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Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Mar 28, 2017.

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    You can but I don't recommend it. It's a lot more involved.
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    So with undervolting like this, is a 4.3GHz overclock out the window?
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    No but you have to tune your undervolt for 4.3Ghz, not stock. And it'll most definitely be a lower undervolt than at the stock clocks. But like I said before, there's no way you're going to achieve 4.3Ghz without throttling - even if undervolted. I was hitting low 90s at stock clocks for a simple benchmark. For games like Witcher 3, I was hitting 97C at stock clocks. Every time I OCed it throttled within a minute and CPU temps hovered in the high 90s. Then clocks bounced around as low as 3Ghz. That's unacceptable to me. i7-7700HQ would have been a better choice for this laptop. But I guess Razer gave everyone what they wanted... I was one of the few that didn't want the HK processor.
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    Was probably still a better choice thanks to the extra 2 MB in the cache, no?
  5. Not exactly true. My CPU can hit at least 3.9GHz on all 4 cores in-game. Stock clock speed on four fully loaded cores is 3.5GHz.

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    Got any screenshots?
  7. Sure. I'm away from the machine for the holiday weekend but I'll post some tomorrow morning. I've also posted my benchmarks in the owners lounge thread.

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  9. Mine are almost identical. The machine is very consistent among the V2 release. You could say it is underperforming, but realistically, it performs exactly how it should given the components and power settings. Cooling is ok but not great.

    @iunlock will have a full tear-down review soon. Supposedly the cooling system is poorly engineered and cuts a lot of corners, but you could argue that from a few other manufacturers as well. Couple the thin chassis with a less than stellar cooling package and it nets you the temps we see. Not terrible but nothing to write home about.

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    I might be one of the only person that actually bought this as a workstation, but other than the synapse and Gsync issues the laptop works great. I am a CG artist working with GPU renders and very heavy scenes in 3DS max. RBP is a champ. I am not a hobbyist and my work is very demanding when it comes to the scenes i work with. I am speaking mainly for the GPU. My test scene was about 70 million polys with 8k cached textures, and renders with full samples. 4k render came in at around the same render time using Redshift GPU renderer as my main workstation(i7 5820k / GTX 1080) I bought this laptop because it was the most mobile out there. I have the image rendered attached to this post

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    You're in good company. My company purchased Blade Pro 2016 and 2017's as use for build machines. Unfortunately, the Blade Pro 2016 had a defective GPU that would shut down the system. The replacement had a defective screw which could not be removed from the back of the case, so we had to upgrade the SSDs by prying open the case, which deformed the aluminum.

    Our problems with the 2017 mirror yours exactly, namely GSYNC and Synapse - with a sprinkling of CPU taxation imposed by Cortex. Even Synapse drains the CPU at about 2% on idle, which is surprising when you consider we have hundreds of gigabytes of build software installed on this machine, and they do not drain the CPU more than 2% all together. Cortex pegged an entire CPU core to its own pleasure on idle, which is an abomination considering it is advertised as an accelerator.

    The only accelerator I have found to work is DiskZIP. It even improved 3DMark's Fire Storm a few hundred points over another RBP 2017 user's here, which is remarkable considering its not even a GPU oriented solution.

    Razer need to fix their buggy software, and ensure support escalates to tier two when reports start coming in.
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    Sorry, but the test is not aviable in English yet. But I think, System Performance is pretty international like the benchmarks and scores ;)
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    Yes it is only a bit lower than RB Pro in Firestrike but I saw blade pro had much better score in time spy. I am curious though to see benchmarks from new gtx 1080 max q, i think actually Razer has succeeded done similar configuration (limiting gtx1080) with it in their Pro line before Nvidia.
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    I think anyone can just cut the power and performance. Heck, unplugging it does that. The whole point of max-q is to tune the cooling system and voltage/clocks to achieve at least 90% of the desktop variant performance. The RBP is more like 80% .
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    Is there an option for 64GB RAM?
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    That would have been nice, but its another vital omission, of course.
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    Have you yet to come out with a fix for RBP Gsync that is not rolling back to an older version driver. This is serious issue and one of the main features of this system. I am very dissapointed that I annot take advantage of all the feature. I am am more dissapointed that you are aware of it and have not fixed it yet
  20. Hey guys, I thought I would chime in again after living with the 2017 RBP for about 4 weeks.

    I am currently waiting on support to send a replacement which I ensured they would test prior to them sending it so I didn't get another dud. In order to get an advanced replacement though you must put the entire price of a new one onto your CC. Ouch. I am having mine replaced because the trackpad rattles and so does the power button and one of the rubber feet has started coming loose.

    I used to have issues with G-sync but the latest release from Nvidia fixed the problems (mostly) for Gsync full and full/windows mode. Ver 382.33.

    I have had to uninstall the Intel XTU because it would continue to blue screen the RBP. I was very annoyed with that because under-volting and under-clocking the CPU really gave the GPU more headroom and performed vastly better. Honestly…who wants a fast CPU when you have a 4K screen?? It is all about GPU.

    I am also continuing to have issues with Synapse (god I really really hate that software) not controlling the fans or crashing the keyboard. For no reason I can see (cpu below 5% and gpu below 1%) the RBP gets to 50c and just stays there, the fans don't turn on at all and it is just uncomfortable to use. Other times it runs so cool it is great! Why the hell don't they allow us to adjust the fans!! At least adjust them up but have the system ensure you can't turn them off. The keyboard randomly will reset, the lights will go out and then come back on and the profile will apply again. WTF is with that? Meanwhile during the reset it keeps pressing the last key you hit about 50 times…

    One other thing to note, if you buy it from the AU store and put it on your CC, you will be charged an international fees because Digital River the company they use, is in the US. They currently are refusing to refund me this money. $118! You would expect that buying this from the AU store in AU $ would ensure no international fee but that is not the case. I am not sure what I can do about this now but I will be contacting the ACCC to see if I have a case because I believe I do.

    Those things aside, GOD I love the screen and I love gaming on it when Gsync is working correctly and I love the keyboard (except the position of the up arrow). One other unexpected nice addition is the sound from the RBP is pretty awesome. Sure when you are playing a game the fans are bloody loud but if you are traveling a lot like I am, it really does play the role of a Stereo quite nicely.

    In regards to support, I have finally gotten a decent rep and they are helping me a lot to get things through and respond fairly quickly. What I do really dislike is that I cannot view the cases I have and only rely on emails that I am sending them. At one point I had 4 cases open but had no idea what state they were in. They could greatly improve their support that is for sure.

    I will chime in again once I get my replacement :) that will still be a few weeks away however.