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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Razer.WolfPack, Mar 14, 2019.

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  1. Razer.WolfPack

    Razer.WolfPack Administrator Staff Member

    Performance distilled. The new Razer BlackWidow brings raw gaming power:


    Featuring improved clicky Razer Green Mechanical Switches, fully customizable key bindings/macros, and signature Razer Chroma lighting—we’re presenting a signature keyboard that’s designed to bring out your best gaming performance yet.

    Feast your eyes on the new Razer Blackwidow:
  2. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Cant wait for it to come in other switch types. Greens are just too loud if you share a room with someone else. :slightly_sad:

    DRIFT_IT Well-Known Member

    They got rid of the best features of the Blackwidow line, the macro keys and the USB and Audio pass through. For 30 dollars cheaper you lose a lot.
  4. Sacius

    Sacius Well-Known Member

    heh I was right about new BW :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: looks decent
  5. Nilremagl

    Nilremagl Well-Known Member

    Is it gonna have more key switches available?
  6. Ginja

    Ginja Well-Known Member

    Seems nice without the macro keys.
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  7. Tysean

    Tysean Member

    Huntsman seems better than this keyboard in every aspect. Altough Huntsman is of course more expensive than this.
  8. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    No, that's why it's cheaper, you'll need the Elite or V2 for the yellows or oranges.
  9. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    It looks like they've ran out of ideas, doesn't look any different at all for me, except the obvious, the design.
  10. Kenserky

    Kenserky Well-Known Member

    I agree with you, green swithes are too noisy (for me), can't stream nor record live videos with those.

    That being said, it's great to see a new "stock" Blackwidow much more affordable than the Elite.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
  11. FrozenFireVR

    FrozenFireVR Well-Known Member

    Aww... No underglow , media keys or Macro keys? :broken_heart:
  12. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I like the Razer logo, but for me - it's ackward to type without wrist rest on such high keyboard/keys.
  13. babideebabidoo

    babideebabidoo Well-Known Member

    Is this good?
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  14. SylvanasMage

    SylvanasMage Well-Known Member

    The Hunstman keyboard style seems to apply to the new incoming Razer keyboards.
  15. radioCyclamenbook293

    radioCyclamenbook293 Active Member

    I'm disappointed. You just cut the best features and make us pay more just for switch type.
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  16. enpow

    enpow New Member

    i dont think it comes with the ori thou
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  17. Killi8n

    Killi8n Well-Known Member

    Again blackwidow without macro +5 keys on the left side :slightly_sad: , still blackwidow V2 is best
  18. Srnity

    Srnity Active Member

    I know what you mean about the Green switches. I was playing Overwatch and I was told to turn down/off my keyboard lol I have the original Blackwidow Chroma!
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  19. Gibson7

    Gibson7 Well-Known Member

    hmmm, not for me. i just received my BW chroma Tournament Edition in Feb, which also is green switches. and i've still yet to use my hunstman.
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  20. Lenox.J.Low

    Lenox.J.Low Well-Known Member

    Looks awesome~~~~
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