The new Razer Orochi

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by technokat, Sep 3, 2015.

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  1. I just bought this new version and let me say that its a beast

    Yes it does it fits just perfectly and comes with a pouch to hold the usb cable
    Would this mouse be good or decent for FPS?
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  2. Mykii_no_id

    Mykii_no_id New Member

    I'm also having that happen with one of my Orochi 2015.. The other Orochi 2015 can't pair on MacOS. They both won't freakin pair. Debug says Insufficient Authentication regarding Bluetooth LE. Wtf.
  3. Zotios

    Zotios Member

  4. nice mouse but i'd stick with wired mice
  5. Rator_

    Rator_ New Member

    I really want it for my notebook, not for gaming but just for convenience. Then i can use the wire if i want to do something more than just typing essays
  6. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    That's kind of what I do, I use the orochi at school in wireless mode, and wired when I get home...
  7. leetdataPinkLace404

    leetdataPinkLace404 New Member

    Hi, my orochi working fine in wired mode, but when i connect to bluetooth, then synapse doesn't see my mouse. Some one know, how to fix this? I dont have any idea
  8. Neutrinos

    Neutrinos Active Member

    Try to update synapse, bluetooth drivers, and maybe even windows...
  9. leetdataPinkLace404

    leetdataPinkLace404 New Member

    Synapse update is done properly, bluetooth drivers and adapter is new, how about windows i didn't know, which updates i can to try install for windows?
  10. Neutrinos

    Neutrinos Active Member

    I'm not sure which windows updates, but I know my Orochi was messed up until I updated windows...
  11. cfmelo

    cfmelo New Member

    Hello, just bought an orochi. I have some questions about the wheel noise.
    When scrolling up all is allright. When scrolling down, there s a little "click". Don't know if its a normal feature for all orochi or if my wheel has some trouble. May somebody please check and tell me about this click? Thanks
  12. Neutrinos

    Neutrinos Active Member

    Scrolling up and down sounds exactly the same on my orochi. Maybe you can upload a video to show what you mean? Also if it really bothers you then just contact support and RMA it for a new one.
  13. cfmelo

    cfmelo New Member

  14. Neutrinos

    Neutrinos Active Member

    Yea that sounds strange, my orochi makes the same sound when I scroll up AND down. It sounds like your scroll down sounds strange, maybe try scrolling down really fast for a min or two and see if it helps? It might just be too tight or something.
  15. cfmelo

    cfmelo New Member

    Yeah i tried, still the same cheap sound. I m going to send back the mouse and command another one, this is a really good device and i would'nt have a trouble with it
  16. livejamie

    livejamie New Member

    Is there an easy way to tell the difference between the 2013 and 2015 version visually? I wanted to get one from eBay but I want to make sure it's the newer version.
  17. spojo1

    spojo1 Member

    Whats the tracking like with the Orochi? Can we expect a revamp soon? Maybe with the DA elite sensor?
  18. KakashiSharingan

    KakashiSharingan Active Member

    The tracking is fine, it has a 8200DPI sensor that is more than enough for gaming.
  19. FearLezZ1990

    FearLezZ1990 Active Member

    Im also interested in this but I think it will be too small for my hand :/
  20. Burgz

    Burgz Well-Known Member

    Razer Orochi 2015: Approximate size: 99 mm / 3.90 in (Length) x 67 mm / 2.64 in (Width) x 35 mm / 1.38 in (Height)

    Razer DeathAdder Elite: Approximate size: 127 mm / 5 in (Length) x 70 mm / 2.76” (Width) x 44 mm / 1.73 in (Height)

    Quite a major difference.
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