The new Razer Blade - Powerful. Portable. Perfect.

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Sep 2, 2016.

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  1. DKtoss

    DKtoss New Member

    That's awesome. I can definitely appreciate the form factor and performance of the blade as I bring my laptop with me everywhere I go; the aesthetics matter, at least for me.

    I love my stealth, I just need a bit more power.
  2. EliteMars

    EliteMars Member

    For the people who don't have one (yet):
    First Unboxing on youtube:
    And first review:
    (not my vids btw)
  3. Gahurissant

    Gahurissant Member

  4. Gahurissant

    Gahurissant Member

    So I don't know what's going on but I have no news from Razer regarding my preorder and when I look at my order status, I got access to another order (different model and different order number)

    So what the hell is happening? =O

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  5. Jeena90

    Jeena90 New Member

    Click on view order history, it should be in the list. The reason this shows up because it might have been a recent order that u tried to submit (which is unsubmitted by the way).
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  6. Gahurissant

    Gahurissant Member

    Thanks I see, I actually tapped wrong on my phone yesterday, added that model on my cart by mistake and totally forgot about it, but it weirded me out. I guess that the long wait is starting to worry me a bit =)
  7. Nephelim

    Nephelim New Member

    Is having a touch-screen on a Laptop that much of a game changer? I remember (and this might be dating myself) when Microsoft first put a wheel in mice and people were all "pssssh! Why?" until they used one and never looked back. Is a Touch Screen on a Laptop a similar experience, or is it more "neat toy?" I ask because the increased resolution is not an immediate "must have" for me, but if having a touch display on a laptop is that "disruptive" in a futurist sense, then I am sold.
  8. Gahurissant

    Gahurissant Member

    Touch screens are neat, I got a Surface Pro 4 and it's pretty damn nice to have it =)
    Though, for precision tasks, you will want to use a mouse or a touchpad.

    Now, the Higher resolution is more of a bummer for me (a lot of software that I use are not scaling well with High DPI screens and are a real pain in the butt to use on my Surface).

    But the main issue I have with touchscreen on laptops (the main reason why I went for the FHD and why I'm still waiting for Razer to send me my god damn blade preordered on day one, hour one (or two maximum), is that touchscreen are always glossy screens. And on a laptop that you want to be able to use on the go and in a lot of different situation, glossy screens are a real killer for me. I just can't stand the glare. Sure it looks nicer and more premium, but it's a real pain to deal with glare.

    So for me, touchscreens, despite how fun it is to use them, are still not convenient enough for a laptop.

    But it all comes down to personal preferences.
  9. brightcinder

    brightcinder Member

    To me, the touchscreen is a negative. More power, (slightly) less clarity, holding my arm out to interact with stuff is a nuisance. And I don't like fingerprints on my screen, so why would I want a UI that involves touching it?

    That said, I got the QHD+ Blade and just disabled the touchscreen. It's a nice screen, and I wanted the higher resolution for photo editing.
  10. Yeppers

    Yeppers Member

    Up for sale new unopened Razer Core and The New Razer Blade - QHD+ (512GB). Purchased for a work computer but shipping took to long so I had to order something else, so the Blade, Core combo are no longer needed. I am just looking to get what I paid see pricing breakdown below.

    New Razer Blade - QHD+ (512GB)- US$2,299.99 + Tax $184 = $2483.99
    Razer Core - $399 + Tax $33.99 = $431.99
    Prices above do not include shipping.

    PM me if you are interested.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2016
  11. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Amazing laptop, keyboard, cpu and everything.

    With it comes the only downside, the price. Way to much out of my price range.
  12. so ive been playing with the 1tb version today and have not seen the temps go over 80c. Was playing ark on high setting getting an average of 45 fps while plugged in at 1920x1200. also the write and read speeds seem to be really good compared to the smaller drives. 2016-10-20 (2).jpg 2016-10-20 (1).jpg
  13. Is yours FHD? What battery life do you get on normal uses and light tasks?
  14. I'm running a test now, on power saver mode and playing youtube videos with keyboard lights on lowest brightness. The screen is qhd+ at 40 percent. I was going to go with full hd but i really wanted the touch screen. I use it a lot when laying in bed or other non table places. also, the boot takes about 9 seconds which is great.
  15. storyeasyDiamond241

    storyeasyDiamond241 New Member

    Can it handle running things at native resolution? And are you noticing any issues (sharpness) running at 1080p considering that's not an even reduction for it? Apparently 900p is a better drop down for 1800p screen. thnx
  16. XarockX

    XarockX Member

    To run at native resolution you would have to turn the graphics down pretty low to achieve any kind of a decent frame rate. Tried running Ark on epic @ 1080 and was only able to get 20-25FPS.
  17. storyeasyDiamond241

    storyeasyDiamond241 New Member

    Thank you for your reply. I am now massively confused why people who are buying this for gaming (and are going to have to run things in 1080p) aren't ordering the 1080p screen. Wouldn't things perform and look better on the screen that is running at its native resolution vs one running at a resolution that it doesn't scale well to? Won't the edges be softer etc on the QHD+ @ 1080p?
  18. XarockX

    XarockX Member

    A lot of people, myself included, use our laptops for much more than just gaming. I switched to the Blade from a retina MacBook Pro and do a fair amount of video editing and I use my laptop to watch a lot of content while traveling for work. I personally prefer the higher resolution when doing non-gaming tasks on the laptop and dont really have any issues with playing games at a lower 1080p resolution. Plus you can run many games at the native resolution, just not most of the AAA titles.
  19. storyeasyDiamond241

    storyeasyDiamond241 New Member

    What kind of games can play at native with high settings? Are we talking WoW or something like CSGO or D3? Sorry for the # of questions
  20. XarockX

    XarockX Member

    CSGO, Overwatch, Rocket League just to name a few that I know will work good. I dont play WoW but ive heard that after the last expansion the graphics got a pretty big update so I dont think it would run at native resolution without turning down the graphics settings. And I sure there are a good amount of other good games that will run well I just havent played them.
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