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The Razer Blade Pro

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. christrayn

    christrayn New Member

  2. XrayNorthWest

    XrayNorthWest Member

    Anyone experiencing rendering issues in File Explorer and Edge while resizing? My windows are really laggy when resizing and take time to re-render. My Alienware laptop resizes them very fast.
  3. darthmatin

    darthmatin Member

    yep it happens to me on external display. also i can feel the lag on resizing on the laptop screen as well.. not as smooth as desktop.
  4. It looks so nice!
  5. coolVolttrend348

    coolVolttrend348 New Member

    Pretty much
  6. Hawk12avt

    Hawk12avt New Member


    I wish i could have 1 :slightly_sad:
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  7. Same :slightly_sad:
  8. KazuyaInuzuka

    KazuyaInuzuka New Member

    It woukd be cool to get one.
  9. acousticndon1

    acousticndon1 New Member

    Same lol
  10. NikolajAger

    NikolajAger New Member

    Looks sick
  11. NotBruceWayne_no_id

    NotBruceWayne_no_id New Member

    Anybody get a slight bit of IPS glow on very dark images? It's not very noticeable but gets worse when I touch the screen bezel. I've had a few issues with the charger and they want to do a full system RMA. I really don't want to send the whole thing back since my work doesn't allow it without some procedures but I may go through with them if this isn't normal.
  12. jasonj566

    jasonj566 Member

    Besides HIDEvolution who adds $400 surcharge, any other retailer's have these in stock?
  13. DarkoR12

    DarkoR12 Member

    I wanna the Razer Toaster :gift:
  14. syscrusher

    syscrusher Member

    Question for those who have the new RBP: What are my options for SSD provisioning? Are they doing the RAID 0 in Windows or at the BIOS or hardware level? Does anyone know if it's possible to un-RAID the drives (given that I'm willing to reinstall Windows and drivers from scratch) so I can have separate space for software and for data?

    I ask because I would really benefit from installing a dual-boot Windows 10 Pro / Ubuntu Linux system. What I have in mind is to split the first SSD into about 600G for Windows, 400G for Linux, and then make the second SSD a dedicated data-only NTFS volume, which both Linux and Windows can access.

    I'm considering the dual boot option versus running Linux in a virtual machine, which would be slower but simpler to configure.

    I can't recall where, but I remember seeing someone else comment in a review that they had an artifact like that. If I remember, it was on either the RBP 2015 or the RB 2016, not the new RBP. I also vaguely recall that a driver upgrade fixed it for them. I'm sorry I can't be more definite. If I see the article again in my cyber-wanderings, I'll link it here.
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  15. BenRotstein

    BenRotstein New Member

    Why not get it if you have the money?
  16. M
  17. Fred5612_no_id

    Fred5612_no_id New Member

    Has anyone tried the BD Prochot fix on their Blade Pro? It fixed a lot of performance issues with the Blade 14", I'm wondering if it will do the same for the Blade Pro.
  18. DamienChung

    DamienChung New Member

    Why do they not ship the razer blade pro to Hong Kong, or other countries other than US
  19. 123than

    123than New Member

    Been saving up for a new laptop for a few months. Anybody happen to know how well Razer blades can dual boot with a Unix operating system?
  20. GeneralDoom3006

    GeneralDoom3006 New Member

    That is actually so cool man. I wish I had the kind of money to buy this stuff...
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