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The Razer Blade Stealth & Razer Core

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. Deathalo

    Deathalo Active Member

    Lol, the Microsoft store ;)

    I didn't end up keeping it because I wanted the QHD+ not the 4K version, which is the only version they have available unfortunately ...(their student discount is better =/ )
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  2. qwertzy

    qwertzy Active Member

    Hey guys if you want to run phantom pain using 2560 X 1440p resolution on the 4k panel, right click on desktop background, select graphics properties and make your custom resolution.

    I did this and got 60fps and dips to 48 fps on max settings except post processing on high, depth of field along with motion blur off, and ambient occlusion set to performance on the nvidia control panel with in game ambient occlusion set to off. Heard nvidia's version is better.

    If you try to use the display 4k resolution, the ingame resolution settings would have almost no difference from a setting at 4k, even at 1080p. You have to make the ingame resolution the same as the display resolution.
  3. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    i agree with you, for me the sweet spot was QHD 256SSD
  4. Deathalo

    Deathalo Active Member

    Ordered my Stealth on Friday afternoon, still processing now but I assume it will ship tomorrow. Weird that I ordered it at around 3:30 est on Friday the 22nd, yet the order date shows the 23rd. Anyway, hopefully it comes by Friday, really excited to get it. One thing surprised me however, I didn't realize there was a limited time to use the $100 promo code for the Core (it doesn't say that anywhere I could see when ordering the stealth, just $100 off the core). It says the code expires August 12th, that's only 3 weeks from the order date! That's a bit ridiculous if you ask me, I would've at least though they'd give you a couple months to use it. Has anyone gotten them to extend their code? Not sure I can swing that purchase so soon....
  5. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    It was, when the core first came out! But now that they are producing it at a faster rate the discount code won't last much time
  6. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    I think some people have gotten extensions in the past but it was because of the Core being out of stock for so long.
  7. qwertzy

    qwertzy Active Member

    So I'm playing Rise of the Tomb Raider and I what I love a about it is the exclusive fullscreen mode which gives the game full control of the display. Unlike Phantom Pain where I had to manually change the display resolution outside the game, I can just change the in game resolution in Tomb Raider and get full fps as in windowed mode.

    In the first level in the snowy Alps at 2560 X 1440p res with max settings except for motion blur, depth of field set to off, no antiliasing I got 62 fps looking at the sky and 44 to 52 fps going forward. At 4k I got 35 to 41 fps looking at the sky and 26 to 27 fps going forward.

    At 1080p it's mostly above 58 to 62 fps going forward spikes above to 70 standing still, to 90 fps and even over a hundred when looking at the sky.

    I'm getting under 60fps in the wide open areas down to 30 on 1080p

    Another game I've been playing was Company of Heroes which I got 60fps at max settings 1080p and 27fps at 4k res.

    Playing the sequel Coh2 I got 50 fps all settings turned down or off at 1080p. At 4k max settings, I got 40fps using the benchmark. 1080p at the same max settings is still the 40 fps result. When playing the first couple of missions in 4k I got 44 to 48 fps during the in game cuts scenes with black bars top and bottom.Actual gameplay was around 30 to 38 fps, with a few squads maybe 37 to 40 fps or zooming in on a squad 48-49 fps. There were dips to 26 fps and rendered cutscenes are at 20fps, while 30 fps at 1080p.

    When switching to 1080p I get 84 down to 77 fps during the black bars cutscenes down to 40 to above 50 fps gameplay and 60 to 90 fps when nothing is happening on screen. At 4k resolution it seemed it was pretty much the same fps, and zooming on a squad can get you 70fps, but I restarted the game and actually got the 4k resolution. I noticed because of the jaggies. But having to reset the game just made fps results more confusing.

    I also was playing Valkyria Chronicles, I got 45 fps at 4k res during the first mission and it looks much more crisp and fuller in game than the the cutscenes themselves.
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  8. Deathalo

    Deathalo Active Member

    That doesn't seem right, they don't tell you that ANYWHERE until after you've placed the order, seems like a bait and switch to me, really leaving a bad taste in my mouth...

    Whelp, I didn't get an order shipping confirmation today, and the order status page still says processing, kind of getting worried now. I don't understand how they can be so off when they say "less than 24 hours" for processing. The stealth was supposedly in stock, I didn't order anything else, and I ordered it Friday mid-afternoon, should've have gone out first possible shipment today at the latest. And there is no fast way to contact support to ask about it, no chat and email support takes over a day to get back to you every time, really not impressed with that...
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  9. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    i hope you already got it, if not why not contact support??
  10. I bought the Stealth 2016 within 3 months, but however my charger broke and I've no idea where to get a new one, any suggestion? It's a thunderbolt 3 - type c usb
  11. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    why not contact razer support, mine died after 2 weeks and they sent me a new one and the second one is working great
  12. Given the 3 months, it may be best to try contacting razer support as it should still be under warranty. Else if you were looking for a spare battery - razer does sell them ->
  13. Zhalek

    Zhalek New Member

    How well will this work for medium range games like SWTOR or DDO? Does it work well and can it be used for gaming without the graphics amplifier?

  14. Eason85_no_id

    Eason85_no_id Member

    It works well for any game that isn't very cpu intensive. The stealth, without the core, is not able to play anything but the oldest games. Do not buy it for gaming without the core.
  15. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    sorry for meddling but you are wrong and right at the same time, for a hardcore gamer the RBS wont work without the core, but for those of us that are casual it can run most games, i play lol, dota, among other games just fine with the RBS, also it all depends on the point of view you have. as long as you are not picky enugh, you can lower the res of high specif games and play them
  16. Eason85_no_id

    Eason85_no_id Member

    Ok, well as a DOTA 2 player I didn't consider it playable in any way. Not even as good as my old Acer with a 540M
  17. kurohyo

    kurohyo Active Member

    lol i do consider it playable, as i said I'm a casual gamer.
  18. apaulsson_no_id

    apaulsson_no_id New Member

    Any news on the release date in Sweden for the RBS and Core?
  19. jaseow

    jaseow Active Member

    Funny cos I play it at native resolution (I have the qdh version) at stable 60fps and its very playable. Just turn down the unnecessary graphics crap like animated portrait and spell details etc.
  20. Eason85_no_id

    Eason85_no_id Member

    Stable 60fps? What magical version of the stealth do you have, that runs at 3x the speed of mine and anyone else's, or any other i7-6500U/ Intel 520? I couldn't even keep it locked at 60 fps in overthrow at HALF QHD resolution. Maybe you have a similar model to Min-Liang Tan's stealth, which gives him 8+ hours of battery life?
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