The RAZER Blade 15 (2018) 4K (UHD)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by IrrationalTranscendental, Jul 22, 2018.

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  1. crypticc

    crypticc Member

    Hey Synclide

    Where did you get the insurance? When I looked on Amazon there wasn't any.

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  2. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    Thanks for all the info Crypticc it will definitely help us get started quicker.
    Really happy to see that thermal throttling isn't bad. I'd much rather power limiting than thermal throttling so great to see that happening.

    For the performance testing on battery, have you got the "Gforce experience" installed or just the Nvidia drivers.

    If you do, look at the "battery boost" option. Nvidia hide it away, but it limits all games to 30 fps when running on battery. It does help by giving you an extra 30 mins of gaming on battery but I wish they made it more obvious.

    I'm hoping mine should be any day now, but it's great to know it fulfils it's promises.. sooooo looking forward to it :)

    When you order from amazon there is an insurance option for (£130 - but only at the time of buying).

    If you don't have any, consider home contents insurance if you have that (or they have it in the place you live) - you will probably have to add it as a special item but it will protect it from theft etc and IF the policy has accidental damage it will be covered for that too.

    (You may also be able to ask Amazon as you did only just buy it)

    Well I gave up waiting for Amazon UK in the end. I called them and they told me they never had any 4k models in stock (clearly not true) and had no eta

    I ordered direct from Razer as I was watching their store and saw one for sale.. So it looks like it should be this week and fingers crossed their support is as good as it has been so far (As I've only had a good experience with them)

    The sensible part of me says I should have waited for Amazon, but my heart went with Razer direct :)
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  3. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Don’t wait Amazon restocking on popular/limited items they’re super slow, last week I got delivery confirmation on Evga gpu...that I ordered last December, forgot canceling that;)
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  4. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    Well I ordered from Razor on Friday, tracked it all the way from Hong Kong Friday to Oxford UK and it arrived a few mins ago :)
  5. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    cap lang 3.jpg

    but also seriously please give the house rules a look.
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  6. crypticc

    crypticc Member

    Well done. A bit ridiculous the idea that Amazon think they never received any because I have one, and they sent it.
    Glad you've had a positive experience so far.

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  7. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    I know. I even said that on the call. All they would say to me was "if it says it hasn't been released we have never had them - otherwise it would say out of stock"

    I've seen them on the Razer site for the last 2 months - they pop up for sale for about 10 mins and then are out of stock again.

    I just got off the call to Amazon, saw they had one in stock - ordered it and saw it go out of stock 2 mins later.

    I think if they had just given me a real date I would have waited.

    On a slightly different note I have to say I totally love it. If I stay off "gaming mode" the temperatures never get too high (something the other 6 laptops I sent back never managed).

    I also saw 45fps in 4k with Destiny 2 (none gaming mode) - so am really happy you can choose full performance with heat, or usable performance with no heat issues.

    And wow is it a beautiful laptop :)
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  8. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    45 Fps 4K isn’t bad, 15 FPS better than PS4 Pro, and only 15FPS lower than core v2 1080ti that costs €1300.
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  9. Synclide

    Synclide New Member

    Hi misterg , been a while, not sure why insider didn't notify me of the new comments made in this thread and I got occupied with work, so I've only just seen all the comments past our last 'why coding is better with 4k' talk. But that aside, I can completely understand the decision to order it from razer directly, this is now becoming a joke from amazon's side, I'm going to give them a serious phone call tomorrow morning, this will be like my 6th phone call about the release date since early august. I think it's crazy that the 4k has been in stock then out of stock on razer UK 2 times since early august now and amazon still haven't managed to satisfy all pre-order customers. Every one of those times I called, i'd get the same sort of reply ''on the system it shows up as not yet released, when it gets released you will be notifyed by email'' LOL. I might even ask directly for a manager. Bottom line is there's only so long I am willing to wait before buying it from amazon holds no benefit.That insurance covering accidental damage for 2 years is the main reason i haven't cancelled my order from them. What's the point of ''pre-ordering'' an item if you don't actually have it in your house sometime resonably close to when the manufacturer released it (early august for razer UK on the 4k model). That time window of being 'resonably close' has probably ran out for me at this stage, and theres only so much longer I'm willing to extend it for the sake of that 2 year accidental damage coverage (which I probably will never even use).

