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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Deleted member 368765, Jun 14, 2017.

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  1. Yeah, I was curious just how much it could do because I wanted something for video production plus the power for gaming and portablility. Plus it looks so nice! Maybe I should save a bit more for the core and a graphics card as well. Or yeah I'll look at the blade as well. The 2017 refresh looks pretty good, with the GTX1060 so yeah. Thanks for your input @ThirdDegreePun , appritiate it.
  2. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    No worries :) It does depend on how much you have, but my Blade has served me well so far. It runs overwatch on max settings at has a steady 72FPS, and it works well with audio editing and making games in Unity. It will have absolutely no problems with video editing and you won't have to worry about splashing out that extra on a core and graphics card. I've got the 2016 GTX 1060 model and it's great, I wouldn't necessarily say the 2017 refresh with the 7th Gen processor was necessarily worth the extra couple of hundred for what you get, but you might not have much choice in that matter, unless you find a bargain somewhere of someone wanting to get rid of their earlier model :)

    If you have any other questions about either laptop feel free to message me, I'm more than happy to help you out if I can at all! I feel like I've built up enough experience now to be able to lend some support if you need any help making a decision or have specific queries :)
  3. Yeah, I haven't seen an ultrabook on the market with DD4 ram, really not sure why.
  4. shadowgalaxy

    shadowgalaxy New Member

    the stealth is a great laptop. Though one thing about it is its graphics card. (I know that laptop graphics cards aren't really graphics cards) Maybe add something better next time?
  5. The stealth is NOT a laptop meant for gaming. It is an ultrabook. It's meant for school, and work stuff etc. When paired with the core, it can game pretty well. But if you want a laptop with a gaming level graphics card in it, look at the blade.
  6. eJonny

    eJonny New Member

    Very well said. But even when paired with a core, because of thermal throttling, it might not be a solution that works well for gaming. has a great Youtube video that explains why: .
  7. Yeah, other benchmarks I've seen on the stealth paired with core showed about a 10 - 15% decrease in performance over a desktop.
  8. TARDIS737

    TARDIS737 New Member

    Any idea when this New Blade Stealth will be available in Australia? Looks really good!
  9. Trumpetman147

    Trumpetman147 New Member

    It's an amazing laptop but I just wish the pricing wasn't so expensive or even overpriced. Sadly i can find and a better laptop for the same price most likely or even build a better pc with he price.
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  10. 12345RazeBlaides

    12345RazeBlaides New Member

    wow! looks amazing!!! (:blush:)
  11. BaffTech

    BaffTech New Member

    Hi, I don't know if you can answer those questions but I'm taking my try :)
    - Do you know if the wifi card (killer one I assume?) is miracast compatible?
    - Did you notice any noise in normal usage (I mean out of gaming)? You porbably would not be able to compare to a XPS 13 but as it's really very quiet (fans are only lightly audible on heavy charge), I am a little worried about potential noise with those visible fans when turning the Razer Blade Stealth down.
    - Regarding battery life, is it comparable with the i7 4K 12,5 inch one? Is it better? Worse?
    Thanks in advance for your kind feedbacks.
  12. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    Hey! I can answer some of them :)
    - In terms of Miracast I don't really use it, so I can't say. It depends exactly on what you're trying to do, and there's plenty of work arounds such as a chromecast etc. if it doesn't work for what you're trying. My experience with WiFi has been...unfortunate. I think there's something going on with my setup which doesn't like wifi on my computers, both my Blade and Blade Stealth have had a very similar issue which sometimes goes away. It's been fine for the past several months until about 2 days ago where now overwatch isn't working for no apparent reason. Some people don't like the killer software suite, in my experience it hasn't had any impact really and you can remove it fairly easily if you don't like it. So in terms of wifi use you should be fine, and if you're not you are able to get a replacement/refund through support which is also getting better.

    - With the Stealth it runs fairly quietly when not doing anything demanding. The fans weren't always silent, but they weren't overly audible either. If you literally have nothing open you could only hear it if you bring the computer to your ear. Whilst gaming however expect them at full. With the Blade the fans were a lot more noticeable, they had them set to a minimum speed which was very loud, but that has since been fixed with an update and now I only hear them when doing demanding things/using the GTX1060. So overall I'd rate the fans as pretty good, they're not going to annoy you whilst doing anything productive, I haven't used an XPS13 anywhere outside of an in-store demonstration so I can't offer a direct comparison, but I'd wager they'd be very similar.

