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The new Razer Blade (2016) - energy consumption high after hibernation

Discussion in 'Systems' started by diegoesp, Dec 8, 2016.

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  1. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    Hi everyone!

    I've opened a support ticket for this, but I wanted to know if anyone is experiencing this, just for the sake of curiosity.

    When I boot the system energy consumption is very low, around 10,000 mw when having a normal setup (some browser tabs and programs running).

    A problem seems to arise when I put the computer to sleep or hibernate (this is subjective, I don't really know if this is the event that causes the problem). After some hours I come back and energy consumption seems to spike to ~21,000 -23,000 mw all the time, even when I'm doing nothing.

    See screenshots below. The PC is doing nothing and is consuming a lot of energy :S (the task manager list is ordered with top cpu consumers in the upper part of the list). The pc is idle.


    After resetting the system, this is what happens:


    I just reset the system. I did not tweak anything. The boot is normal, with all my programs. It is the same configuration than before; before resetting I closed all the programs and I kept the same resident programs than I have now (dropbox, razer synapse, dolby digital plus, lightshot screenshot taker). Chrome is not running in both configurations.

    I noticed this yesterday. While I was working, I unplugged the laptop and I got average energy consumption of 8,500 MW to 9,500 MW (awesome battery life, almost 6 hours). I put the computer to sleep / hibernate, I came back today and found that energy consumption, when resuming, went back to 20,000 - 25,000 MW with my computer idle, no programs running.

    Windows battery report is also not reporting any programs doing high battery consumption aside from chrome (it seems to take 70% of my battery consumption) but the laptop seems to consume a lot of energy after resuming even when closing chrome 100% and stopping the chrome process from running.

    Anyone experiencing this?
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  2. JETcoolCoolBlack681

    JETcoolCoolBlack681 Active Member

    You should upload your images elsewhere. Nobody is able to see them.

    Regarding your problem, 20 Watts is huge. I would suggest you to reproduce it on a clean machine as well as from Linux. Also try logging out after hibernation and check the power usage on a welcome screen.
  3. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    I was trying to avoid fully re-installing the laptop since it is working so well now except for this.

    I will try to measure it from the welcome screen, that is a good one!
  4. Sindoras

    Sindoras Member

    Razer Blade 2016 GTX 1060 (Benchmarks)

    Have noticed exactly the same thing.
    Since it doesnt bother me that much, i just turn of fast boot and the hibernation thing and turn it off if im gone for longer. The boot times are not much slower but i get 7-8hrs on my fHD modell
  5. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    Wow, that is weird. How did you diagnose that?
    I'll turn off fast boot and let you know if that fixes the problem.
  6. Sindoras

    Sindoras Member

    Well i noticed i get really bad battery life so i checked my output while on battery.
    Noticed that after every restart the output was really low. Other than when i turned it off and on again.
    Remembered that on restart fast boot was deactivated. so i just tried it out :D

    With hibernate it was after that, that i noticed after every closing of the lid and letting it get off to that point where you press the power button to get it on again the output was really high again.

    Seems to be a problem with the battery driver not loading propably after hibernation or fast boot
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  7. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    Fast boot disabling did not solve the problem. I'm still experiencing it. Have you tried anything else?

    (I did not disable hibernation. I assumed that disabling fast boot would solve the problem. I use hibernation quite a lot because it stops the laptop from draining battery when traveling)
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  8. Sindoras

    Sindoras Member

    So of all things i tried :D
    I newly installed the intel graphics driver, the nvidia driver, and deinstalled the killer network.
    If some of that helped it think it would be the intel driver.

    But i have some spikes too. As soon as the processor starts doing something it gets to use arround 20-25.000mwh but after 10sec doing nothing it goes down again.

    But still after hibernation it stays on 25.000 and after a fastboot.
  9. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    Yes. The title of this issue is misleading.

    I do have some spikes when I'm working in normal conditions, but that is totally OK. When I run coding tests I get the 8 cores up and running at maximum throttle, it is to be expected that such a behemoth processor should spend a lot of energy.

    The problem is idle status when I come back from hibernation. Whenever I come back from it, I close all apps and let the laptop running idle (doing nothing whatsoever) and minimum energy consumption is 20,000 MW. @Sindoras mentioned in this thread that a driver may not be loading correctly after resuming from hibernation, and I too think that is what is probably happening. Maybe it is using the discrete card instead the intel one? Not sure.

    I'll try to play around with the device manager after resuming from hibernation next time.

    On a side note, I'm very frustrated with Razer support. I do not consider this a critical problem (I'd like to have it fixed, but is not urgent) and every time I report a problem to support the answer is to reset the laptop to original settings. It seems to be part of their standard procedure for fixing things, and that is something I just can't understand. I cannot reset my laptop every time I have a problem, I will spend my remaining lifetime re-installing stuff and there is no guarantee the problem will not appear again in the future (which is very likely, by the way)
  10. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    New developments => Disabling and re-enabling the ACPI interface and the video cards appear to lower energy consumption (from 20,000 to ~15,000). Definitely there is something there.
  11. Does just disabling hibernate do it? I would try but I don't have a way to measure the energy consumption. Seems like one of the fans never drops down to idle speeds is also a symptom?
  12. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    Not really sure, but it is a possibility. I will review that with fan control once I get the chance.

    You can measure easily (and free) with https://batterybarpro.com/
  13. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    I am getting the same issue....when waking from hibernation getting a constant -20,000mW, while before it would drop to 10,000mW or below idling.
    Disable fast boot and hibernation, and consumption dropped to normal, but I need to test yet to see if resuming from sleep the issue returns.
    It would be nice if the left fan would silence when idling, certainly would save some power and annoyance.
  14. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    Thanks for the tips, battery life finally fixed...up 6 hours with light use.
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  15. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    It seems the very same issue that I'm experiencing. After resetting the battery life is gorgeous (~5 / 6 hours, easily). I don't want to disable hibernation, it's a feature that I really love and use.
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  16. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    On my other laptops I always used hibernation to save battery after an hour or so of sleep....I can´t understand why it would be an issue on the RB. Since I use the RB mostly at home and not for travelling I suppose I can live without hibernation for now.
  17. diegoesp

    diegoesp Member

    Yes. Exactly my same use case. Very useful when I'm on the move, I will lose battery on the trip without hibernation.
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  18. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    I just let my RB sleep for 4 hours, and it consumed about 1% an hour...so yes hibernation would be nice for longer periods of sleep....I guess I will just get used to shutting down the laptop when need be.
  19. pogsse

    pogsse New Member

    Experiencing this too. switched to sleep for now.

    same thing happened after playing running a game (OW). the discharge rate wouldn't go down even after the temps and fan went down.
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