The Razer Blade Pro

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Oct 20, 2016.

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  1. GodGundam

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    Nice spec bump, keeps it top of the line but the price… hard to swallow haha
  2. Syscrusher, thank you for your response it was very informative! Yeah that issue with my RBP where it said "scanning and repairing drive C:" happened after a proper shutdown. The good news is it hasnt happened again. But whenever I do download multiple games on steam my RBP will lag and eventually it crashes! And I have to do a force shutdown. but after reading so many other users having issues with their SSDs and this being a new replacement unit from razer makes me wonder... will these issues progressively get worse? and razer only gives a 1 year warranty with no offers to extend the warranty for US customers.

    An update though on razer declining to honor a return, after me calling and sending MULTIPLE emails I finally got a response and they said they will offer me a return.

    The thing that sucks is I love this computer, my first RBP 2TB crapped out after owning it only a few days and my new replacement unit is having issues. Do I keep it, exchange it a THIRD time for another one or just accept the return?

    The problem is there is no laptop like this out there, a beautiful aluminum body with desktop grade graphics and a 4k touch screen.
    I did find on Xotic PC a Sager laptop that has dual desktop nvidia 1080 running SLI and a desktop grade Kaby lake processsor 7700k and it does have a 4k screen!! They even offer custom full body painting with personalized logos etc.But... it's huge! It doesn't have the sick aluminum body that this razer blade pro has.
    What are your thoughts guys? And are other people here on their 2nd or 3rd exchanged unit? I've counted at least 15 people across the web having random shut downs and failing SSDs on these new razer blade pro laptops...
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  3. But you shouldn't have to turn off g-sync. This is a feature that razer advertises so it SHOULD work.if it doesn't work then they should have an annoucnement that they are working on a fix/update.
    My friend has a laptop that has a 4k screen with g-sync and he doesn't have to turn off g-sync to stop his laptop from shutting down.
    If your paying upwards of $4,000+ you shouldn't have to settle for good enough. Razer advertises this essentially as the best so they should own up to it.
  4. syscrusher

    syscrusher Member

    My refund was posted to my credit card yesterday. It wasn't quick, as I returned the machine Dec 30, but they did meet the schedule they promised, so it's okay.

    That's where I am, too. I loved the machine, but my SSD failed after 11 days of flawless operation, and I'm buying my next laptop for work (engineering and 3D development) and not for gaming.

    I'm looking closely at the Clevo P775DM3, also the MSI GT73VR4K, and the MSI GS73VR4K as well as a couple of others. I'm probably going to buy my machine from HIDevolution in California. They will do custom builds of Clevo, MSI, and even Razer, and they have a great support reputation.

    The P775 is a great machine except that its keyboard is pretty much universally disliked. It's very over-clockable, especially if you have HIDevolution do a delid and repaste for you duruing build. The forums on (look for the "owner's lounge" for your machine(s) of interest) have very detailed discussions of OC and self-maintenance. The MSI machines have SteelSeries keyboards, not mechanical but seem to be regarded as very good by the community. MSI CPUs are socketed, so you can't do quite the same level of OC on those.

    HIDevolution will build you a Razer Blade Pro 2016 with Samsung 960 Pro SSD onboard, and they'll support that config. I'm told that upgrading your own SSD in a machine from Razer Store voids the warranty -- but that is hearsay, not official, so don't take it as gospel.

    I don't work for HIDevolution and am not even a customer (yet?). My recommendation to consider them is based on the fact that I'm a computer engineer and, after spending a couple of hours (literally) on the phone with them for pre-sales consultation, I'm convinced they know what the hell they're doing.

    One thing to consider before you go for an SLI machine: Those big units have *big* power bricks, and the ones with 1080 SLI take *two* bricks at 330W each. Imagine having to lug those around alongside a 4 kg machine, and also having to find two outlets and plug in two cords every single time you move locations. Performance, yeah, but inconvenient as hell. Is it worth it?
  5. campJellyBeanbit607

    campJellyBeanbit607 New Member

    Just had ANOTHER issue on my RBP. Started t up tonight and it made an AWFUL whining noise. Probably an internal fan, and it won't stop. RMA here I come.

