The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Legendchris

    Legendchris New Member

    I've always wanted a Razer product because all my friends have Razer products but imo are too much expensive. Finally I ordered a Razer blackwidow chroma keyboard thanks to the 50% off. If the sale is only 10% I would not participate in the sale because shipping costs are too high to certain countries.
  2. Kilts

    Kilts New Member

    It seems to me that be just can't appreciate what you do for us. People getting upset about something that the company is doing as a thank you to their fans is just unbelievable. It reeks of entitlement. I say do away with the sales since people seem to think they are owed them anymore.
  3. daslicer

    daslicer Member

    I think everybody was just pissed that the codes were reversed, including myself but i think you did a great job offering the sale again who missed their chance to grab something they wanted, also including myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    And i think it's better to have more stock and/ or being able to order out of stock items, this way more people can enjoy from your amazing products.
  4. MrKunle

    MrKunle New Member

    I love the fact that you do these sales even when you don't have to but I do see what you mean. If it's not Europeans (I'm one too =p) complain about the bad hours the sale is one it is the constant bombardment on social media bad mouthing razer for a sale that they do not have and HAS ALWAYS crashed or at least slowed the site down to a snails pace.

    This year you guys might have messed up but you fixed it straight away and even said you are planning to make another sale for those who missed out. this is true customer service. So sale or no sale well I'm never going to decline a heavy discount especially when i can plan ahead. But i will not be 'salty' if you don't do the sales anymore.
  5. I honestly think that Razer could afford 24 hours of 50% off merchandise, The fact that people were disappointed in some aspects of the event is merely a variable that was bred by something of Goodnature. As a CEO sure you understand that the wants of the singular person will always outweigh the ones of the many. Will not be able to satisfy every single one of your customers but you are able to give them a chance to buy a product that they wouldn't be able to without the sale. I think a solution to your problem would be to add a stipulation to the sale...

    I.e first come first served
  6. Manahotep

    Manahotep Active Member

    Absolutely NOT true at all. I was prepared and on time and tried for 10 hours and did not get anything. Now your the one being negative about others being negative.
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  7. kyle1193

    kyle1193 New Member

    Have people do a reading comprehension/ understanding of timezones quiz before they can get a code. The amount of people who asked why their code wansnt working before the sale even started was crazy.
  8. alannc

    alannc New Member

    You should make wave sales, the olders members get the first sale, the newest the last and so on. :)
  9. Pranksteer

    Pranksteer New Member

    I didn't have any problems ordering my keyboard 6 in the morning, and my friend ordered his keyboard at around 3 in the afternoon (12 hours after our sale had begun), and he had no problems with it eitherway.
    People complain, but imo there isn't anything to complain about. APPRECIATE the idea of Razer even doing this sale in the first place. And APPRECIATE the fact that you can be lucky to get an item for 50%. Not only Razer has to appreciate the fans and customers of their brand, but also the fans and customers has to appreciate it the other way around!
    Peace out.
  10. l0stc4us3

    l0stc4us3 Member

    Me personally I've never taken advantage of any of the sales you guys do generally because it always seem to happen when I'm broke or have other priorities to take care of (ie. rent). With these sales usually only lasting 24 hours its hard to be excited about them. Personally I think it'd be better to set up a system where it sends coupons with a one time use code to registered emails. And you can probably figure out a way where you could limit those emails to registered Razer Insider users and maybe even filter out people who have less than 10 to 15 posts so some of the more dedicated Razer fans can have a shot at the sales.
  11. AppleAlex

    AppleAlex Active Member

    This is the first year I have participated in the Razer sale, purely because its only been in recent years I have discovered Razer and its amazing products. I throughly enjoyed the sale, but thats probably because I was purchasing a less in demand item (razer adaro wireless). I can see where the problem with the EU sale was with the lack of stock to begin with, but I understand it is almost impossible to have enough stock for these kind of sales. People just have to understand that, I mean you don't have to do the 50% sale but you do it out of the kindness of your hearts, for the fans! In the future I really do feel that the sale should be timezone specific as other people have mentioned to lighten the load off the servers and cut down on disappointment.

    But at the end of the day, most of us really appreciate what you do Min-Liang Tan! So please keep running one of the most awesome companies on the planet (this is coming from an Apple fanboy so I know how differently companies can operate)
  12. Vestieri

    Vestieri Active Member

    Would be a good idea. Might even be an idea to have qualification 'active member'. (shouldnt actually say that now, as I'm still a 'normal' member, however that might just be the fairest.
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  13. That is actually one of the best ideas I've seen
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  14. Paopaobabie

    Paopaobabie New Member

    I wanted the new blade but I already have very first blade and the 14inch blade. Just when I made my mind to get the New Razer Blade it went sold out :'(
    So please do hold more events in the future, I will make up my mind faster!
  15. RunninBearPoo

    RunninBearPoo Member

    it succks that i didnt get what i want, but money is tight nowa days anyways i guess saving up the pennies and purchasing the products at Full MSRP is the way to go. Yeah i was kinda mad and felt like i was cheated at first, but then i took a step back and realized it's all fun and games if it doesnt work out it doesnt work out. I work hard for my money and i plan on purchasing more Razer products in the future when i feel like it.

    Other then that Mr. Min-Liang Tan maybe i suggest smaller discounted promos spread out over a few months? would generate more excitement and traffic as per usual.
  16. Grzesiko

    Grzesiko Member

    IMHO the sales are nice. Keep them. Only thing I'd change is the shipping costs - because then we get like 10$ discount on the cheaper products (like Kraken). Other than that I see no reason to quit sales. Everyone like some top quality goods at low price.
  17. Coolmenskate

    Coolmenskate New Member

    It is sure that if you said to people that you are thinking of not doing the sale anymore, even if they were not happy with the previous sale, they will say to continue to do it.

    It is hard to focus only real Razer Fans and give them a way for the sale, but I don't have a clear solution that will solve everything. Maybe do like the Nabu and people in insider that have a minimum number of post could access the sale?
  18. Trionix11

    Trionix11 New Member

    You should know that when dealing with the Internet the vocal minority is just that, a minority. Maybe give only x amount of codes out or something to that effect. Maybe space out the codes into 3 waves that all razed insiders will get but this way everyone has an equal shot.
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  19. killerbolt

    killerbolt New Member

    The sale should have more stringent requirements. Practically anyone can get in the sale. Too many resellers and deal hunters.
  20. 061793

    061793 New Member

    Regarding on if it will be 10% discount , I would rather go to my local store. Why? Shipping fees of course :) And no , there is no such thing as Free Shipping to my country :D
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