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The Razer Basilisk | The World's Most Advanced FPS Mouse

Discussion in 'Mice and Surfaces' started by Deleted member 368765, Aug 31, 2017.

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  1. xxVmasterxx

    xxVmasterxx New Member

    Looks awesome
  2. We need a Nuke button!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  3. BiutifulSea

    BiutifulSea Active Member

    It seems to be very promising... Where's mine? :frown_:
    Razer being Razer :smile_:
  4. Arantuil

    Arantuil New Member

    nice mouse
  5. Ast3r10n

    Ast3r10n New Member

    Man, am I curious about it... But I'd feel sad for my beloved Mamba :slightly_sad:
  6. Dwarfhammer69

    Dwarfhammer69 New Member

    Got it and it's a dream to use, really perfect!!
  7. lws91

    lws91 New Member

  8. lws91

    lws91 New Member

    Awesome Man, am I curious about it... But I'd feel sad for my beloved Mamba
  9. 3xtcalibur

    3xtcalibur New Member

  10. MrHappy16

    MrHappy16 New Member

    Looks really nice, but I think i prefer my DeathAdder.
  11. Meowderp

    Meowderp Member

    I want one...
  12. specter00pt

    specter00pt New Member

    I would like to see this in some kind of video review, with some clutch details..
  13. shakypuddin09

    shakypuddin09 New Member

    I use my Orochi for design software, wondering if the clutch system for the wheel will give more precise control when dealing with intricate designs.
  14. AnonymousK9

    AnonymousK9 New Member

    Dayumn son, looking good without going overboard, godly yet down to earth, we have Jesus in the 21st century bois!
  15. Mattox95

    Mattox95 Member

    I love that
  16. NeoMisfit

    NeoMisfit New Member

    Looks nice
  17. proliu

    proliu Member

    Pricing is quite good on this mouse, should be solid with its optical sensor
  18. Grimmwor

    Grimmwor Active Member

    Just received my new Basilisk from Hong Kong a few days ago. Absolutely love it! beautiful mouse, feels good in my hand. It totally deserves a 5 star rating...


    It gets g 3 stars. Because Synapse sucks. Synapse 2 sucks. Synapse 3 Beta sucks worse. I have had 3 beta since the Lancehead was released and I bought it the moment it was available, which is like 4 months ago. And it just really hasn't gotten any better. I am sorry to be so brutally honest, but Razer needs to hear this. Next time I have money to buy a mouse, I will probably get a Logitech, because I know their software works.

    I don't care about the lighting or chroma. I want to be able to map my buttons and performance settings and have it just work and persist (not revert to original settings). And I don't care about cloud sync. I hate cloud sync, it's a very complicated feature that only caters to a very small percentage of users. I use my mouse only on my computer 99.9% of the time, and I am sure that is true for most users. Same with onboard memory. Please, please, please, in future versions of Synapse, give an option to store settings on users PC, not the cloud (cloud is just a fancy word for someone else's computer) or the mouse.

    I know I said a lot more about Synapse here than the mouse, which is a shame, because the mouse is so Epic and Perfect. But without reliable, consistent performing software to manage the settings of the mouse...well, it's not anything special.

    'Nuff said...
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2017
  19. xDizzleF1x

    xDizzleF1x New Member

    Got one for my fiancee. She absolutely loves it!

    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 1, 2017
  20. L00n3y

    L00n3y New Member

    Wow, that's a nice mouse. Gotta keep my eye out on that one
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