on main items getting people to sign up and added to their mailing lists and forums then also tempting them to purchase items that they wouldn't of, just due to there being a 50% off sale and the item they were after is no longer available so they would try take advantage of the sale somehow. I personally am not a fan of the bait and switch type of approach this sale appears to create.

    So even if they couldn't think of strategies to avoid this themselves there have been plenty of people on here besides myself attempting to provide constructive feedback on how to avoid these issues in the future. Unfortunately after this years sale it's apparent they haven't taken it on-board which is why I'm inclined to believe the above.
  10. Siioh

    Siioh Active Member

    I personally haven't bought anything from these sales, but I think we should just all be grateful for such a caring CEO that would at the least bother to have sales. The negativity should be expected, but isn't that the same for nearly any large sale?
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  11. noobynoob

    noobynoob Member

    Why are people even complaining about the sale?! Bear in mind winning CES does not equate that any company should host sales for their fans to celebrate their win?! Go check how many other companies are hosting sales because they won this or that!! Please be reasonable!!
  12. RunninBearPoo

    RunninBearPoo Member

    2nd year i missed out on get the Leviathan sound bar, i guess imma cough up the dough and purchase it full MSRP online or at Frys...i tried, it was fun, but until next time. :blush: LIFE IS JUST A GAME! TAKE IT EASY PPL! LOL
  13. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    You know, I would actually do this - kind of like my GameStop account where I build up points per dollar of purchases. I'd make a killing at the Razer store if they did something like that. LOL

    As just an off-hand comment to the particular topic: what people seem to forget is that the Razerstore (and Insider) has been visited by many hundreds of thousands of people regarding the CES sale, I believe by the date of the sale there was somewhere near 450,000 *Unique* views to obtain their sale codes. Even considering all of the regional warehouses and such, that's a LOT of people!! There probably no way to satisfy everyone, or even half of them, for that matter. I really do wish that the Razer staff could gather/report the actual stats on the traffic for this year's sale. I think those numbers would be staggering. Not only that, but the stats on how quickly the most popular items sold out in each region.
  14. robinsad

    robinsad Active Member

    I don't believe in any way someone like Razer should have to get extra stock in just because they are being generous enough to reduce the price. It's not like you would even see much repeat business. For the majority they would buy a mouse, of extremely good quality that they would not need to replace for years. This isn't like tesco where you get people in store so you make more money of them from other sales, there is a very limited range here.
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