The Future of CES Appreciation Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 14, 2015.


Should we still hold these appreciation sales in the future?

  1. Yes

    3,048 vote(s)
  2. No

    175 vote(s)
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  1. Menisahmaru

    Menisahmaru Member

    Perhaps a lottery among registered insider accounts and private message the codes somewhere in the realm of the amount of product.
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  2. matallana

    matallana New Member

    idk, i think most of the people gaming wants a razer peripherals and gear, and is obviously why the page was down, the sale was fine is just the codes was reversed but everyone makes mistakes, especially with so much pressure like razer with the people.. i couldn't buy nothing because i was too slow :slightly_sad:
  3. ancientone26

    ancientone26 New Member

    There will always be a vocal minority who isn't happy. Generally those who are satisfied will be quiet and not screaming entitlement, thus seeing more accurate numbers with this poll.
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  4. FuZZy_BuNNies

    FuZZy_BuNNies New Member

    Just my two cents from managing a business. I wouldn't worry about disappointing people that miss out. Anyone that knows anything about technology knew there would be server issues. Rectifying a bad situation that may have caused some to feel slighted is what's most important, the reversed codes for example, which you have agreed to do. Putting forth any promotion it was always my intent to make sure it was a great experience. I have never believed in the customer is always right mentality as you will run into people that take it too far.

    The people that were/are upset about what happened aren't the type of customers or people you want representing your brand. This was my take on those I dealt with in my store as well, To have that bad of an attitude, no business from them would be better than dealing with the headache. You can't please everyone, so never try to! :)
  5. RWitts

    RWitts New Member

    Firstly a big congratulations to Razer on the well deserved win at CES and a big thank you for showing us (the consumers) your appreciation. The negative should be seen as a good sign that a lot of people are so desperate to get your products that they vent their frustration if they are unfortunate in getting one at an amazing price. I missed out on the first sale as I copied the wrong code to my phones clipboard ready for the 2am sale. thank you for doing a 2nd sale for us so I can try again.
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  6. It's pretty easy to tell the people that just want discounted prices from the real fans. I've read so many comments from people saying this sale was horribly planned and complaining about the lag, telling Razer to fix their servers, get better servers, restock everything before hand etc... It's pretty disappointing to see those types of comments.
  7. I agree there are better ways to govern the sale what the problem is that there were always be the minority that will always be dissatisfied with everything
  8. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    What I was disappointed by was that this was advertised EVERYWHERE before the sale, so people signed up just for the sale and took that. And no you were not the only one advertising it, a lot of others were too. But it took away from those of us who have been here for awhile and active in this site. I understand the whole demand and supply and overloading servers, that is bound to happen, but a lot of people would have been eliminated had they not joined the day before since you advertised it SO much.

    P.S. I am still annoyed that I got told you guys would get back to me on being a dev for the Nabu and I was NEVER followed up with
  9. DeathKnell9D

    DeathKnell9D New Member

    I only found out about the sale from pcgamers facebook posts, after which the sites add to cart button would load infintly. I have been subscribed to the razer email for years and this is the first time I have ever heard aboit the CES sale.
  10. k00py

    k00py New Member

    90% of online reviews and comments tend to be negative...the happy people oftentimes don't feel the need to post as much. Lowering the sale price is almost like unfairly punishing the people that couldn't get their orders in, whether it be because of the code reversal or simply because the products were sold out.
  11. To be honest, I really appreciate the effort Razer does to bring the goods into our desks.

    I'm just sad I wasn't able to get a Razer Seiren.
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  12. Niko838

    Niko838 New Member

    I also think that the discount should be generous due to the shipping costs. I could've gotten a BlackWidow Ultimate for about 130 € in Finland, now I got it for 96 €. Without the shipping cost it would've been about 63 € so if there is a sale, I think it should be significant and not 10 % off 'cos that means that it's still more than what I pay if I buy it from a local retailer.

