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Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. shoutoutjt

    shoutoutjt Member

    Still a beast laptop, running all the games I've played on it smoothly. Using Adobe and other apps are excellent as well. The blade had issues with throttling that were fixed with driver updates and such later on.
  2. Fred5612_no_id

    Fred5612_no_id New Member

    If this was a $1500 laptop I'd say "buy it and see what happens", but for the price that you paid for it aren't you frustrated that you were delivered an underperforming piece of equipment?
  3. shoutoutjt

    shoutoutjt Member

    It doesn't underperform to a 1500$ I clearly just said it performs well still even though it's not as everyone expect lmao. Why would I be frustrated with a portable laptop that can play 4K games at constant 60fps and playback and render 4K videos on Adobe with no problems ?
  4. Mindinversion

    Mindinversion Active Member

    Think of how stupid the customers of the new higher end 2016 Macbook Pro must feel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Similar pricing, 40% of the performance!

    Synthetic benchmarks don't tell the whole story, and after seeing how the CPU ranked in Firestrike, I'm more open minded to believe the whole CPU bottleneck theory. The machine runs cool, the GPU almost seems to downclock at around 70c [ I've had the windows open, so it's been in the mid 60s in here] but it seems it may be set that way to keep from heat soaking the CPU, which stays in the mid-high 70s [cool fan mode]
  5. Fred5612_no_id

    Fred5612_no_id New Member

    Interesting, I have limited experience but from my understanding an intel CPU would cut around 90C. Is there a way to stop the GPU from downclocking? Also, since you have the laptop, what is the fan noise like during a normal gaming sesh?
  6. Mindinversion

    Mindinversion Active Member

    Probably with something like MSI Afterburner or EVGA's 1080 overclocking tool. I haven't tried, as everything I'm running runs at max settings @ both 4k and while driving my Oculus Rift.

    As for fan noise. . imagine a bathtub faucet running full blast, but never hitting the bottom of the tub. It's loud, but more of a lower constant "woosh".

    Mind you there is a quiet mode in Synapse that I do not use. I would rather have lower temps and louder fans than "hot n' quiet". How it performs on silent mode is up to others to answer ;)
  7. Fred5612_no_id

    Fred5612_no_id New Member

    Thank you my dude! Just out of curiosity would you mind sharing a few games you're running and the FPS you're getting?
  8. darthmatin

    darthmatin Member

    i got mine today 2tb version.
    its pretty hot. keyboard area, palm rest area hot as well..
    i checked hwmonitor, its weird that cpu core temp goes back and forth between 65 to 83 when doing nothing...
    im not sure whether i should reinstall all the drivers.. gpu just shows 62c..
  9. Mindinversion

    Mindinversion Active Member

    It's a new computer thing. Windows is indexing, extended drive access from installations.. . there's just a lot going on. I also found my default minimum CPU in power options was set to 100%. Mine did the same thing the first 24 hours. After disabling indexing, setting more modest power settings, and sitting outside in the 50 degree weather for about 20 min, it settled down.
  10. Fred5612_no_id

    Fred5612_no_id New Member

    So, the Razer Blade seemed to have a similar performance problem to the Pro. Eventually after several experiments, people here came up with a temporary fix, which was to download Throttlestop and disable a certain feature called BD-PROCHOT (More details on the actual thread ->

    Eventually Razer caught wind of this and implemented a fix themselves.

    I'm wondering if perhaps the same applies to the Pro, some willing soul could run this experiment (WITHOUT BRICKING THEIR PC) and let us know?

    Thank you
  11. Mindinversion

    Mindinversion Active Member

    I have a suspicion that when Nvidia finally green lights the validation of the Blade Pro's GTX 1080 the majority of the performance "problems" will be resolved. It's hard to day there's a problem, though, when you're running 4k @ 60 FPS on ultra [or VR ultra in Elite Dangerous at an unmeasured but completely smooth framerate]
  12. Fred5612_no_id

