The New Razer Blade (7th Gen Intel i7)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Feb 13, 2017.

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    Yeah, I bought mine during the CES sale and didn't get to use it until last week because of an RMA issue. I'm still happy with it, but I don't understand the people who ordered in the last week or two when it was pretty clear a refresh was on the way. :confused_:

    I agree. I think the ram is also a little faster, but it won't make much of a difference for me.
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    That sucks man I really glad I waited but you still have a great laptop there and the difference won't be that huge so don't worry
  3. BansheeSidh

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    I hope not just the cpu has been improved...
  4. WaschBaer

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    still no light up function keys ... and razer !! FIX THE FAN !!! there is a threat complaining about the totally dumb high fan speed on idle and razer is not giving any feedback sinze months ! a new laptop wont fix the problem you guys have with the current ec firmware and fan controls given !

    watch here bevore buying a razer blade ! razer does not want to fix this problem ! and it is a problem the left fan dont need to run in 40% speed while cpu is chilling at 25°c !!!
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    From the video, I also thought smaller, but in their website pictures, it still looks the same one.
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  6. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member that's why they went OOS for a while? 16 GB DD4 RAM *⌐*
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    Are the FHD versions actually in stock? I will order one for sure if so.
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    Depends where you're coming from but I think they are in stock because they've just introduced them.
  9. Do I order one or wait for the review? Just picked up the late 2016 MBP 15 and it is a wonder of tech but mine has the speaker crackling issue so it is going back.

    Loved my Blade in the past but the one I bought from MS had multiple issues and was ultimately refunded completely. How is the quality these days on the Blades?
  10. davidmthekidd

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    when did you get that blade? I am also afraid of QC, razer's reputation is in question with the last two gen of laptops. I NEVER had anny issues with the 2015 14" Blade with 970m. Worked like a champ!
  11. ETitus

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    So this is the new new, newest new Blade? I really wish they would name the laptops.
    Or atleast call it Blade 2017 Early/Late, as Dell does with XPS series.
  12. d1337tion

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    This is what I've been waiting for... 4k Blade... Dreams really do come true.

  13. I had the 2015 model with the 970m model number RZ09-0116. It had constant issues with audio and video output. The fan noise at idle was not an issue for me and the game play was good but not being able to easily connect it to a monitor was a issue. Hardware and or software issue perhaps but for this price I am expecting more than slim, powerful and well designed. It needs to work for the long term.
  14. davidmthekidd

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    For the Price that we're paying it's gotta be PERFECT! No Flicker / no fan issues / no heating issues.....
  15. I'm not that knowledgeable when it comes to computers so I apologize for my ignorance ahead of time, but whats so special about the FHD? I tried to research up on the difference between FHD and the 4K and only thing I understood was that it doesn't play as smoothly on 4K which is the more expensive one (since it has to work harder or something with graphics?).
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    FAN ISSUE is coming. "New Razer Blade 2017" - nothing new, same issues. That's why people buy Apple - any issue like last one with battery fixing rapidly... Shame on you Razer. You guys are selling "High End Tech". If so, please provide "High End" feedback and support. Issue with fan can be fixed for during hour of your coder, just simply tweak some variable in synapse.
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  17. So I JUST got my laptop exchanged with MS yesterday... I asked if theres a new version coming out yesterday and they said they don't know and now I read this T___T.
    The only difference between the 2016 and 2017 version is that the processor is different (which according to others on here, doesnt even make that much of a difference lol), theres literally no other difference? Same size/weight/aesthetics? Not even a updated keyboard for the function keys? o__O

    Wondering if I should try to get the 2017 one and if its even worth it. What do you guys think?
  18. davidmthekidd

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    I'd get the Kaby, it can decode H264 H265 (netflix/youtube/hulu) on the chip, which means better temps and bat life. Too early to give you numbers but once a few reviews come out, it should be obvious. I would get the newer if I were you.

    Is the fan noise a software thing?
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    it is ... you can change fan speed with nbfc and when updateing the ec firmware the fan noise gets to a good ilde noise for about 20 seconds during update ... problem is nbfc causes battery detection issues and stuff ... and razer hasnt answered since 3 month .. no infos nothing... seems like they just dont care... and the new blade only has a different processor .. so you can expect the same issue ...

    on idle left fan is spinning like hell .. ( 40% on mine ) ... with a cpu temp of around 25-35 and a gpu mostly same ... thats not acceptable .. and the "reason" why it is so loud is a dumb reason ... there is no reason to make ONE fan spin so loud that you get distraced by it in idle .. even when the cpu and gpu are around 25-35°c

    so @Razer|Technokat should maybe make some things going instead of announcing a new laptop that will have same issues .. we need a fix for that ... a new laptop wont help us with the fan noise ..
  20. I really now want the Kaby cause of the better battery life. Unfortunately the MS stores do not have the 2017 in stock and they don't know when its going to come in. They gave me 2 weeks extension on my return policy after the 15th but I highly doubt its going to come into store by that time =...( Not sure what to do.