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    Might be time to upgrade my blade to a newer one..

    Really glad to see it has a TPM chip as well, really pissed me off that my blade didn't have one, makes encrypting the drive a little harder

  2. See this digital foundry benchmark video, we know 6700HQ is a lot slower than 6700K or 4790K at 4.4ghz, and if there's a difference there, sure as hell we can see a difference with a 25% (+ with overclocked) boost in power to a 7820HK.

    I know the video is for Titan X but I am just trying to show that there is a CPU difference in modern games with this generation of GPU, not all games have a drastic difference but at this price, you wouldn't want to see any difference right?
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    when is the razer blade pro v1 getting stock again (preferably refurbished), I like the refu price :slightly_sad:

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    Only time will tell, although I will say the RBP 2016 performs extremely well for games that I play (on an external 1440p/144hz panel). When it comes to changes for the RBP I would prefer the 7700HQ paired with a 1440p/120hz panel vs. a 7820HK and the same 4k/60hz panel. While the 4k panel is brilliant I think 1440p and a fast refresh would make this the best portable gaming option hands down.

    Here is a RBP 2016 compared to a desktop 7700K/gtx 1080
    There isn't much more than a 10% difference in graphics performance. I wouldn't expect the 7820 to improve the graphics score much. The overall benchmark scores will be much closer to MSI/Dellienware with the 7820 as they are mainly CPU driven metrics.

    There is a drop-off of about 10-12 fps going from the desktop to laptop in the same game and I can't say that I notice as it is running well over 100fps at 1440p. If this were 1080p it would be even less of an issue as well.
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  6. Seems like the CPU didn't even turbo though at 2.9ghz for that pass ... compared to respectable scores that were way higher when gained with CPU clocked at around 4hz, while the GPU core clocks have a wide range from the high 1700s to 2000s GHz. Someone can correct me but what I am seeing is simply CPU speeds impacting the scores a lot.
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    I think this was a test run, and indeed the CPU was limited to the base clock 2.9GHZ, so the physics score should go up when turbo boost is on, and when overclocked. However, I do hope the graphics score gets better because at this price but with the performance of an overclocked 1070, it is hard to understand, other than for marketing purposes.
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    this is a real monster, better than my tower pc.! love it.
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    It is so cool dude
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    I wish I could afford it. But in Europe is too expensive...
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    Sounds so great just wish i could afford it.
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    The fact that this is such an expensive system makes it seem like a far dream to most people. But Razer do try their best to do giveaways as often as possible. I've seen at least like 50-100 giveaways in the last year from Razer sponsors etc. It's really impressive how this company cares so much about their customers.
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    I know a lot of people are saying the 6700HQ is holding back the 1080 but i assure you that is not the main reason. I literally watch xtu showing power and current limit throttling for the gpu. Afterburner shows the same thing. The issue here is how much power is getting to the components. The gpu needs more power to perform. Upping the cpu will not help in the least. Trust me i want it to run better!! I just hope they have a plan.
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    I really really want this device, super glad to see the TPM chip, but one thing that is missing is Windows Hello support, could be finger printer reader like most notebooks or facial scanning. I have a Surface Pro 4 and love windows hello facial login. On my home computer I bought the Stargazer, when its working is great (issues with Creators update, it stopped working again). iPhone and Android both use Biometrics as well.

    Probably too late in the development cycle, but looks like they left out Windows Hello support, if that is the case most likely I'll wait for the next version which will hopefully support!

    Unless someone from Razer wants to chime in and update the technical spec page showing the webcam does support Windows Hello like the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.
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    I think they are now focusing on its performance on this update, regarding performance problems on the previous model, and it is a minor update (CPU and Ram). Adding thx certification as a marketing sales is nice steep because no other laptop has it yet. Windows hallo support, finger prints, eye captures etc, probably would made its body heavier which against their aim, the lightest gtx 1080 laptop on market, and they have to reconstructing the body. For gtx 1080 model they have already sacrificed its switchblade touchpad.
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    "Truly the desktop in your laptop."
    I neeeeeed this (Want it at least, but of course, i can't afford it)