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    TK-1987 chiming in. Sorry I’ve been off with family celebrations the last few days.

    So my Core V2 sounds the same as yours underload. But, if that's yours at idle then there is something wrong. So with my GTX 1080 playing games it’s gets very noisy. I’ve since then got some nice headphones to drown it out. Since Razer doesn’t want to admit it’s overly loud.

    But mine isn't this loud on idle. Only under load.

    Here is my video I sent to Razer Support.

    Officially my first video on YouTube too. Lol
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    Hmmm I can hear the exact same whiring/spin up sound ever 2 seconds in your video, too. At least I know we're all in the same boat here.

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    It should probably be alright. I think (haven't confirmed it yet) there are also fans actually internal to the PSU that don't turn on unless the PSU overheats. But it is absolutely your call, I have no idea what sort of load this game actually pulls or how much power (and heat) your machine is putting out when playing it.

    I was planning to do this with the quiet sanyo fans I ordered, but if all you want to do is run the existing fans at full speed just pull out the pin for fan speed control on each fan?

    Honestly I'd just let it be, instead of forcing full-speed. They are running at pretty much full speed anyways and I doubt you will really be that much happier if they are slightly warbling vs. a flat-out scream.

    Welcome to Razer :big_grin_: Actually I had a budget for my employer for $1500 on a computer every few years. But that's for the laptop, and accessories like the core and GPU and displays are... not the laptop. Honestly I wish we were allowed to just have a tower PC but apparently it needs to be portable (I leave it in my office 99% of the time, although I suppose I do travel a few times a month with it).

    I think considering the design and quality both of construction and components the core is actually pretty good value. Unfortunately it just has this one little bug...:oops:

    Without a GPU mine was pretty much silent, only gently putting the fans on low speed. So the fan control is working, it is just extremely aggressive. And when it is under load it gets even louder than in the video, tho not by much.

    Thank goodness it defaults to a sane level if the sensor is unplugged. Altho this seems wrong, if it were my decision I would default to full speed ??? Wouldn't that make more sense ???
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    Yeah I don’t know what they were thinking. For me if it had one speed and didn’t ramp up and down a lot I’d be more ok with it. They really should have a silent and performance setting like they do with the laptops.

    Is the sensor easy to access?

    Yeah this is dissapointing that
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    No but the plug for it is, see a few posts up I put a photo...

    Cook your gear at your own risk:cool_:

    I can't help but think there are some smart nerds out there who could fix this properly. I'm not quite at "fix it with a hammer" level with this one, but very close.
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    On Reddit (eGPU subreddit), I just chatted with V2 owner, he said it’s not too loud for him, max 54dB variable. He pairs with XPS 15 and 1080. You guys can ask him if interested, he just got the Core. Don’t say his gaming performance is paar with Blade 14 gtx 1060 though;) I think it’s due 2 lanes on his machine.​
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    XPS is Dell / Alienware right? I was looking at their graphics amplifier before. I was considering it, but then I saw that Razer put out the Core V2. And even though the graphics amplifier is cheaper, I made a promise to myself to never buy from alienware again. I had such a nightmare of an experience with alienware that even looking at their products gives me a stomachache now. I'd rather kick in the extra and buy from a reputable company like Razer, then be put thru the ringer again purchasing from alienware.
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    :joy::joy:Yes I know I’ll never buy their products, they can’t even make some things right, right?:joy::joy:
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    As promised... I was getting ready to leave the office for the day but remembered to film it at the last minute :)
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    That's not even nothing. I can't even hear anything. I thought my speakers were broken at first.
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    I can say with absolutely certainty I would NOT recommend the Core2 to any of my friends right now.

    The inconsistent fan noise is beyond distracting; it's maddening! It's impossible for your brain to tune it out, no matter the volume, because it's ever changing every 2 seconds.

    I LOVE the Razer Blade Stealth, my Razer keyboard and mouse. All top quality! I even love the efficiency and set up of the Core2, but this noise...
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    It's great if you have a specific need for it, I love mine and for what I use it for it is perfect now that I've hacked up the cooling system... but I would never recommend it. The full-size blade or blade pro with built in GPU is much more convenient.

    I specifically wanted multiple displayport outputs, coming from a macbookpro11,1 it had two, and only having 1 HDMI port on the RBS was a HUGE downgrade for me.
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    @Hucast uh oh what happened? I bought my gf her alienware 13 r3 back in jan. Shes happy with it thus far. but none-the-less, probably a good thing you didn't go that way with the amplifier. It seems to be alot of mix reviews on all the egpu on the market. ROG egpu seems to get some decent reviews outside of the core.I still think the core is superior to all and still happy with mine thus far minus the noise as @Pentalobe pointed out. Very minor mind you as far as the overall scheme of the v2.

    I agree, this was an "out of the way" system to build vs desktop or laptop. However, the reason I went this way with the v2 was just the idea of having nothing for a notebook (gaming-wise) and turning it into something awesome! I do miss my MSI gt80s though lol. It was a beast but looking forward, in the spring-summer I hope to have a 14 inch blade coffee lakes with volta card! In that same process, hopefully a half way built Razer system!
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    That's good, eventually you can trade up to a Razer if it ever breaks down. In my experience they always do.
    I would never buy from them again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. They are lucky I even take the time to bash them.
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    Wow, love it
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    I've seen several in this thread talking about the 4K RBP with the Core V2 and I wanted to mention my results as I'm running it with a 1080t ti.

