The New Razer Blade (7th Gen Intel i7)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Feb 13, 2017.

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    Wow, that's kinda bullshit right there if the Kaby Lake is near silent.
    I also saw on reddit that there's an auto mode for fan speed on synapse for the new blade as well.

    I bought the late 2016, just shy of a month and a half from amazon. At the time there was no news of a refresh and the announcement came out of nowhere. Even though it was speculated by forum posts. But officially there was no heads up notice or a timely announcement.

    I'm gonna try and bug amazon.
  2. Firebat246

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    That was only like half hour of usage so I would give it some time and see what I come up with after several hours of use. I have so much more to do with this bad boy.

  3. Thank you for running some numbers. I just picked up the 1060 QHD and the fans are irritating like others have stated. I have a couple of weeks to make a decision to keep or refund it. I do want the high-res screen so I didn't pick up the Kaby FHD.

    I think I am one of many who are interested in learning more about the fan noise at idle. It is such a small thing but when the Blade shuts down you hear sweet silence. If the fans end up quiet like you noted then maybe I will have to rough it for a few weeks until the 4k models come out.
  4. JLP209

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    Very curious if there is CPU throttling as significant as the Skylake 1060 Blade. If not, combined with silent fans at idle I may be sold on Kaby. Thanks @Firebat246 !
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    They certainly refined the CPU with Kaby, still undecided between the 14" Blade or the Stealth... Decisions...... -__-
  6. Firebat246

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    Couple small updates for you guys. I would have more but I only just got to sit down and fire Kaby back up. So the new fan controls are really nice. I have left it on auto and it manages heat really nice during idle and web browsing. Kicks in just a tad every once in a while to cool it down then gets really quiet almost silent. Also so far I hear ZERO coil wine. Can hopefully thank intel for this since it was a chip issue and not with Razer alone. My last 2 blades has coil wine so I am really happy to have that gone finally. Speakers seems on par with the Sky blade.. still not as loud as my 970m Blade was but they are still crisp and decent quality for the size.

    I am installing crystal mark to test the drive speeds of the 1tb. I know it is a samsung drive for sure. Also installing all my Blizzard games before I put steam on the machine. More to come.
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  7. FearLezZ1990

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    Nice to hear that. Hopefully every kaby Balde is like that :D
  8. Very glad to hear that the fan issue seems resolved.
    I am now ordering my New RB FHD 512GB.
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    sweet for you guys ... but the "fix" they provided one guy .. with a new bios version to update does not help my device .. left fan still spinning like hell .. i can controll it down via nbfc but synapse wont do it -.-
    dangit razer ... for the coilwhine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: look if they have changed the max cpu power to 99% silently under energy saver options .. hoping no one notice that :D cause this fixes coilwhine for most people :D

    seems like the fix with the 2.0 bios will reduce coilwhine on the 6700 i7 models ! only the fan hasnt changed .. but thats defenetly an ec update problem .. ( the fans are controlled by the ec )
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  10. JLP209

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    So tempted to just screw it and pull the trigger today. My Sky Blade w/ 2 year Microsoft warranty is the same as dealing with Razer because they'd need to send it to Razer anyway. I just checked Razer site and still they only show the 1 year warranty. Has anyone called Razer after the purchase to add a 2nd year of coverage?
  11. davidmthekidd

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    Does Razer sell additional coverage for the Blades?
  12. Firebat246

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    Doing some more testing today guys. I will say the Fans continued to operate great at idle and during small tasks. In gaming was definitely interesting. In auto mode the fans allowed to laptop to get much hotter than my Sky Blade before blasting at max rpm. At one Point my CPU hit 84c but it wasn't until the gpu hit 80c that the fans really went airplane mode. I did not see any throttling at all and did not test fans under the high setting yet.

    Played a heroes of the storm match. On my Sky Blade I would sometimes see drops to 40ish fps but I am happy to report the Kaby Blade kept a solid 60fps from start to finish. I also always noticed kind of jittery feeling gameplay with just that game on my Sky. This was not the case with Kaby. I also played about 20 minutes of WoW and noticed slightly better performance with the same settings. I generally max everything out in any game. WoW I just lower view distance and run render resolution at 150% instead of 175-200. WoW isn't super optimized so that's no surprise there. Even my 4000 dollar desktop can't maintain 60fps in 8k res in certain areas of that game.

    To be continued. If I own any games anyone wants me to guarantee I have them but I will gladly test what I do just shoot me suggestions. Gonna run some firestrike tests shortly. I have included my crystal mark scores as well.

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  13. JLP209

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    I thought you can buy a 2nd year but the price is obscene. Like $200 or so.

    You the man. Seems like they let the CPU stretch its legs more with Kaby vs. Sky. I'm sold on this. Thanks for your testing.
  14. davidmthekidd

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    Would love to know how it performs with Battlefield 3 /4 / 1, any of those will suffice.
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  15. Firebat246

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    I have Battlefield 1 I will test today for you :)

    Here is a quick FS score for you guys. This was with a 190/400 OC on GPU. I managed to get 19th place out of all 7700HQ/1060 Machines currently posted. Not too shabby if you ask me!
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  16. JLP209

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    That is fantastic, exactly what I wanted to see. Order placed. :big_grin_::big_grin_::big_grin_:
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    To refresh my memory from the other thread that had like 2000 pages ;) ... what was the best graphics score you were able to get with the 2016 model?

    If I remember correctly, many people had under 9000. So they seem to have fix something here ...
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    wow, those Specsa are nice man, you can def VR on that machine :)
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  19. Quikie

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    What where you average temps during firestrike and during wow is the laptop quiet or is it max fan?
  20. JLP209

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    The physics score with the Kaby Blade is what really pleases me. Even with OC the Skylake Blade was between 9400 and 9600. A score of 10,400 means that they have not throttled the CPU like the Skylake version. Correct?

    The best score I got on mine with OC is about 9500 overall score.