The Nari Ultimate and Xbox one

Discussion in 'Audio' started by deceasedryu, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. deceasedryu

    deceasedryu New Member

    Just got my Nari ultimate in the mail and I was extremely happy with them. I used them with my Razer phone and they sound great, but things turned when I plugged them into my Xbox one elite controller and found out that it doesn't play game audio. It works perfectly fine with a standard controller, but not the elite. Also the mute button seems to not work.
  2. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member

    The mute button won't work unless you're connecting it to a PC or a PS4 with the USB dongle.

    The game audio issue however is strange. Did you try tweaking game/chat wheel? Worth a try, not to mention going into the Xbox settings and check that you're using uncompressed stereo.
  3. deceasedryu

    deceasedryu New Member

    i didn't know that about the mute button thanks for that. I have messed with the chat wheel and it seems to only work while on a computer. There is no adjustment between the game and chat volume while linked to an xbox controller. the master volume wheel works fine but the adjustment wheel does not. Also i tried the elite controller again and while in a group chat only the left side of the headset works. i have had really no issue with my standard controller besides chat/game volume wheel not working, but the elite controller acts like it only puts out half power or that the headset wasn't designed for xbox support.
  4. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member

    Oh yeah, sadly the Game/Chat wheel just cannot work either. It works on PC because it appears as two different audio devices, creating two separate channels, one for the game and the other for the chat.

    On a controller, since it uses a 3.5mm audio jack cable, there are only 4 channels total (left, right, microphone, and ground) so it's just impossible to have game/chat balance on an audio cable like that.

    So then the issue seems to be with the Elite controller? I tried out playing the Halo MCC with a normal controller and it worked just fine, didn't check the mic though. But even then, it was very quiet.

    I'd really like Microsoft to finally support audio over USB connections on the Xbox One... that's the only thing keeping it from working with the USB dongle of the Nari.
  5. deceasedryu

    deceasedryu New Member

    My a50's had a chat wheel that worked, but based on what your telling me is that it was probably working thru the base because it was a wireless headset. Otherwise yeah the headset seems to work on everything but my elite controller
  6. TheFranubian

    TheFranubian Active Member

    Precisely, it was due to the base. Because a 4-segment 3.5mm audio jack is simply unable to provide more than 1 audio channel and a mic.
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