    It works pretty well. I bought it for rendering from 3ds Max with so my laptop doesn't have to get super hot and I can have more portability as a render station. It performs well. Not quite as fast as my desktop with a 1080 ti but not much longer either.

    As far as using it goes, sometimes I get BSOD when I boot. Sometimes I don't. It always runs a check and reboots and starts right up. I'm also using a 4K monitor connected via Displayport to the Core. And a mouse and keyboard. Also have a Chroma Base Station plugged in and it works... but the USB is unreliable. When using a bluetooth headset or Xbox Elite Controller, it's not reliable enough to use. I guess that's due to the lanes of the Core (hub in a hub).

    Playing Destiny 2 is good. I get 60 fps at 3K res. 4K res hovers around 35-45fps most of the time. 3K with max settings is 60fps all the time using the 1080 ti. Maximum temperature I've seen is 69 degrees celsius.

    The Core V2 is very loud as others have mentioned. It definitely fluctuates constantly no matter what you're doing. It's annoying. But I'm used to annoying computer sounds. Still, it's about 12" from me now and it's loud. If I were to put it on the shelf below my desk, it would be better. I may do that in time after the cool factor of looking at it wears off.

    It doesn't charge the RBP as you might expect. Still need the charger plugged in.

    Overall the installation was simple, but not totally straightforward. I wish there was an actual driver / software for this thing that goes beyond Chroma. Show me temps and fan settings etc. Let me know for sure that it's functioning properly etc.

    Also, I had the GPU switcher thing. But it's kind of annoying. It either wants to use the 1080 in my RBP or the 1080 ti.... right? Well that's good I suppose if you're using 1 screen. But I currently use the 17" screen of my RBP alongside my 4K monitor. So I can't just use 1 GPU without disabling 1 screen. Which I guess makes sense and I can't fault things too much for this; but I like this piece of software existing... it's just useless for me.

    Overall I'm pretty happy. It's finnicky and not 100% reliable. Fortunately the RBP boots quickly.

    (also for those saying it's not supported, the RBP is listed as a supported laptop on the Core V2 page)
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    Thanks for sharing, at its first announcement Razer Blade Pro wasn’t on the supported list, so poeple was asking about it, and Razer updated it. Due laptops CPU bottleneck and TB3 bandwidth, because you’ll get better performance with 1080 dGPU than 1080ti on the core, I thought that’s meaningless to use Blade Pro 4K GTX1080, except the FHD Pro with gtx1060, with the core atm, unless user want to have better dGPU thermal on their Blade Pro for better longevity.
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    It’s forgivable that there is no displayport and one HDMI on my 13” ultraportable stealth. Razer deserves a solid ass-whooping for doing the same on the (otherwise) uber-bonkers 17” pro model, forcing a core purchase for those of us that like having a lot of pixels to look at.
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    Thanks for the detailed post and pictures. I've unplugged the thermal sensor and Core v2 started to sound like a decent device.

    Considering that right after unplugging the sensor fans went quiet (same room, same ambient temperature, same lack of load on GPU) I'd presume thermal sensor is dead. But after reading on many v2 owners having the same "my Core is about to fly off" issue it does look more like a glitch in the MB firmware.

    Any ideas on how bad it might be to leave the fans on minimum and actually play some games on the thing?

    I mean fans only blow air up thru the casing with motherboard being on the floor level and not getting much heat with minimum upward airflow. I'm not overclocking. GPU has its own (and decent based on reviews) cooling and with more aggressive fan speed setting (ones for GPU alone) should keep itself alive considering that its free to blow all the air it wants thru the giant mesh on the side of the Core. PSU might be in issue but it has its own exhaust fan and the intake fan spinning even at minimum RPM looks big enough to support decent airflow.

    I just can't stand this crazy helicopter sound coming from Core with the sensor connected and I do want to play some games :slightly_sad:
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    Without any GPU installed the Core v2 is pretty quiet. If you really load it up it WILL get even louder. The fan control isn't completely broken, more like they garbled up a LUT or got the units wrong or a decimal point in the wrong place.:rolleyes:

    Depends on your GPU. I have Quadro P2000 and it's fine for me. Mainly concerned about the heat inside PSU, especially when the laptop battery is charging, but it has it's own pair of fans that will probably turn on before it gets too hot.. The fans DO keep running so I am satisfied that the airflow is sufficient for my modest needs. As I said earlier, the highest temp I found after a stress test was around 120°F at the exhaust port of the PSU. But I can't really "stress test" this machine with a 75w GPU.

    The real issue is going to be if we all unplug our thermostats who is going to let us know when Razer finally fixes it (yeah right, their fix will be a Core v3 LOL)...

    I knew this, but will it at least provide enough power to run the RBP without charging? Just curious....

    The way the RBS works, it will run the internal laptop panel with the eGPU along with any other monitors connected to the eGPU, the internal GPU is disabled.

    Mine has been 100% reliable so far. I'm using the ODE (Optimal Driver for Enterprise) not the QNF (Quadro New Feature) driver. I also know from using an older RBS and Core v1 how tricky it can be to properly connect/disconnect it and getting everything enabled, so part of this is it just takes some getting used to. It is not exactly idiotproof despite what the sales glossies tell you.

    This is strange. Bluetooth devices have nothing to do with the core, it's part of the wifi chipset and uses that IO instead. Windows BT headphone support is a joke (OK, it works for me and my Bose AE2 but once in a while pairing requires a reboot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:), but my WiiU pro controller works fine with my older RBS (haven't tried my switch pro controller, yet).
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