    - I got about 5.5 hours battery life doing productivity on my Stealth, but it was much less when running anything a bit more demanding. It estimated it had about 3 hours whilst I was using FL Studio (which you get for free with it!) and also using WiFi at the same time. I'm always pretty paranoid about battery life and so nearly always end up bringing a charger with me, although I didn't need to use it personally for what I was doing with my Stealth. I wouldn't expect super long battery life unless you've really optimised all your settings and are just in word docs etc. As to a comparison with the 4K screen I can't say for sure. 4K panels use a bit more power, but the difference would probably only end up being ~30mins. As to this new 13.5 inch vs the 12 inch again hard to tell. I'd rely on youtubers/reviews for that as they'll have a bunch of proper tests and benchmarks and you can compare them to past ones under the same conditions, rather than my vague estimations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Um, hope that helps a bit :)
  13. BaffTech

    BaffTech New Member

    Thanks a lot for those answers!
    Hmmmmm, quite difficult for me to make a choice. I really love that design and the new 13.3 Stealth is looking like my ideal laptop.
    The Miracast is not a big deal even if I don't understand why they are putting this killer card which seems to be quite unstable... If it's not miracast compatible, I'm ok but if it fails down suddenly, that's more annoying. Probably not very difficult to have it changed but I don't see the point of modifying internals of a computer you just bought :slightly_sad:

    For the two other points, it I wish I could see and hear by myself before buying. With the XPS 13, I really don't hear any fan in normal usage, even with sticking to the laptop with my ears. And that's very comfortable. I know that the Thinkpad I'm using at work are much more audible and that's terrible (but they don't have SSD either, doesn't help...)
    Regarding the battery life, I believe the XPS 13 goes to ~ 7 hours in light usage, I'm pretty sure the Stealth is less but I'm still uncertain that would bother me a lot or not. Probably not that much as I essentially use at home but that's a psychologic question for me I think :)

    I'm searching for video reviews indeed but so far only light unboxing, that's why I'm very curious. I eally want to love it but as it is only remote sales and no aftersales services possibility (in France), I would want to be sure I won't be (too much) disappointed, especially when everybody keeps telling that XPS 13 is the best in this category and already own it...

    Maybe one more question, and I'll stop bother you with my very personal questions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    Appart from miracast miroring, do you know if you can browse the computer contents from a smart TV for example, thanks to DLNA?

    Many thanks again for answering and hope to see comments from other owners to grow an opinion :)
  14. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    No worries! I know a few people swapped out the Killer for an Intel Wifi Card in Blades in particular, but I think for the most part it should be fine. It is one of the internals you can reach I'm fairly sure, and there'll be plenty of online stuff about it particularly if it was annoying to people :)

    Yeah that's always tricky when you can't experience a laptop yourself. I'm in Australia and the only chance I really had to experience a Stealth when I was checking them out was at PAX AU, where they had a stand, even if there wasn't much going on there really. I was able to at least see them and play around a bit to get an idea of the form and sound of what I was looking for.
    Yeah I mean it does depend a lot on what exactly you want this laptop for. If you already have an XPS 13 I do wonder what's prompting you to change? I'm assuming you have an XPS 13 which is a couple of years old now and so has maybe an older processor or less RAM? The two laptops are very similar in many ways, main differences being aesthetic to be honest. I was tossing up between an XPS or Blade/Stealth for a bit, but after trying out the XPS I found I actually didn't like the texture they have for the palm rest, and I didn't really like the styling of the display either which is a very odd complaint to have given it's most of what attracts people to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    In terms of reviews you should be fine with any of the older ones really, the only thing that changed in this revision of the stealth was the screen size and the possible finishes, so for Fan Noise and other stuff most reviews should give you a fairly accurate indication. Like I said, maybe just assume battery might be slightly less (max 30 mins) but the difference may be entirely negligable.

    I personally like Lisa from MobileTechReviews videos, they're very indepth. Dave2D is also decent.

    I guess it'd be useful if you outlined what you're hoping to improve upon with this purchase vs what you currently have. If you're getting it to perform better in games it's worth noting it won't really perform much differently to your XPS unless you're getting the Core too thanks to GPU bottlenecks.