    Fred5612_no_id New Member

    For me this machine is 10x what I will ever need (I plan on using it for 1080p gaming XD), however the question here is integrity. If we are sold a product for a price with certain specified features it should perform accordingly. Eg: the speed limit is 70 m/h however if you bought an expensive Ferrari that can only accelerate to 100 wouldn't you be pissed? :)
  13. I ordered mine on the 24th, got an email about it on back order the next day, then got an email on the 30th that it shipped, and it arrived that day (Nov 30th). It is awesome, I'm so glad I picked it over the other laptops I was looking at. The build quality is just rediculous, but be very careful; the problem with the black paint is nicks and scratches show up as silver on black, and it's very easy to nick it if metal touches it (unplug harddrive , let go, and the usb cable flails for a sec and the metal contact hits the blade barely is enough to nick it a bit). D brand does skins for other razer but not this one yet, I'd highly recommend using protective skins and/or at least a sleeve for it. I tried Civ 6 on max at 4k 60fps, and the fans weren't loud (people next to me could watch TV without noticing it). The laptop cools itself really quickly, and the fans are dead quiet until u start to push them in games. I tried Witcher 3 at max at 4k ~60fps (make sure you do fullscreen not borderless) and I didn't notice the fans until my roommate asked what that sound was and I took my headphones off. The thing is secretly an airplane, and was trying to take off haha. It was also quite hot, but only the area near the screen/under the laptop. It wasn't immediately scolding my hand, but I probably wouldn't stick my hand on the underside near the back for more than 10 seconds. Keyboard wasn't warm, and area below keyboard was slightly warmer than usual, not uncomfortable. The laptop seemed fine, but I'd probably get a cooling pad just to try and get better airflow. Also, as I said before, it cools down fast, like after playing Witcher 3 for about an hour like that, I exited game, and the fans returned to their dead quiet level after 8 seconds. So the cooling is pretty dang strong. The fan noise is not an annoying tone either, it's more reminiscent of hearing strong wind while you're inside a building. No driver problems or bloatware, everything worked out of the box. The combo mic/headphone jack is a little weird, my friends could barely hear my headset mic, but the headphones were fine and the laptop mic seemed to work well too. Speakers are meh, but that's completely ok honestly. Gonna try warframe, overwatch, and siege tonight after work.
  14. darthmatin

    darthmatin Member

  15. Harrybob

    Harrybob New Member

    Hmmm 4.3k graphics score is kind of low... 1070 is around 4k and 1080 should be close to 5k.
  16. Fred5612_no_id

    Fred5612_no_id New Member

    I noticed that on the top right it says "driver unsupported".
  17. Mindinversion

    Mindinversion Active Member

    Only in this case it's more like "my car is advertised as going 5,000 MPH, and it only hits 4,500.

    Can't say about ultra [I'm too cheap to actually BUY benchmark utilities] but regular firestrike got about 13,000. My STOCK 1080 desktop w/ 6700k got about 15,500, and with a 4.7Ghz overclock and a moderate [I forget] overclock on the desktop card it hit 18,889. Tests on the Blade Pro were done Gsync off.

    This is why I suspect the issue isn't the hardware itself: Nvidia hasn't certified the card yet, so it's not included in the standard NVidia installs. There's a way to hack the drivers to install, and you can find instructions:

    in the above linked thread.

    This is another thing I haven't bothered to mess with, as it's something I'm confident will be rectified in time, and because the games I'm running [Elite: Dangerous, Overwatch, D3, Civ 6] Are all running at a smooth Gsync'd 60FPS . . . even if turned up to highest settings.

    Other than that, handbrake seems to transcode in line with my desktop [which has to maintain stock clocks due to an issue with skylake and handbrake] and as far as overall performance I'd rather the thing be a little downclocked than run at 95c like my son's 970m equipped 14" blade.

    Ultimately from everything I can tell there's nothing inherently wrong or physically limited from the hardware. . which means everything SHOULD be fixable with driver updates.
  18. HoldMyTea

    HoldMyTea New Member

    I was asked multiple times to share the convo with Razer that I had on Facebook. Here you go.
    Early 2017 for UK according to this...

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  19. .Z4x.

    .Z4x. Active Member

    No, actually: to me, it makes no sense at all. (AND, I'm not even left-handed!)
    The point with the touchpad, at least when it's right under my fingers in the middle
    of the keyboard, is that I don't have to lift and move my hand every single time
    I need to move the pointer. BUT, whether this is a concern depends a lot on your
    (or my) individual usage scenarios. For gaming, I wouldn't bother with a touchpad.
    The same holds for point/click/scroll browsing. In those (for me, relatively limited)
    cases, I'd just use a mouse and couldn't care less about the placement of the
    touchpad. For the other 75% of what I do, which tends to involve a fair amount
    of typing, I do care.

    In summary, I don't think this is such a clear-cut 5% vs 95% issue.
    Having said that, I also understand that our usage patterns may differ,
    but I doubt the distribution is quite as skewed as left/right-handedness.
  20. WitzyJ

    WitzyJ New Member

    I want want the laptop, but since I can;t afford it, I just watch unboxings and imagine myself there.
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