The New Razer Blade Stealth

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Deleted member 368765, Jun 14, 2017.

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  1. _Light

    _Light New Member

    That's awesome! If only I could just afford it ;-;.
  2. jon_torbitt

    jon_torbitt New Member

    Had mine for 2 days now (got it through work) and it is fantastic. Such a clean design and no faff. First thing I did after turning it on was swear profusely at Windows10 bloatware, so wiped it and installed Zorin OS (basically Ubuntu 16.04LTS). NO adware, no stupid animated tiles, just beautifully lit keyboard silently switching colours whilst I work on it.

  3. I am pretty sure you need a PD compatible charger/battery pack. I tried using an Anker Powercore+ 20100mAh USB C to USB C charger and the Stealth started charging the power brick :frown_:. I ordered a RavPower 30w PD 26800 mAh to give it a try, as well as a 45W PD car charger and wall outlet.

    I did a live chat with tech support and I asked him about the Razer Power Bank and the guy told me that it "wasn't compatible with the Stealth". I was a little confused---I can only assume he meant that the quick charge 3.0 Razer Power Bank was not compatible with the new Stealth.

    I also tried charging the Stealth with this beast which my wife uses for her MBA, and nothing happened using the usb-c to c connector.

    Anyway, I could be completely off base, but I'm pretty sure whatever is needed to charge the new Stealth needs to be PD compatible--I will know one way or the other by Tuesday of next week.
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  4. Artoxic

    Artoxic New Member

    This thing is soooo beautiful. Finally the bezels are a lot thinner than the smaller stealth and it makes the 13" even cooler looking than the 12,5"!! Well done Razer! :ok_hand:
  5. GeraldSoh

    GeraldSoh New Member

    Just got the 13.3"! Same body size and feel with the 12.5", way nicer screen size and thinner bezels and much improved touchpad. :) :D ;)

  6. BaffTech

    BaffTech New Member

    Hmmmm... I don't know If this is what I think but I think I have some dead pixels arund the top par of the screen.
    Is there any possibility that there is some "dust" behind the screen?
    I'm quite disappointed if I have to send it back for that reason :/

    Edit: Definitely, it is dead pixels, not very well placed in addition. I'll send it back :/

    Edit 2: So now, it's "I had a Stealth" :/ But all things turned and turned in my head, I won't order a replacement (I was thinking before that if I had a faulty one, I would "abandon" till there is a physical store in there...) I didn't really need to have a new computer...

    Nevertheless, the quality was really good, fans are not particularly active unless during updates and so on, miracast is OK, didn't have any issue with the Killer wifi card by the way and it looks really really pretty in real.
    I don't want my experience to break enthousiasm, especially as I assume a dead pixel can be present on any machine from any brand, it's just the logistics in Europe, too tough and complex to get one and have reparation if something wrong.
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  7. Trolleyfox

    Trolleyfox New Member

    I cant get it in australia :frown_::frown_::frown_::frown_::frown_: Its out of stock and has been since release.:frown_::frown_::frown_::frown_::frown_::frown_:
  8. Smurf_SVK

    Smurf_SVK New Member

    Thanks for the info. I know that for Power bank I need a PD compatible, wasn`t sure how the car charging would work. Let me know the tuesday outcomes, quite interested.
    P.S. Razer Power Bank not being compatible with the new Stealth would be quite a downer.
  9. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Anyone in Germany could give me or sell to me the screen sticker from stealth? Just get a deal with second stealth but without screen version sticker. Need it to put in the bezel;)
  10. donKanon

    donKanon New Member

    I can live with one kidney righ? :D
  11. _Raczek_

    _Raczek_ New Member

    Finally, waited so long
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  12. So all the stuff I ordered works great for charging the new Stealth. Ordered this battery pack, this car charger, and this wall charger. There was a digital coupon on the battery pack and I got it for only 64 bucks. The battery pack only puts out 30 watts, but it still charged the Stealth from 89% to full in about 20 minutes while browsing Chrome with about 12 tabs open, screen brightness max, keyboard pretty bright and CPU set to only throttle down to 75% plugged in. All in all very happy with being able to get all 3 items for $100.

    On a sidenote this is the best laptop I have ever owned..and I'm old! My Core should arrive tomorrow and I'm going to plug a brand new GTX 1080ti into, run some benchmarks and See how well Lone Echo runs on it :wink_:
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  13. Texzin

    Texzin New Member

    Taking my RBS 13.3 out on its first business trip today
  14. KyRiSsSs

    KyRiSsSs New Member

    Looks amazing! Anyone knows its price?
  15. PutaoVaidoso

    PutaoVaidoso New Member

    It's so Beautiful..
  16. bryo962

    bryo962 New Member

    Having one of these machines would be absolutely amazing. Funnily enough, this is more powerful than my PC...XD hahaha (starts to cry) huhuhuhuhu :'(
  17. Smurf_SVK

    Smurf_SVK New Member

    Hey, thanks for the update and the links. Much appreciated. With the GTX 1080ti - isn`t that an overkill? - I read on this forum that the CPU is the bottleneck and the stealth can`t really utilize 1080 and people suggesting to use 1070 instead. However if you plan to use it on other machines via thunderbolt (which I understand is also an option), its probably more "future-proof"
  18. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Please share us some benchmarks with your stealth core and 1080ti combos.
  19. Christian_Bayne

    Christian_Bayne New Member

    Is anyone else growing impatient with the whole gunmetal situation?? I mean now they aren't even giving us an estimated time. Do you think they are trying to sell off the 4k models before they release them?
  20. MarkyMark619

    MarkyMark619 New Member

    So according to some of the latest intel news/rumors, the next gen core i7 coffee lake processor is coming out in late q3- early q4 of 2017. Do you guys think it would be worth it to wait for the next gen processor to release and be integrated into the current razer blade stealth or should I just buy this current available model. Im conflicted because the new processor would be more powerful while consuming less power as the base mobile chipsets are rumored to be 4 core/8 thread while consuming as little power as a current i7 7500u. I'd like to know your guys' thoughts, also keep in mind I'm a full-time student so it's not like I can buy one rn and risk selling it for less later on just to buy the future model.
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