The new Razer Blade 2016(17?) V2

Discussion in 'Systems' started by JustaRandom, Aug 15, 2016.

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  1. JustaRandom

    JustaRandom New Member

    So... LinusTechTips and Hardware Unboxed posted this less than two hours ago. From what that has been shown it will have a 1060 (similar TDP to a 970M) and is definitely a thing. since it wasn't mentioned when it will be out, Although late 2016 is possible, the date I put on top is just speculation and me being all fanboy over this information. It also looks like they will perform more than 1.5x times better than maxwell in 4k (a graph made by Nvidia so...). Any thoughts?

    Now I don't feel as bad for being too broke to own a razer right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. and there is also the MSI GS62 and GS4? which will feature the same card.


    Hardware Unboxed:
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  2. Well I will be waiting to find out more because I was about to place an order!
  3. Lol so happy because I was literally just about to buy a new Blade...
  4. Eason85_no_id

    Eason85_no_id Member

    If I pre-ordered a Blade and was still waiting on it, I would be in quite a strange mood.

    the best thing: (2:52)

    Matte display returns
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  5. DJ_Cas_no_id

    DJ_Cas_no_id New Member

    The New Razer Blade 14" definetly needs an update ... I see no sens in such low performance machine right now with GTX 970M. Razer are really in hurry with releasing old hardware products ...
  6. grit621

    grit621 Member

  7. DJ_Cas_no_id

    DJ_Cas_no_id New Member

    Yes I wish Razer to announce it. I think it's Razer Blade 14" one not the Pro one as GTX 1060 is too low performance for such beast
  8. grit621

    grit621 Member

    Linus Tech tips actually put a nice close up of it from the nVidia event. It certainly looks like the Blade 14". nVidia lists the 1060 TPD and being very similar to the 970m. They also spec it with 6GB of memory.. I thought 6GB was odd for the 970m, but perhaps Razer designed the 2016 Blade 14" in mind with being able to drop the 1060 in it. That'd make a lot of sense... saves on a re-design. Just use the exact same system but with 1060's instead of 970m's. All Razer has to do it make your GPU an option, for which they'll change a nice price increase I'm sure.

    So yes Razer, please announce a price and time frame so I can decide if if I want to keep my 2016 Blade 14" order or delay for a new 1060 GPU model.

    See the 4m mark.

  9. Axisball001

    Axisball001 Member

    Great, I am going through the preorder process again. only this time I can be more patient. (I cancel the old order the day Pascal is announced and I am glad I did it) I don't think the price will go up (or at least it shouldn't) since 1060 is cheaper and more mainstream laptop can use it. it wouldn't be sensible to do so.
  10. grit621

    grit621 Member

    Only what does Razer do with any 970m chips they already purchased?

    Or do you suppose they only buy them on a batch to batch basis? If so, we'd all have to wait for the 970m variety in this next batch to sell out.
  11. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    They'll just discount the current model like they always do.
  12. grit621

    grit621 Member

    I hope they put them in the store for pre-orders with a shipping estimate soon.
  13. JustaRandom

    JustaRandom New Member

    glad i was able to save you guys from the regret you would have had lol.
  14. Eason85_no_id

    Eason85_no_id Member

    I estimate that they'll be the price of the old blade. Interestingly, they're bringing back matte displays
  15. JustaRandom

    JustaRandom New Member

    well considering that a gtx1060 performs close to a desktop 980 it would be a huge performance boost considering that battery life can only be better since it would be more efficient and has a TDP similar to a 970m. the notebook 1070 has a TDP similar to a 980m so that would be too hot.

    yes. it would not be wise to sell it for more than the current blades, though now the low end might be the 1080p screen which personally is not what i would want.
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  16. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    Did they say it was 1080p? I missed that. It's definitely not the current screen because the viewing angle looked great in one if the pictures the verge took.
  17. JustaRandom

    JustaRandom New Member

    i can't confirm it but it is most likely 1080p since there has been demand for one as well.
  18. grit621

    grit621 Member

    I'd LOVE a 1080p matte screen with g-sync!
  19. AngelSoryu

    AngelSoryu New Member

    Ouch.. after my Lenovo y50 died a few months ago, I really needed a laptop. I knew they'd be coming out with a 10-series graphics card for mobile devices, but I really needed a replacement and I wasn't expecting a 'v2' of the blade. Maybe the Pro, but the same computer...? Is this going to be considered an option, or is the 1060 going to be standard? If so, where does that leave the 970m 6gb? Do I just have a stop gap laptop that they will ignore the existence of in a few months? Man, it's my fault... but bad taste in my mouth for the future. Again, 'It's my fault for not seeing the writing on the wall'.. I just had to rant a bit.
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  20. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    I understand your rant, but tech is ALWAYS changing. If Razer comes out with a 1060 Blade this month, they will probably bring out a new Blade in 7 months with Kaby Lake processors.

    Your computer specs haven't changed since you bought them, if you didn't know about the new Pascal chips after you bought the Blade you'd still be happy, right?

    Your reaction is nothing new, been following tech for 20 years and have seen the same reaction over and over.

    Your whizbang cutting edge product is outdated the second you buy it. One must accept it and make purchases based on "now" and not "what if".
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