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[The new razer blade 15"] EXACT preinstalled drivers, softwares, and settings

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by j5hw4n9, Jun 20, 2018.

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  1. j5hw4n9

    j5hw4n9 New Member

    I bought the new Razer Blade 15"(2018, gtx1070, 144hz). I needed Windows 10 Pro rather than the pre-installed Home edition, so I deleted every partition and installed Windows 10 Pro. I also installed drivers from Razer support site and Windows updates. However, there are some annoying minor problems, and I think they wouldn't exist when I first got my Razer Blade.

    So, assume that I just installed new Windows 10, then which drivers and softwares should be installed and which settings should be set to make my Razer Blade be as if I first got my Razer Blade?

    + Can I get the ISO file of the preinstalled Windows 10?
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  2. FirePenguin

    FirePenguin Well-Known Member

    What minor problems are you experiencing? Also, you can download the drivers from the support page.
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  3. j5hw4n9

    j5hw4n9 New Member

    After some googling, I found it is a big problem.

    I play Overwatch in low settings, and it becomes very hot (I cannot touch the region above the function keys due to the heat), and Intel XTU complains thermal throttling. It often (once an hour or two) crashes to background.

    I heard other RB15s don't. One told me he can run Overwatch ultra without any overheat or crashes.

    Can I get some advice?
  4. laceyboy

    laceyboy New Member

    Make a fresh USB flash drive with Windows 10 1803 and reinstall your RB15.
    Go to intel to download and install Chipset Software Utility.
    Go to Nvidia to download and install latest driver for your Graphics card.
    Go to Windows Updates to get everything update to date.
    Go to Razer to download Synapse All In One and install it.
    This is what I am doing for all Razer laptops that I have.
    Hope this help.
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