The New Razer Blade Stealth OR The New Razer Blade

Discussion in 'Systems' started by bt101, Nov 25, 2016.


Best Laptop For My Needs?

  1. The New Razer Blade Stealth (512GB QHD)

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  2. The New Razer Blade (256GB Full HD)

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  1. bt101

    bt101 New Member

    Hi All, New here.

    Looking to buy a Razer laptop this winter. I'll be honest, i'm probably fairly Naive compared to you guys with regard to gaming systems.

    I have a budget of around £1500 - and my main demands are to do serious CAD and Engineering program work - as thats my job.

    All the razer products are portable enough for me, so thats fine by me.

    For the money I have, I'm either looking at;

    The New Razer Blade Stealth - 512GB version QHD


    The New Razer Blade - 256GB version Full HD (which is just OVER budget)

    Now as far as I know, the Blade has a quad core processor and in built graphics as the only 2 main differences....other then obvious sizing and screen.... what i want you guys to advise me on is whether this would be worth the price jump for what i want??

    I don't game - this is purely for Solidworks and other CAD on the go ?

  2. Sindoras

    Sindoras Member

    so you only need a work laptop, and not a gaming possibility ?
    definitely go for the stealth.
    The blade is a work machine with built in gaming hardware.
    If you dont need that you get for the same price a better screen (qhd+), better colours and a touchscreen. It is also a bit smaller and lighter, while still having enough cpu power and ram to manage everything your workday needs. (except video editing and stuff)

    The blade would be an option if you like gaming once in a while ;)

    Go with the stealth i would say.
    And you can still get the core later if you're in the need of gaming
  3. bt101

    bt101 New Member

    Thanks for the advice - I use photoshop and CAD often so it needs a fair amount of RAM ... do you think this editing stuff would require the extra power the blade has ??? Or would the stealth handle this well?
  4. Sindoras

    Sindoras Member

    I think the stealth should handle photoshop quite well, since 16gb ram are in the blade as in the stealth.

    Concerning Cad i cant tell you, i have never used it and to be honest i dont even know what it is :D

    But please keep in mind that i dont often use photoshop so im in no way an expert in requirements ^^
  5. Ripper2909

    Ripper2909 Member

    I'm sending this message from my Stealth.. So I would say.. STEALTH !!!
  6. 27SilentChaos

    27SilentChaos Active Member

    Razer blade bro, nuff said.
  7. bt101

    bt101 New Member

  8. Atom6ix_no_id

    Atom6ix_no_id New Member

    I guess I should chime in, because I actually do work in the programs you are speaking of, as well as work in Sketchup and Fusion360 as well. I would go with the big boy, the Razer Blade, because dedicated graphics. You will be kicking yourself in the ass on a regular basis if you don't have a dedicated GPU for the work that you are looking to do.

    This will be even more apparent if you ever render your work as a final mock up, which I am assuming in the future you will want to do. When it came to it, I actually canceled my Stealth order and re-ordered the Blade even though it was an extra $600 because I really do need that extra power on-board.

    If you are thinking you will get the core later, why not just bite the bullet now and get the Blade, considering you will be spending that on the core in the long run anyhow?

    I hope my bit helped.
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  9. Atom6ix_no_id

    Atom6ix_no_id New Member

    BTW, have a dedicated GPU is not only for gaming these days but for 3D work, number crunching, intensive processes that are actually better done using a GPU, rather than your CPU and so on, and so forth. I actually rely on the GPU more than 75% of the time on applications and processes that have nothing to do with gaming ;)
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  10. bt101

    bt101 New Member

    So helpful! I render on a regular basis and hadn't considered how intensive that would be in 3D - i didnsome extra research and now i know soldiworks renders take up multiple cores too so a quad core processor looks better for this also. I think you are right, I was considering getting the core but this would be ready to rock ...

    I think you might be right, for the extra cash it looks like a better long-term investment.

    Thanks for the advice all - but this tipped it for me I think
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  11. pmai7

    pmai7 Active Member

    Glad you made your choice, I probably would've gone for the Blade if I were in your situation too. Enjoy!
  12. 27SilentChaos

    27SilentChaos Active Member

    I think Atomsix took the words out of my mouth. Haha, sorry for the late reply though. Enjoy the Bladeee! :D
  13. Atom6ix_no_id

    Atom6ix_no_id New Member

    I just received my Blade today, have to say this is the perfect laptop IMO, I came from have a Macbook Pro 13.3 and a Macbook Pro 15. I used the 15 for DJing and doing light duty 2D and 2.5D work in VCarve for my CNC machine. I used my 13.3 on the go and handling light website work and Etsy store maintenance etc. I have to say that now that I have the Blade in my hands and having updated it to Windows Pro, I can use this for everything that both of my Macbooks previously handled and more. I could not be happier at this point. If anyone has any other questions such as if it will do THIS, or THAT, let me know and I will see if I can accommodate that need. I am also shrinking the volume of the 512 and loading some Kali Linux on it as well, why not? Since the left side USB ports are right next to each other, it also means i can power my wifi pineapple without a hub or any other BS. This thing is a dream on so many levels.
  14. pillowism

    pillowism Active Member

  15. Reg3e

    Reg3e Member

    I own a RBS 7500U, and I run CAD a lot as well for my line of profession (mainly Solidworks for designing robot arm parts). As far as my experiences go, the RBS is amazing for it's portability + running windows, meaning plenty of compability with engineering softwares and IDE such as Arduino. However, I'd like to point out I mainly use my RBS for CAD previewing and light editing. Whenever serious work is needed to be done involving panning around, simulating motion or similar, I have a desktop for that. That said, RBS is still amazing to carry your work around to university, office and work site.

    PS: If you plan to use the device as your main workstation, I suggest forking out the extra money to quest the Blade 14 for its quad-core. You'll need it.
  16. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    I would say Blade, as GPUs can be nice in CAD and the Quad-Core i7 will help in any rendering. Blade Pro would be the best, of course, but it is way our of budget for you, or almost anyone for that matter.
  17. ChoklatStu

    ChoklatStu New Member

    I purchased a Stealth, I use mine for Software development and very light gaming. It feels solid and is a great weight. I love it. having some issues that may require an RMA but that's just how things roll sometimes.

    Either way, I took a bunch of pictures of the Stealth. Feel free to check them out:

    If you really need the power and this is to be your machine for everything, I would pack lunch for a few weeks and get the Blade, if you have a backup desktop and don't game and want to stay in budget get the Stealth.

    The Blade is only 2mm thicker than the Stealth and about 1 inch in width and .5in in height. It comes down to money vs needs.
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