    Here is a vid of what went down tonight. Awesome. 2 weeks without a laptop now.
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  6. Wow! That's messed up dude I know how you feel. Razer really dropped the ball on this build. Sure would be nice if a razer agent could chime in and share their thoughts on this matter. This isn't just a one off. Lots of people are having issues...
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  7. pizzabutt3000

    pizzabutt3000 New Member

    Yeah, I agree. I'm really disappointed with Razer. I'm returning my 2nd RBP next week, this time due to crashing and light bleed. I'm going to stick with it though (third time's a charm, I guess). The RBP is like a Ferrari but a Ferrari plagued with all kinds of niggling QC and design flaws like the steering wheel is wobbly and the engine sometimes shuts off for no reason. When it works, it's great though.

    Amazon has stopped selling them and I'm honestly surprised Razer hasn't. I'm hoping it means they've worked out most of the kinks in the manufacturing but it could just as well mean that they're incompetent and in complete denial and think that a 30-40% return rate is normal (that number is a guess but I wouldn't be surprised if it were even higher).

    They got their good reviews from the media though and I guess that's all that matters to them, while we customers get stuck playing the RMA lottery until we get one that isn't egregiously defective.

    Sorry Razer. The customer support guys have been very helpful and I appreciate how Razer is the only company making a laptop with these kinds of specs but please get your shit together.
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  8. campJellyBeanbit607

    campJellyBeanbit607 New Member

    Agree. Love the notebook. Has everything I want, except for the whole won't function correctly thing.
  9. Yeah this is crazy, I went on Amazon and sure enough they are stopping sales on these machines due to all the defects...

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  10. campJellyBeanbit607

    campJellyBeanbit607 New Member

    That isn't describing they know of a problem with the machine. It's just how they have it listed or something. They are still selling the 512gb version.
  11. Just an update:
    Razer agreed to do a refund after I received TWO defective Razer Blade Pros 2TB.
    Was told refund will take 10-15 days, which is fine I have no problem waiting. BUT was told by a razer agent that they will not pay for me to ship back their defective unit. Doesn't really seem fair I have to pay to ship back a defective unit they sold me does it?
  12. shoutoutjt

    shoutoutjt Member

    its not a razer issue , its gsync is buggy with some games when running in certain modes such as borderless windowed
  13. Not true. I've used gsync on other computers Flawlessly! It's an awesome feature that I've never seen to be "buggy" as you say.
    These razer systems have major issues from the hardware to the software. There are a few other pc resellers I've been communicating with and nearly every customer who bought a new razer blade pro ended up returning them.
    From issues ranging from random shut offs, loud fan noise, speakers crackling and then blowing out, raid and SSD failures, to completely just dieing to the point where they won't even turn on. Many of these resellers are actually dropping the razer line due to this nightmare that razer calls the "new razer blade pro"
    Just do a google search to see the mess they created.
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  14. shoutoutjt

    shoutoutjt Member

    gsync on other laptops or computers? mine was having issues with borderless windows but after i did research on gsync and stopped that it works fine. yeah ive heard of the random shut offs, have experienced a few myself before i updated my graphics drivers, the loud fan noise shouldnt be a complaint because they never advertised it as being quiet and you shouldnt expect it to be with what it has inside. speakers crackling and blowing out never heard of that either. raid and ssd was a bad choice and people are saying its related to some heating issues. guess i was one of the lucky ones
  15. Loud fan noise shouldn't be a complaint?! Did you see the video a few posts above this one? That IS the loud fan noise I'm talking about, not regular fan noise you hear while gaming and it's far from normal. These systems are garbage. It's only a matter of a few more days/weeks until yours craps out.
  16. shoutoutjt

    shoutoutjt Member

    Thought you were talking about the noise under load my bad. But nah doubt it mined working good for over 3 months
  17. utah991

    utah991 New Member

    I feel genuinely bad for the people with issues and I do think the RBP is a bit of a crap shoot at this point. My experience started off with a lot of frustration. I sent my first laptop back because of a screen problem. My second RBP would crash and start back into BIOS. While waiting for my RMA I decided to get rid of the RAID 0 and did a completely fresh install of Windows 10. It's been nearly two weeks now and my RBP has been really solid. No crashes, no problems playing 4K games, nothing. I'd be curious if anyone else has tried nuking the RAID. I seriously think it's the way to go. At this point I'm planning to keep mine.
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  18. pizzabutt3000

    pizzabutt3000 New Member

    Has anyone else had problems with light bleed? I get pretty standard glow around all the corners, nothing RMA worthy, but the bottom left corner is bad.
  19. This laptop is having so many problems that amazon raised the extended warranty from $350 to $500 now it is like $800. Do not buy this laptop it is not ready to be on the market. For the people who brought you will have be keep trying to you get a good one. It seems as if 70% are broken.
  20. Ohuglyduckling

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    Have you considered an Aorus X7?

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