    Also, don't be too hard on yourself, screw ups happen and this one wasn't really all that bad imo.
  13. Clessiah

    Clessiah New Member

    If the server doesn't crash, people will probably be less unhappy - It's like the difference between losing a battle in arena versus been shoved into a manhole on the way to the arena.
  14. kazukijun

    kazukijun New Member

    I like the sales, even though I didn't managed to get any this time. But it's good for the fans to get something they really want but couldn't before.

    My suggestion, do something like a queue based system so your servers won't get overloaded. Before the sale,everyone is to register that they are guaranteed to be buying something, so each person is allocated a queue number. Based on the queue number, only a certain amount of people will be allowed to purchase on a specific time period so that the servers won't overload.

    Of course, the usual restriction applies: each person is only entitled to 1 of each item to give every a fair chance. For example, I'm number 100 to register for the sale and will be allocated to buy from the store between 1pm to 2pm. If you don't buy during the allocated timing, you will not be able to do so later.

    It's kinda a first come first serve system. Probably not the fairest way but I think it gives everyone an equal chance of getting what they want. Then again, you may have to consider time-zones and having your regional online stores have different registration queues.

    Hope everyone has a good week ahead!
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  15. CeleritousCelery

    CeleritousCelery New Member

    I find the sale to be incredibly frustrating. When you only have 1 product you want, because you're already nearly completely decked out in the Razer gear you love, it's frustrating to not be able to get that 1 product when it's on sale. This is especially annoying because not everyone can be online at the onset of the sale, due to things like work, or important life events. I would be happy if you allowed people to get the discount on things that aren't in stock, allowing us to pay for it at the discounted price, but probably not get it for awhile, due to stocking limitations. I'm with Razer for the long haul, I don't mind waiting for quite some time for the product I want, but it's hard to get a large chunk of cash together to purchase some items at full price.

    I voted against future sales, because when this sale came around, I found myself just plain upset with Razer, that once again, I was not able to take advantage of the CES sale. I have never been able to take advantage of the CES sale on an item I actually want, even though I've been a Razer believer since the original DeathAdder. I still love your company, but it was just so incredibly frustrating.
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  16. Manahotep

    Manahotep Active Member

    My bad its only been 19 items ive bought... sorry for the mistake lol
  17. prettz182

    prettz182 New Member

    I will admit I was extremely angry about not getting what I wanted, but mostly because the code didnt work. It was like all these people in Europe were posting things and im sitting here like wtf its sold out even though I waited 4 hrs to make sure I was there as soon as codes went live.

    AND even if that is the case I think the fact that you came out apologized on behalf of the company is what makes me believe as I always have that Razer, is the best company for computer gamers out there. I went to Blizzcon a few months ago and everyone from Razer was really cool and nice. Your products are the best products on the market and I recommend them to every person in my guild, whom all own atleast one thing weather it be a mouse or keyboard.

    I think the sale had a hiccup but that shouldnt deter you from doing it in the future. Its what makes the company awesome is that you listen to your people. We love that you take our feedback into consideration.

    Thanks for being awesome!
  18. seanwxxx

    seanwxxx New Member

    I think CES sales is good, everyone is exited about the discount. But since the stock is limited, a lot of people will be disappointed because they are not going to have a chance to buy Razer product.

    If Razer can do another sale, please discount for people who never bought their Razer item. Like 50% dis for new users! Letting them know more about Razer products.
  19. ZiralSpiral

    ZiralSpiral New Member

    I'd love to see it again- sadly the store was crashed for me so I couldn't grab anything but i'm still happy so many people got to enjoy it.
    50% off is a great deal and I really think that lowering it might bring less traffic but we wouldn't be able to be as greedy...(haha) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  20. Well I think you could limit the number of codes you give out. That way only certain number of people can get the discount. Also, give us more time to use the code that way the servers wont go down and people wont be mad when something is out of stock.
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