The Razer BlackWidow X Chroma

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by technokat, Mar 24, 2016.

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  1. Dazeo

    Dazeo Member

    Has anybody actually tried this product? I am currently running the Chroma Blackwidow UK Edition here, just wondering if the 'double clicking' issue is still a regular occurance. If any technical administrator views this is it possible for a replacement (if it's the second time) from a Chroma Blackwidow to Chroma Blackwidow X?
  2. JGooch

    JGooch New Member

    Would that no increase the fatigue on your wrist after prolonged periods of gamming?
  3. jthoma17

    jthoma17 Active Member

    ahh well this is a struggle...i love the minimalist look & sizing, but getting rid of the audio carrythru to achieve that end? might take some finagling to make it work with a wired headset since i don't have a front-side audio jack on my gaming close to perfect, razer, so close.
  4. 951102075665

    951102075665 Member

    Wow!! This is amazing!!
  5. Synomenon

    Synomenon New Member

    I just now noticed that my BWX Chroma's symbols (under each number on the number row and the various keys, mostly on the right side (brackets, question mark, comma, period, etc.)) aren't lit. Does Razer sell replacement keycaps that have lit numbers AND symbols?
  6. Milliardo5

    Milliardo5 Member

    Nope, they don't. Even if they do you'll still get the same key cap. That is one of my issues with the Razer keyboard in general, as the secondary symbols in some keys aren't lighted. I replaced those keys from the Dragonwar Atomos keyboard, which have the secondary symbols beside the main symbols/numbers, so both are lighted.
  7. Synomenon

    Synomenon New Member

    Ah so the BWX uses standard keycaps? Where can I purchase keycaps that have symbols that will be lit when placed in the BWX?
  8. autoOceanBluex566

    autoOceanBluex566 New Member

    how does this compare to the last generation of chroma?
  9. Scarnox

    Scarnox New Member

    Time for other switches anytime soon? - Not getting it as long as it's the Razer Green that's used.
  10. Synomenon

    Synomenon New Member

    I wish they'd do a version with Cherry RGB Blue switches AND with keys where all characters show light through.
  11. Scarnox

    Scarnox New Member

    I just want a silent version... can't stand the click click click
  12. MrPranceY

    MrPranceY New Member

    My razer synapse doesn't Pick my keyboard. Any help?
  13. Duke_Fleed_82

    Duke_Fleed_82 New Member

    Awesome Keyboard!
  14. Funkfree

    Funkfree New Member

    I love the look and the mechanical keys are a great feel, but has anyone had any issue with this model? Was thinking about it, but a buddy said his died just outside of the warranty and said to beware
  15. PeStil3nc3

    PeStil3nc3 New Member

    It is so so pretty :D :heart:
  16. jkob1337

    jkob1337 New Member

    Razer stuff is the best i'm proud of my razer black widdow chroma :D
  17. Chesson

    Chesson New Member

    Looking forward to the Chroma X Stealth! Kinda wish it was a bit cheaper in Australia
  18. Why you don´t like ?
  19. grit621

    grit621 Member

    THIS. Exactly this.
  20. PeStil3nc3

    PeStil3nc3 New Member

    Isn't the clicking just part of mechanical keyboards?

    Sorry if it comes across as stupid, never owned one before, I'm just assuming.
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