    Digressing, Congrats on finally getting the 4k I know you've been waiting ages on it XD! 45 fps in 4k on destiny without gaming mode is fantastic, if it can run that good on 4k then I bet on 1080p or 1440p (settings I will use for gaming) it could easily get 60fps. By chance do you play fortnite? I was wondering if you could test out 1080p, 1440p and 4k on epic settings with shadows off and see what sort of fps you get? By the sounds of things this was definately worth the wait and the right choice over the 144hz for us 50/50 gamers/editors, the fps delivers and the additonal touch screen and 100% aRGB must make the media consumption pleasant to watch and amazing.
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  10. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    Hey Synclide, no worries
    Destiny 2 runs at about 12-150fps at 1080p

    I play quite a bit of fortnight (though save the world), so happy to give you some framerates when I'm next on.

    I will try and get you some 1440p ones too (I have a 1440p monitor, but usually use a razer core, so will try going direct to see what it gets.

    I've also managed a -150v undervolt, so with Destiny 2 the CPU didnt get above 85C - which was amazing

    Ok, I've got some Fortnite Battle Royal numbers for you:
    The lower number is what it was at most of the time, and the higher number was what I saw some of the time.
    • 4k - 35 fps
    • 2k (1440p) - 65fps - 75fps
    • 1k (1080p) - 90fps - 150fps
    All of them with ultra everything, but blur off (I can't stand blur) - so you could probably tone down stuff if you want it higher.

    Also I think Battle Royal is more cpu and network intensive

    If you ever want more, a razer core and 1080Ti gives you at least 80% of the full performance of that card so awesome if you want better desktop performance (and the core and core 2 act as a docking station and give ethernet)
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  11. Synclide

    Synclide New Member

    Hey thanks for the reply, those FPS readings are much better than I expected tbh, so that’s a bonus, yeah blur and shadows are always off for me.

    But yeah thanks dude
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  12. ScarletFey

    ScarletFey New Member

    Soooo at this point I’m assuming that razer won’t be releasing the 4K in Australia :frown_:
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  13. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    I had to constantly check the UK Razer store. If it says "notify me" they are available (as far as I know).

    I was checking every few hours, and one moment I just got lucky. Although Amazon UK have shipped a some (despite telling me they haven't)

    So you may be in luck :)
  14. ScarletFey

    ScarletFey New Member

    That’s the problem there is no notify me button
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  15. luxhibernia

    luxhibernia New Member

    My preorder has been sitting there at amazon uk since the 17th of June. There have been no stock notifications from the Razer store.

    Support say 'please be informed that the Razer Blade 15- 4K is currently out of of stock and there is no estimated date when the product will be back in stock.'

    Anybody got any insights?
  16. crypticc

    crypticc Member

    I ordered mine 8th June. I got mine coincidentally 8th September. I feel extremely lucky and judging by lack of reviews seems to be one of the few in the country
  17. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    So Amazon UK have delivered at least one (to crypticc above) - but denied ever having one in for me.
    I gave up a few weeks ago and ordered one from the Razer store.

    This is how I did it:
    1) Kept my pre-order on Amazon just in case - figured I could cancel the second I got order confirmation
    2) Realised the "Keep me informed" button just doesn't work
    3) Every hour or so I tried to buy the 4k blade on the Razer store
    4) Got lucky, ordered one and about an hour later it was back to "notify me"

    So they are available, but they don't last long but do sell them in batches as the "on sale" period is around 1 hour, so as long as they are on sale, and I have no idea if they are giving any to places like Amazon or Scan.

    I was monitoring all the sites every few hours, Razer has had them on sale since mid August (off and on)

    The bottom line is:
    You have to keep watching the Razor store like a hawk, and keep trying to order - they will be available every so often and the button will change to "add to cart"

    Good luck (note this message won't self destruct though not through lack of me trying to make it happen ;) )
  18. luxhibernia

    luxhibernia New Member

    Thanks for all that. I see the 4k Razer is in stock on their site at the moment, but they'll only ship it within the UK, not Ireland.
  19. misterg36

    misterg36 Active Member

    Sorry to hear that. I did see some counties in Ireland in the dropdown.

    Do they not have your address, or do they turn you down once you actually order?
  20. luxhibernia

    luxhibernia New Member

    United Kingdom is the only country available in the drop-down. the 4k model is not available to EU members.
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