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The Razer Blade Stealth & Razer Core

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. Murakumo

    Murakumo Active Member

    End of June? They're gonna need to send me a new F5 key with the Core if it takes that long for an Add to Cart button to show up. =o
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  2. Diblegs

    Diblegs Member

    Where do we go to talk to Razer about how much we need it in Europe?
  3. SirThomasKrown

    SirThomasKrown Active Member

    If it's not up next week or get some kind of personal first dibs notification in my email. I will be giving up lol. Seriously. The longer it takes, my hype for it is waning. No offense to Razer, but it's just too long of a wait. I'm noticing in Google news, they have been announcing other ones coming out as competitors, I'd like to stick with the Core-due to me being an early adopter of the Stealth, but if it's not available, I'm going to do what I have to so I can actually play games with it.
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  4. chhappy7

    chhappy7 Member

    HERE YOU GO GUYS. I asked them a few days back and have been giving this to some other ppl on reddit but yeah. Hope it helps.

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  5. SaberRazer

    SaberRazer Member

    It's so cool, I want it!
  6. signsWheateasy834

    signsWheateasy834 New Member

    Yeah I kinda need this, just kidding I completely need this, I mean my laptop im typing this on is from 2008 and only has one good thing about it...the keyboard, which is amazing but thats not enough to make this pile of....well I don't know the rule son what is and not allowed to be said here, but terrible basically.
  7. colddevil324

    colddevil324 New Member

    Thanks Chappy! that completely answered my questions
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  8. wisetiger7

    wisetiger7 New Member

    Anyone with a Stealth+Core (and graphics card) have any problems with only 8GB of RAM?

    I'm trying to decide whether to get the Stealth+Core, or just the new Blade.
  9. zorn_

    zorn_ Active Member

    It has yet to be demonstrated that more than 8GB of RAM makes a difference when it comes to just playing games. 16GB would be nice, if just to offer a little future proofing, but 8GB is absolutely fine if you main goal is gaming.
  10. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    The core is available to order now
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  11. colddevil324

    colddevil324 New Member

    Beat me to it haha
  12. qwertzy

    qwertzy Active Member

    Damn, applying the code does nothing.
  13. You guys that ordered super early is yours scheduled as a pre-order with "ships from June 13th". I ordered at 8:30am cst, $100 off code worked fine.

    Order says "ships from June 13th".
  14. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    It was a preorder from the second it switched. Nobody should be getting one today unless they release it early
  15. Ah okay, was curious if anyone that ordered soon as the switch flipped got anything earlier than June 13th :). I don't feel as bad for not checking when I woke up, I waited all the way until getting to work and drinking coffee, hate if that cost me precious days early to get one lol!
  16. lansan5

    lansan5 Member

    Ordered with discount code working!
  17. Murakumo

    Murakumo Active Member


    I wish they could just let us know when the pre-orders are going up. Min posted "2-3 days" on his Facebook. I proceed to F5 for the next two weeks. Last night I get back from jiujitsu right around the time it goes up. Phone is off because battery is low, laptop is still in car because my g/f brought my bag back from work when I cycled, and she's using my PC to watch Netflix... crash because tired from jiujitsu. Wake-up this morning and F5... AAAAAAND they're gone.

    Words cannot express my frustration and rage, PARTICULARLY because my "register for first dibs" did NOTHING and I received exactly 0 e-mails from Razer about it despite having all their address flagged as important!
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  18. I feel sad about not being able to order the core, but definitely not anywhere as bummed as Murakumo.

    Has anyone heard any more news about continued stock/availability? The button now goes back to notify me and no mention of limited stock.
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  19. mintouch

    mintouch Active Member

    Like Murakumo, I'm now deeply frustrated about Razer's order system. I have worked for several computer retailers including Samsung, Apple but no one had that kind of awful system. I'm doubtful about Razer's SCM and Customer Relations department because that kind of delaying and sneak order is often seen in a company with very weak connection between departments and a company with bad logistics/production capacity.

    If someone in Razer see this, please co-work better than now. your company is now $1.5B size and have full reason about enhancing whole system. DON'T WORK LIKE THIS. EVEN A CONVENIENT STORE IN BACK ALLEY DOESN'T FUCK UP THEIR LOYAL CUSTOMERS.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2016
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  20. I hope the razer team can answer this question. I saw that the razer core was finally (since April) back in stock and was ready for preorder. So I emailed the support (how can a company of this size and caliber not have a live chat group?) for my promo code. By the time they get back to me with the promo code, the razer core is back to notify me. I forsee this never ending cycle considering that this promo code expires by end of June.

    Ex: Razor core become available in July -> I would email the support for an updated promo code -> razer gets back to me -> core goes back to notify me -> comes August where it becomes available -> I would email the support for yet a new promo code -> razer gets back to me -> core goes back to notify me

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