The New Razer Blade Stealth | Intel Quad-Core Processor

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Deleted member 368765, Oct 17, 2017.

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  1. OlafJCapan

    OlafJCapan New Member

    Now this does look like a mad laptop, hype!
    Anyone know the Hz on the qhd display? Couldn't see it in the specs section.
  2. nexti

    nexti Active Member

    looks sick! :)
  3. CrimsonAssassin

    CrimsonAssassin Active Member

    i would like to have one but I'm too broke
  4. Remanuel94

    Remanuel94 Member

    This is so beautiful! if i had enough money, I would definitely buy this.
    Next razer purchase will be the Goliathus chroma extended :D
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  5. PwndaSlam

    PwndaSlam Member

    I need a new laptop, but I need money if I want it.
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  6. DynxTheLynx

    DynxTheLynx New Member

    Its too bad I dont have enough money for anything lmao
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  7. PwndaSlam

    PwndaSlam Member

    Just need to save up a little more money
  8. UR RIGHT!!!!!
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  9. B1129

    B1129 New Member

    OML, time to steal a new laptop :)
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  10. is the logo on the gunmetal version chroma, glow at all, or just a decal?
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  11. Gibson7

    Gibson7 Well-Known Member

    just any laptop? ;)
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  12. 4ofDeath

    4ofDeath New Member

    We just bought this and I absolutely love it. It is a gorgeous laptop.
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  13. kiriyama68

    kiriyama68 New Member

    Has there been any development/discussion regarding a possible trade up program to make upgrading for current owners like myself more affordable? I have a 2015 stealth that I've had no issues with however I do like to try and stay up to date with my electronics but I can't just drop the cash for a brand new laptop top or rely on shady craigslist deals etc.
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  14. I played around with my friend stealth and liked it. One thing bother me though and that was the adaptive back lighting changes on the screen. When on a dark web page the screen would get darker and on a webpage with a white background it would get brighter. I had to constantly manually adjust brightness and it was frustrating to no end. Does Razor allow this to be turned off in the Bios like Dell does?
  15. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    There’s night light setting that you can choose automatically or adjust manually on setting, doesn’t need go to Bios.
  16. Mylesmata

    Mylesmata New Member

    I LOVE my Razer Blade Stealth. It's my first Razer product, but definitely won't be my last.
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  17. justin.obreja

    justin.obreja New Member

    Hi everyone - I'm new to razer.
    I brought the razer blade stealth (quad core) with core V2 and a GTX 1080.
    I needed a ultrabook for mobility (out of the office) but also needed the Core V2 as I work a lot in GIS / CAD environments.
    I've tried different settings for battery - but can't seem to have juice for more than 4 hours.
    Am I doing something wrong ? Maybe some of you cand help me with a set-up (litterally all battery settings) ?
    I saw that my old XPS (9370 - i7 8th gen) - even if it's not that old and has only 52Whr is doing much better (8-9 hours ) than the razer blade stealth which has 53.6Whr ....
    Can someone help ???
  18. MarkyMark619

    MarkyMark619 New Member

    Going into power options and advanced settings, my stealth is set up as follows.
    PI= Plugged In
    Hard disk turn off: Battery-(10min) / PI-(20min)
    Internet Explorer (Timer Frequency): Battery-Max Power Savings / PI- Max Performance
    Desktop Background (SlideShow): Battery-Paused / PI-Paused
    Wireless Adapter Settings: Battery- Max Power Savings / PI- Max Perf.
    (Sleep After): Battery- 5min / PI- 15min
    (Allow Hybrid Sleep): Battery- On / PI- Off
    (Hibernate After): Battery- 15min / PI- Never
    (Allow Wake Timers): Battery- Disable / PI- Important Wake Timers Only
    USB settings (Selective suspend): Battery- Enabled / PI- Enabled
    Intel Graphics Settings (Power Plan): Battery- Max Battery / PI- Max Perf.
    Power Buttons and lid: Whatever's convenient (doesn't really impact battery life)
    PCIe: Battery- Max Power Savings / PI-Off
    Processor Power Management
    (Parking Min Cores): Battery- 100% / PI- 100%
    (Minimum Processor State): Battery- 0% / PI- 0%
    (System cooling policy): Battery-Active / PI- Active
    *Note: you can change on battery to passive but it might get be a lot warmer for longer its more for preference
    (Max Processor State): Battery-85% / PI- 100%
    (Turn Off After): Battery- 1min / PI-5min
    (Display Brightness): Battery- (Nothing over 50-60%) / PI- Whatever
    (Dimmed Display Brightness): Battery- 25% / PI- 50%
    (Adaptive Brightness): Battery- On / PI- Off
    Multimedia Settings
    (Sharing Media): Battery- Allow computer to sleep / PI- Allow computer to enter away mode
    (Video Playback Bias): Battery- Power-Saving Bias / PI- Performance Bias
    (When Playing Video): Battery- Optimize Power Savings / PI- Optimize Video Quality
    Battery Settings: Set to own preference for all.

    Also another note, to keep battery life maxed out, be sure to change the battery setting on the taskbar to battery saver mode when switching to battery and also turn off the keyboard backlight if possible as that also uses up a lot of juice. I get around 7-8 hours with light work and web browsing on average. Maybe even with watching Netflix here or there. If you watch video try to plug in headphones to get maybe like 30 min more up time. I also went into themes in windows settings and changed everything so all Microsoft things have a dark theme. Idk if that actually helps cause the screens not oled but it helps me keep the brightness down. I can get close to 9-10 hours if I'm only editing word documents and doing barely anything online but only do that worst case scenario and you need to get something done. And unless the wifi is really spotty and it has trouble finding a network you don't need to worry about going on airplane mode, it doesn't really do much at least on the stealth.
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  19. justin.obreja

    justin.obreja New Member

    Thank you for your reply. I will try your set-up and get back to you. I only wish my Stealth cand get to 8 hours ...
  20. MarkyMark619

    MarkyMark619 New Member

    Of Course!! Btw you might also save some power by limiting the stuff that runs in the background when you start the laptop. To do this go into task manager and go to startup and turn everything off that you don't need. I just leave on Synapse and Cortex (If you have that installed). Also I went into settings, personalization and into taskbar and I turned off the people one cause I think it sends requests to see if people are online even if you don't use it. Idk if it impacts it but I hope that some of these tips helped! Let me know if there's anything that you find, I'm always looking for how to extend battery life!
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