    I don't really have much experience with this kind of stuff. I generally don't really use it, I have other ways of watching or mirroring which I tend to use. As useful as they can be, I've found often that the limitations of streaming outweigh the convenience they provide for me. So again if there isn't native support for it I'm sure it's pretty easy to get a peripheral which can allow it, and it depends on what parts of that ecosystem you have already. I have streamed music from my laptop to my Xbox by way of example, but that's just natively supported in windows and just requires you to be on the same network. As far as my knowledge went DLNA and Miracast are more software based than hardware, so long as you're sharing networks and you've got a good setup at home, you should be fine?
  15. CR3WWE

    CR3WWE New Member

    Damn that looks so good
  16. BaffTech

    BaffTech New Member

    That's pretty must about that: the aesthetics. I'm quite happy with the Dell XPS 13 (not too much old, it's from mid 2015), but as you said, I never really liked the texture of the palmrest (everywhere I see reveiws pointing out the fingerprint magnetness of the Stealth but this texture of the XPS13 is a nightmare, it attracts fingerprints but also every particul of oil that could possibly be in the room it seems :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).
    I also have some (probably the counterpart of good autonomy) regular wifi disconnections when getting in standby and sometimes I'm forced to restart the wifi card to get it work again, which is bad as I don't switch it off many often.
    I don't really need more power but anyway that would be a switch from i5 and 8 Gb RAM to a newer i7 and 16 Gb RAM, so that would be a benefit in this sense.
    I won't play much with it but somehow have the hope to be able running the wicher 2 for example so that it is playable in low details (which is not possible with my current laptop).
    The thin bezels and so on are really attractive (and were one of the points I bought this XPS 13) but I have the feeling I need to see something else, and, it might sound very dummy, but I don't like the fact the bottom bezel is far thicker than the 3 other ones, the Stealth is more "symetric" :)

    Two of my favorites as well, Dave was one of those who grew me on those Razer Stealth indeed :)

    To be honest, as I said, the XPS 13 is ok with my needs, excepts for some very minor points, but, as for smartphones, I like to get new stuff that is more unique to my mind. Don't really wand to upgrade but more have something else that is at least equivalent.
    I know, I'll be loosing on the battery life in any way but as I don't see Razer proposing a core i5 with non touch lower res screen in 13,3, I assume I will have to deal with that if I really want something more "unlike".
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  17. ThirdDegreePun

    ThirdDegreePun Well-Known Member

    Get a skin if you do get a stealth or blade, it's a lifesaver!

    Those wifi issues sound like a pain...wifi is so annoying when it doesn't work me, I'm more than experienced when it comes to WiFi pain now haha.

    Also yeah you would be getting a little boost in RAM and processor, but it does really depend on where the bottleneck is for the Witcher 2. I know the third is pretty art asset heavy so it'd struggle, not sure on the second. A shame Windows hasn't yet rolled out it's new GPU monitoring feature which is being added to task manager, would be super useful for situations like this, you could just hit CTRL-SHIFT-ESC and see exactly where it's causing you pain. Although you could do that now and see if your CPU is maxed or if it isn't.

    Yeah I think it is the lack of symmetry which I don't like about the XPS in the end. You really get used to tuning out bezels, or anything really pretty quickly, but things being uneven or unsymmetrical will always bug me a bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    And yeah Razer doesn't tend to like sacrificing specs too much. THe 13 inch is very limited as it is now in what configurations you can get it in, and also you don't get Chroma :slightly_sad:
  18. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I hope they discontinue the 12,5 model and put all stealth line to 13,3 screen so poeple can get around €1000 for base gunmetal one, like before. I think for me or maybe some people, we don't need too high specs in an ultrabook. I would pay more than €1600 for Gunmetal one if they add chroma keyboard and Iris pro on it.
  19. x8oN3zX

    x8oN3zX New Member

    This model looks great but I would never buy it. The etching is nice and gunmetal is a sleek look but I really like the pure black color that is on the first few generations. I don't see a razer laptop without chroma or some type of colored lighting as truly being razer. This is part of what makes razer different than other brands.
  20. BaffTech

    BaffTech New Member

    Actually, the black color (with Chroma) is still available for this model; moreover it is the only one we can get outside of US and Canada. The GunMetal one is an exclusive North America market machine visibly but the black one is still the .... reference and universal :)
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