The New Razer Blade (7th Gen Intel i7)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Feb 13, 2017.

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  1. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    I am still considering the 1TB model, shit better be Crispy for what I'll be paying. Waiting for some video reviews on you tube, Nada so far.
  2. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    I was about to do one as soon as I get mine with benchmarks (crystal, FS, uniengine, HWInfo temps and gaming... ) but I will have to wait
  3. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    please drop the you tube link the minute you upload :) I'll subscribe and hit likes :)
  4. top-eagle

    top-eagle New Member

    Wehew, got it yesterday!
  5. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    ooooooOOOoo shit's! whats up? any issues????
  6. top-eagle

    top-eagle New Member

    Yup - too few time to enjoy it :D
    I'm short on time the next few days, after it I'll test it thoroughly, maybe I'll upload a video for it
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  7. trockjones

    trockjones New Member

    I wasn't expecting the performance of the 256 GB and 512 GB to differ. Am I going to notice a difference between the PM951 and PM961? If so, would you guys return and upgrade for the 512GB, Replace the hardrive to the Evo 960 or just live with it?

    Is your concern the bleed in the bottom left of the screen or are you concerned with other areas? Mine looks about the same in other areas ( I dont have the bleed on the bottom left). It looks worse on camera than it does in person, I'm wondering if yours does too.
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  8. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

  9. Joker0642

    Joker0642 Member

    How lo
    Did you order from the Razer store and if so how long did it take ?

    If its anything like the late 2016 Blade it will look amazing. If you want it mainly for gaming I'd seriously consider the FHD version, save yourself a few quid. The 1060 can't handle games very well in 4k so you will have to downscale to 1080p anyway and that glare ooooohhh I don't like it. Although the touch screen is pretty sweet I wouldn't really use it that much after the novelty wears off. I'd save the cash on the screen and go for 1TB, it's great to have the extra storage for your games library.
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  10. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    I Had the QHD + Touch on my old Blade 2015, I never used the touch, since I can't stand Finger prints on my screen. For this Generation, I'll try the FullHD version and skip the High Res. I will hunt down a good 4K monitor that fit my needs and just have that at home, 14" should suffice for portable use.
  11. Joker0642

    Joker0642 Member

    Sounds like a good plan bro !
  12. fer.geraci

    fer.geraci Active Member

    I have the Killer 1535 on my MSI and to be honest, except from 1/2 , cant say it was not working. I did removed the killer network manager as soon as i got it.... i truly have no use for it...
  13. top-eagle

    top-eagle New Member

    It was the 1TB-FHD-Version, ordered around mid-week last week (Germany).

    From what i could see in the short time of testing, it looks gorgeous. have to test it for BLB etc in the time coming
  14. Joker0642

    Joker0642 Member

    Thats awesome I ordered the same one. I ordered mine on Monday to the States, so hoping it will arrive soon !
  15. sonic746

    sonic746 New Member

    Okay. I purchased 960 pro 512GB, laptop cooling pad, wireless mouse, and sleeve pouch.

    Only left one is my BLADE.

    It will be delivered to me at next Tuesday. From HK ~ US ~ and Asia again. wow.
  16. Joker0642

    Joker0642 Member

    sorry are you still waiting for your Blade ? When did you order it ? and where are you getting it delivered to sorry?
  17. Gladiatorbunny

    Gladiatorbunny New Member

    Has anyone heard about any new cases being made for the new Blade? I'm not a huge fan of the sleeve or armor case, and I'm assuming the neoprene sleeve will be too big (17"). I really liked the Razer Blade stealth sleeve- wish they made one for the regular blade.
  18. davidmthekidd

    davidmthekidd Active Member

    I can't stand the current Cases/Sleeves for the Blade 14". Please give us the stealth version :) I had to get a random 14" sleeve for my old 970m, Would like more info on this.

    oh! stupid question, has anyone consider or even tried to replace the SSD with a bigger/faster one??? I'm considering getting the 256GB ssd version and replace it with a 960 Evo 1TB. Any advice or things to consider before buying the machine???
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  19. RageDealer

    RageDealer Member

    I just received my new Razer Blade today.
    So far everything looks pretty good! The Blade is totally silent, this is such a relief for me.
    Bleed is non existant to my eyes. I just took a picture but it looks actually much worse on the picture than with my eyes. No dead/stuck pixels.
    Also I tested the 512GB drive. Based on the benchmarks, it seems to be the PM961 version (I dont know how to actually check the drive info).
    Firestrike gave 9433 at stock settings.
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2017
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  20. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    That is what I did when I bought the skylake version....easy to upgrade.
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