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Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Oct 20, 2016.

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    SCHUFU New Member

    The palm rest never gets too hot in my experience, even after hours of gaming.

    This is the best laptop stand/cooler for the RBP, it looks and fits like it was made for it specifically. In my setup I removed the modular fans as the temps were practically the same with or without them on.

    SCHUFU New Member

    Seems to be an issue with Cortex, I have Synapse running on my RBP and other non-Razer systems and it works great.

    May want to try the 3d nvidia settings from this video, firestrike score is 20,000+ at stock on the RBP.
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  3. XrayNorthWest

    XrayNorthWest Member

    The Razer Blade Pro does not get 20,000+ on FireStrike stock. It gets around 18,500 with the settings they show in that video.
  4. Brightness seems to be broken on the latest NVidia Drivers. Anyone have a fix?
    378.78 - download from NVidia. broken. not apparent until reboot.
    378.66 - download from NVidia. broken. not apparent until reboot.
    378.49 - download from NVidia. broken. not apparent until reboot.
    376.33 - download from NVidia. works. But need to hack inf file and disable driver signing in win10 startup for install.
    376.20 - download from Razer support. works.

    I have found a quirky workaround. After reboot, it is completely dimmed. However, after going into and out of sleep, I am at max brightness. Still can't control it with normal controls though.
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  5. supernone

    supernone New Member

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    SCHUFU New Member

    This is using the Jan. 4 driver and yes at stock settings it scores a 20,083 to be exact.

    Definitely, but the trackpad is still on the right side.

    Any driver other than the one from Razer Support (Jan. 4) breaks the brightness control.
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  7. w9jds

    w9jds Active Member

    It used to work if you installed without a clean install, but now it is just completely broken. It is annoying how Razer seems to be completely ignoring this whole thread of issues...
  8. Hi guys, sorry to derail the conversation but I was wondering if any of you were familiar with how long it takes the stock of Blade pro's to come back in? Been waiting a little while now on the UK store for them to be back in stock.
    Really want to buy one!! Thanks in advance! :smile_:
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  9. szymonsays

    szymonsays New Member

    I think the belief is that they are due to release an updated version of the Razer Blade Pro with the Kaby Lake CPU shortly.

    On that note, would anyone interested in getting a skin from Dbrand for the Razer Blade Pro let them know they're interested in getting a skin :D The more requests we make, the more likely they will start producing them :)

    This was their official response when i emailed them yesterday:

    Thanks for reaching out. We’re still on the fence about supporting that device. We haven’t gotten enough requests to begin prototyping and production immediately, but we’ve gotten enough to still have it on the table as an option.

    Keep an eye on our Twitter in the coming weeks for updates. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with and have a great day!
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  10. What are the odds that a refreshed RBP also includes the GTX1080Ti. Seems like that would offer much more than Kaby Lake in most use cases. (I thought the biggest benefit of KL was the upgraded iGPU with native 4K support...a feature that the RBP wouldn't use at all anyway)
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  11. oh i see, if thats the case (and the possibility of 1080Ti) then I may be waiting a little while for stock to return! Which is a shame as I wanted to buy before I go away on a trip at the end of the month
  12. Actually, if you hack the 376.33 driver (one from NVidia), it works there as well as previous NVidia ones. Kind of fishy that the first one to officially support this laptop breaks brightness.
  13. Hey there. I had the same problem but I found that if you install (not a clean install) any NVidia driver over your already working driver(any will do I have found). Then the brightness functions correctly.
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  14. lansan5

    lansan5 Member

    Just started getting random shutdowns and the laptop just random powering off. Reached out to tech support and have heard nothing so far.
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  15. please make it available in malaysia :slightly_sad:
  16. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    I don´t have the RBP, but perhaps it is the issue with the SSDs in Raid? Where one drive is heating up and causes the failure? If the issue is caused by the Raid failure, one solution if you don´t want to go through the RMA process, is to remove the Raid...and install the OS on one drive and use the other one for data. I mean, those nvme ssds are already so fast, that I don´t think Raid really necessary, especially if it is actually causing issues.
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  17. lansan5

    lansan5 Member

    Hmm. I'll see what I hear back from razer support whenever they deign to response. I guess I'd just have to delete the partitions and then restore directly to one of the drives
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  18. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    @Iansan5, indeed see what support says, since I have no idea if the issue is in fact one of the SSDs heating up. I only mentioned it because I´ve read about it online on NBR and if you determine that it is the cause of your issues, then it is a better solution than trying the RMA process.

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  19. lansan5

    lansan5 Member

    Thanks for the info @vistar appreciate it
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  20. Thank you! Clean install was the issue. Guess it cleans the brightness control away.
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