The new Razer Hammerhead in-ear headsets!

Discussion in 'Audio' started by technokat, Apr 18, 2017.

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  1. Armydrifter

    Armydrifter Active Member

    well according to Bluetooth standards 4.1 is 30 meters and on the Razer site it lists the BT Hammerheads as 10 meter Range which is 3.0.
  2. Liontaros

    Liontaros Well-Known Member

    amazing but i am using widows phone, any plans on this?
  3. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    Razer might be limiting the range in favor of battery life.
    Perhaps it's Class 2?
  4. Armydrifter

    Armydrifter Active Member

    I never considered class 2 but still why not 5 when the new Samsung S8 uses it and so will new phones like whatever they decide to call the new 10th anniversary Iphone this year.
  5. kansasjeremy

    kansasjeremy Active Member

    $99 price tag seems a little high. puts them in direct competition of Jaybird X3s and other major brands.
  6. WolfK.

    WolfK. Active Member

    They will be best for travelling indeed :D
  7. vampirivan

    vampirivan Well-Known Member

    they ligths up??? only for ios? not for android?

    ok, i'm an idiot!!!! bluethoot and green ligth""" very good!!!!
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  8. enio19

    enio19 New Member

    and Windows pone and Windows 10 pc?
  9. Bolterino

    Bolterino Active Member

    dunno if exists a reverse i phone 7 adaptator xD
  10. pmai7

    pmai7 Active Member

    Woo, stoked to get my hands on these! Razer ear pods next please
  11. domePlumfresh451

    domePlumfresh451 New Member

    got excited and wanted to buy today, but OUT OF STOCK...anyone know when it'll be available? Thanks.
  12. mrsun87

    mrsun87 Active Member

    Love the non bluetooth hammerhead but need to wait for the android version.
  13. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Anyone know what kind of warranty services are we looking at. I mean are they water resistant/ sweat resistant and do we have a standard 2 year warranty for them or 1 year?
  14. Dat1Fish

    Dat1Fish Active Member

    Love it when Min leaks photos of what he uses, after a few weeks, boom you can just be like Min :)
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  15. CinaMaze

    CinaMaze New Member

    Both look awesome...Defenetly bying the bluetooth ones
  16. fixxey

    fixxey Active Member

    Well, this is interesting. Any reviews yet?
  17. vBrenth

    vBrenth New Member

    Hope it will be available on Asia country.
  18. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    I think most probably it would be the 1 year since it is still under the category of earphones.
  19. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    I have a question actually is the Bluetooth range as bad as the adaro is? I've had a few phones with it and with my phone in my pocket the Signal drops :/
  20. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    I believe the "android version" is simply the Hammerhead Pro v2, Hammerhead v2, ore the Hammerhead BTs.
    The iOS version does have a DAC, but that's out of necessity, seeing as the iPhone 7 lineup does not have a 3.5 mm jack.

    Here's a source backing up @koh1250.
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