The New Razer Blade (7th Gen Intel i7)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Feb 13, 2017.

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    It really isn't too bad. But the screen is also slightly looser than the one i have. Like when you move it, it has give before it tightens up if that makes any sense. So if you move it towards you and then let go.. it will fall back a half an inch before staying in place. I just have to see if Razer will allow me to return both my original and advance RMA unit for the full 5000 dollar refund plus tax. Then I will pull the trigger through Amazon.
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    @Firebat246 : That is really unfortunate. I'm sure Razer will let you RMA both defective units. I feel your pain, I still have $4400 on my CC from my defective units. Not sure if I'll just suck it up and pay vs. don't pay and incur interest vs. disputing charges with my CC company. Original refund still pending as of Feb 27. Totally not acceptable. Amazon all the way.

    If you still have your original unit up and running, try to use the flex of aluminum to your advantage. The LCD is so sensitive you can apply a minimal amount of pressure on the lid and *very* gently press at whatever angle reduces the bleed. I still had some barely visible bleed at the top of the screen that is now completely gone. You never know, maybe give it a try before returning?
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    I would suggest that you contact our Support team at regarding this.

    If you have the Blade 2016 GTX 1060 instead of the 2017 version (check your CPU in System Info to verify if you have the 6700HQ or the 7700 HQ), we have just released a firmware update to fix the fan noise:

    Please contact our Support team if you need further assistance. Thank you.
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    it's amazing how after undervolting, my fans barely come on now.
    @JLP209 @vistar

    Sorry I couldn't test it until now but I got 10173 with 165/200

    I don't use it like that though... I never go over 125, I can play the games / work well without it - man it is amazing what a difference undervolting does. My fans won't come up anymore - not even while using dual screen etc...
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    Thank you for the reply.
    It is actually the newer one with i7 7700HQ. If I don't game on it or do anything intensive then the laptop is dead silent. However if I do game on it then it gets really loud. It might be that I'm not used to seeing an ultrabook looking laptop being able to play games like Witcher 3 at respectable FPS, so I don't have any previous experience with how loud laptops can get when playing these types of games. It gets only that loud when my GPU is high 70C to 80C which is that maximum temp I saw.

    I think that other issue with 2016 was that the fans never turned off, correct?

    Anyway, I did undervolt the CPU by -155 mV and now getting around 10C lower maximum temperature, was at 86-87C before undervolting now down to about 76-77C. When I stress test CPU only (using XTU) then it isn't even at 70C after 10 minutes of testing. But when I run games GPU gets hot too so CPU gets hotter as well.

    With undervolting and everything else stock I'm getting around 9250 on Firestrike. I'm pretty happy with the in-game performance so I'm going to see if I can undervolt GPU as well.

    Edit - going to disable the link state management thing in the power options and re-run firestrike.
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    I pulled the trigger through Best Buy today. Wish me luck, fellas!
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    Hope you get a good one - I got mine from Microsoft store with intention of just trying it but it is pretty much perfect (except for the thick bezel, but oh well) so I'm probably going to keep mine. I can't believe a laptop that looks like a macbook pro 13 (and barely bigger) can have this much power... played Witcher 3 for an hour yesterday just being amazed, minus the fan noise of course, lol.
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    Nice undervolt. I ran Prime95 small ffp and XTU stress and OCCT just fine with a -150mV undervolt. Then got random BSOD at idle, go figure. Was fine at -125mV so my 24/7 setting is -120mV.

    The loud fan noise while gaming is normal. It's jarring the first time you hear it but everything's fine as you see with your temps. Correct the fan issue (was) with the late 2016 Blade. Apparently a new bios was just issued to address it. I am continuously impressed by this machine. Quad i7 and 1060, and the thing is dead silent at idle / 2D / everyday tasks. My old Lenovo X1 with an ultra low voltage dual core CPU made more noise at idle!
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    Thanks for letting me know about the noise. It first took me by surprise because I never heard laptop fans running so loud, but then I never saw other non-gaming looking laptops run Witcher 3 graciously either :)

    Do you find it necessary to undervolt GPU (in addition to CPU) to keep temperature at check?
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    No, I did not do it - you can certainly try though but it might not be necessary. The GPU runs at good temps - at least for me. It is also trickier to undervolt.
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    Isn't the GPU voltage totally locked down? There was a hack you could apply within Afterburner on the late 2016 Blade that enabled the voltage slider, but in reality nothing was changing. Unlocked GPU voltage would be great. Pascal as a whole is not modder-friendly, even desktop cards' BIOS haven't been cracked. I would NOT use another laptop's GPU BIOS with the Blade if you are even somehow able to replace the stock BIOS with Nvflash or something. You will bork the system.
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    That's what she said
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    Whats the return Policy for laptops via amazon? also, any idea on their Extra Coverage?
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    I think google or amazons website might be a good source of information for that
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    Duh, I Wanted to know if anyone here had a bad experience with amazon like I just went through with Razer. Yuck..................................
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    you asked about the return policy, and the extra coverage...not the return experience and peoples opinions on it and how it went with them. now that people know that you want...hopefully someone can help. or i know for a fact that people have commented on this thread already about returning their amazon blades due to bleed. read all 54 pages and its there somewhere :)
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    @Katana smart ass.

    @davidmthekidd is great. they'll back their sells 100 percent. just make sure you buy from Amqzon Llc , not a third party. they changed mine overnight no questions asked. have a perfect one now.
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    @davidmthekidd Amazon sends your replacement even before you ship your defective unit back. You will just be checking a box saying you agree to be charged if you do not send it back.
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