The New Razer Blade (7th Gen Intel i7)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Feb 13, 2017.

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    Seems like the new blade will be a exclusive for a few months, they Can do it since there's NO new GPU announcement from Nvidia this year let alone Intel. So the Next iteration will come Feb 2018. I think that Razer will HOG the new blades until may/june time and then handed over to MS and other 3rd party vendors.
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    i would wait .. you dont know exactly how much more batterylife it has .. it was said it could have .. but those encoding things only happen when you watch netflix and stuff .. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .. for me living in germany i could just send my device 3 times for rma and let them "fix" the fan .. and then they have to give me my money back cause they cant fix it .. even after the 14 days ... but that wont help when the new one will have the same problems .. and if it dont they should repair our devices so they work the same way or send us the download for the fix ..
  3. Damn... With MS, I have a 10% discount with my university student ID card, and that 99 dollars Microsoft complete where you can break your laptop and get a complete new one in exchange is such a good deal. I paid 2030.97 dollars with all that after tax (plus I got the 200 dollars worth of game with MS promotion). Paid 1799.00 for the laptop itself.
    Off the razer site its 2099.99 dollars before tax. Probably ganna amount up to 2300.
    Does the upgrade sound like its worth me paying about 300 dollars or so more? :\
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    I would NEVER trade the MS Store and warranty for the Razerstore. Ever.

    Especially not for more money!

    I'm putting my money where my mouth is as I'm in the same boat as you, my return window expires in two days and I'm keeping my FHD 1060 MS Store Blade.
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  5. davidmthekidd

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    in your case NO!!!!!
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    considering how much more performance the 7700 over the 6700 has and that the batterylife thing is just a guess and only applies when using the codecs .. no you payed a good price plus microsoft complete that is defenetly worth more
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    the peace of mind alone is worth the #300.00................. I don't know what to tell you, I have not purchased mines yet, so I don't have a choice, but Maybe MS would get some soon, I'll digg deeper into this......
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    I currently have the 2015/970M Blade, so far it's fine for what I am doing though dat GTX1060 and Thunderbolt 3 port is really making me want to get the latest one. But I always have this fear that I might get the faulty one similar to what happened to my 2014/870M Blade.

    And the low profile mechanical keyboard from the Blade Pro, though it's a love or hate scenario, I would like to see it with all the future Blade lineup. Also the track pad similar to the Blade Stealth/Blade Pro (as I mentioned).
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    Really confused for a second. In my company, OOS means Out of Service: don't use for show.
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    Can someone confirm that it's definitely not going to be sold by amazon? If so no blade for me.
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    After Feb 20th, vendors will start selling, slow roll out.
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    Marginally. It is not as big a jump as the 2016 Gen 1 to Gen 2 was. If you have a Gen 2, no real reason to upgrade. You already have a GTX 1060.

    The 2017 Gen 1 gets you a 4k display (no word on panel type). 1920x1080 gaming is just pixel-doubling, unlike on the older 3200x1800 display where it wasn't an even multiple of 1920x1080. I have a 2014 and a 2016 Gen 1, both with the 3200x1800 IGZO panel. Scaling 1920x1080 to fit that panel wasn't noticeable.

    Kaby Lake brings 4k Netflix as well as lower power consumption. Not a huge difference, but it is more than just power savings.

    I was hoping so as the 3200x1800 was already tiny enough. Would be good if the panel got a little bigger.

    4K requires pushing 4x the number of pixels as a 1920x1080 display. It's not that big a deal - you can set games to run at 1920x1080 instead of 3840x2160. A 4k display scales to 1920x1080 perfectly, unlike the older 3200x1800 display (though 1920x1080 on the older display looked fine to me).

    For me, the advantage of a high ppi display (3200x1800, 3840x2160) is that I can run the desktop at something like 2048x1152 and get more screen real estate rather than be stuck at 1920x1080 with no alternatives.


    As someone who has owned several Blades (the original 17", the R2, the 2013, 2014, and 2016 Gen 1 14"), I decided to step off the reservation this year. As good as the 2017 Gen 1 is, getting burned by the 2016 Gen 2 coming out so soon after the 2016 Gen 1 has left me a bit... annoyed. Intel's making noise about their 8th gen Core CPUs already and Vega's launching sometime between now and June 30th. There's enough flux in the pipeline that perhaps something special may arrive in the fall, and with how sealed the Blades are I'd rather wait and see than buy something now.

    Having said that, as a work-on-the-go laptop it's hard to argue with the 4.3lbs of the 14" Blade. If you don't own a Blade now, this is the best reason to upgrade to one so far.
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    It's available for pre-order right now. I rely on Amazon as well as I live outside US
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    Can't wait for reviews on the 4K model!

    ...then I'll grab it for 60% of the price on ebay once they get a new model out in a few months! hahaha :)
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    Does anyone have an idea when i7-7700HQ will be in the razer blade pro (uhd)? as I can see the current version already has 'low stock', with the cpu being the weakest point of that laptop (where bottlenecks would occur on games like gta because of it), it would be great to see the pro upgraded asap!
  16. davidmthekidd

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    The Blade PRO is not refreshed as often, Razer's main computer has been the 14", but, I can see a quick refresh on the PRO by summer just to update the CPU to the more efficient 7700HQ.
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    Is the fan issue simply noise polution or is it actually detremental to the longevity and performance of the machine? If its just noise then ill prob not hesitate to order one of the new models
  18. Is the fan issue simply noise polution or is it actually detremental to the longevity and performance of the machine? If its just noise then ill prob not hesitate to order one of the new models[/QUOTE]

    I have this same question for those complaining about fan noise. What is the actual decibel level of the Blade at idle? Is it above 30? I appreciate silent and would prefer the laptop be silent until absolutely required. But after all of the fan issue complaints I can't find the actual db level causing all the angst.
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    Order placed. First time I will actually be going through Razer without cancelling for Amazon or MS store. Luckily I know a guy who works on Razer Laptops who i can trust. So this time I can save the money for the warranty cost and I will still be covered. Small upgrade from my late 2016 model but I have been loving it and I am tech savy enough to figure out any early issues it may have, if any. Lets not forget the whole low FPS issue I helped sort out on the other thread, haha. Cheers!
  20. Would you be able to ask your inside friend if the exchanged laptops are all new or refurbished? I got my 2016 GTX1060 exchanged and the second one after opening looked like someone was already in the box with all the marks inside the box. It wasnt packaged very pristine either... For example there was a lot of dust trapped in the laptop plastic sealing where else my first one, was absolutely pristine, box, sealing and all. =(