The Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by technokat, Jan 24, 2017.

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  1. ChompyGator

    ChompyGator New Member

    The copy about the new keyboard up there says, " For that additional comfort, all our Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 keyboards come with a plushy leatherette wrist rest.' =)
  2. Neirr

    Neirr New Member

    Do my eyes deceive me? Are we finally getting a wrist rest and new switched??? Thank you baby Jesus! I am excited but sadly the orange switches are sold out!
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  3. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    We don't have any updates to the BlackWidow Tournament Edition at this point of time. The wrist rest is currently bundled with the Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2 keyboards - the Orange, Green and Yellow Switch variants.
  4. ChompyGator

    ChompyGator New Member

    [QUOTE="The new Razer Mechanical Yellow Switch offers a consistent and smooth keypress without the tactile bump to overcome. With a low actuation point and force to actuate, the Razer Yellow Switch is silent, sensitive and like the rest of our gaming Switches, deadly.[/QUOTE]

    I work with severely handicapped students, mostly children with Autism, and a many of my students are tactile defensive. I have, and have had, a few who will not use my desktop computers because they do not like the feel or the sound, I am not sure if it is one or the other or both, I usually can not let these same students use my laptop because they throw them, so I have gone through SOOOO many keyboards trying to find one that will work. Maybe this is the one?

    I know you do student discounts, do you do teacher discounts as well?
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  5. Am I the only one who thinks the new font is ugly?? I mean, every keyboard in the world use that font, it's so "standard".

    I really like the old Blackwidow font better, wish I could just get the wrist rest separately.
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  6. KillStealzzz

    KillStealzzz Active Member

    Just in case you guys decide to make a TE edition for the BlackWidow Chroma V2, here are 2 things I would LOVE to see :
    _ Audio-out/mic-in jacks. I've found myself wished that I have the full size BW just because of this so many times ...
    _ Wrist rest included.
    And as usual, great job with the BlackWidow Chroma v2.
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  7. FrederickGC

    FrederickGC New Member

    will there be an X version, and tournament edition
  8. EmeraldCore

    EmeraldCore Member

    I guess its time to save up on that zsilver ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Time to get serious(ง'̀-'́)ง
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  9. hartman556

    hartman556 Active Member

    It's very big and very expensive... But I think the quality is good.
    I prefer my Ornata Chroma :) But nice product.
  10. SirJayDee

    SirJayDee Active Member

    I want to be able to buy the wrist rest for my current Blackwidow. Please Razer, make it possible!
  11. ObsidianQ

    ObsidianQ New Member


    I am about to order this beautiful keyboard but i want to know, does it fits on the razer keyboard bag?... I need to know to order it too!
  12. w9jds

    w9jds Active Member

    Damnit, I couldn't decide on blackwidow or ornata because I wanted the size of the blackwidow tournament edition but I wanted the arm rest of the ornata. Got the tournament edition then you release v2 :frown_: #feelsbadman
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  13. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Well it seems like those images that were leaked on here are real.
    Also, Just another question since don't think it was answered yet, Is the wrist rest on the keyboard magnetic like the ornata or does it just sit there?
  14. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    Two things:
    1. Next time, please, please, PLEASE put the pass through on the other side of the keyboard. If it is on the right side, any larger cables that do not have a 90˚ jack will get in the way of your mouse.
    2. Can there be like an exchange program for people with older versions? I have the version before that, and this is a pretty hefty purchase to almost anyone. If we could exchange the older models, even for a small fee, such as $20 or $30.
  15. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Doubt they will have any kind of program like that. This is one of the ways they make there money, By getting people to buy the newer versions of stuff. If they did have a trade in program, They would most likely be loosing a fair bit on money.
  16. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    just sell it you will get more than that
  17. DeepPinkloadfast608

    DeepPinkloadfast608 New Member

    Are you guys going to release a german layout with orange or yellow switches?
  18. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    It looks like it will:
    Bag: upload_2017-1-24_13-22-3.png
    Keyboard: upload_2017-1-24_13-22-41.png

    And I was wondering about if the wrist rest is magnetic also since it doesn't say anywhere on Razer's site, but on other sites that posted reviews today they all say it is.
  19. Mehcko

    Mehcko Member

    This is very interesting, can't wait to see this thing in person.
  20. Cocotteseb

    Cocotteseb New Member

    Same question here but for the French layout *"fingers crossed"*
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