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The Razer Blade Stealth & Razer Core

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Jan 5, 2016.

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  1. torrented

    torrented New Member

    I own it...

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  2. Ahanix

    Ahanix Member

    Well, the core arrived today and the GTX1070 went in without any problems. Based on my experience configuring everything, I believe they ironed out a lot of kinks. Core picked up immediately when I plugged it in, ran the Razer BIOS updater tool, restarted and was on my way. Total process took about 10 minutes, because I had windows updates to do as well.

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  3. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    Bios updater tool? Is that for the stealth only?
  4. Ahanix

    Ahanix Member

  5. Yousif47

    Yousif47 Active Member

    it looks so nice
    I need one
  6. igonzales20

    igonzales20 Member

    The Razer Core is truly a genius idea.
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  7. Let us know how streaming to the Nvidia Shield works!
  8. Well, I'm cardless until tonight or Sunday, but I'll let you guys know! It's a gorgeous sight. :D

    On another note...Does anyone with their Core (whoever has theirs already...) find it a bit on the loud side? (the fan loudness)

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  9. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    Not remotely as loud as my desktop was
  10. qwertzy

    qwertzy Active Member

    Do you think the core would fit in a mercenary backpack?
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  11. bearda

    bearda Active Member

    Wow, I completely forgot about this option. I haven't touched my Shield portable in a while (and this is the first nVidia card I've had that was compatible), I'll have to give this a try with the GTX 1070.
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  12. Derek712

    Derek712 Active Member

    I don't think so. Especially considering the backpack can't really fit a 15" laptop very well. I would also be worried about the core damaging other stuff in the pack since it's all metal and pretty heavy.
  13. Good news guys/gals! The Razer Blade Stealth/Razer Core combo will stream to the Nvidia Shield TV!

    Check it out; Guild Wars 2! (GTX 750 as a test card)

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  14. FYI

    Tossed in the 1080 tonight. Played around 2 hours of Doom on Ultra Settings. Lowest FPS I noticed - 53 - Highest - 113. Usually hovered around 65-75 FPS.

    Using a Stealth.
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  15. qwertzy

    qwertzy Active Member

    2560 x 1440p resolution?
  16. bearda

    bearda Active Member

    My Core arrived today, along with my XB271HU. I'm working on getting the drivers set up and such. Is there any reason to install the Razer-supplied nVidia drivers instead of the newest nVidia ones?
  17. RedShadow33

    RedShadow33 New Member

    Hey guys what's the status on more units being available for purchase? Have they put out any updates? Thanks
  18. 1080 - haven't touched any drivers or messed with any other settings. Put the 1080 in the core. Launched Doom. Set to ultra.

    I've heard doom is a cpu heavy game vs. Gpu. But that's what I watched in terms of fps.
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  19. Here she is btw.

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  20. Additional note: external monitor.
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