The Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboards

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Deleted member 368765, Oct 26, 2017.

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  1. Dino_Krista

    Dino_Krista New Member

    I bought this keyboard after watched this vide but aren't very happy with it. Every time I lunch CSGO my walk buttons doesn`t work proper. Or I am doing something wrong or this keyboard is that good. It appears that keyboard is recording my steps and after reaping.. Couldn't find anything in the internet to see how to switch it off, etc.

    But 100% design of the keyboard is Brilliant.
  2. Brisingr_Phoenix

    Brisingr_Phoenix Active Member

    How close is this to the Deathstalker?
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  3. Cyber_The_Wagon

    Cyber_The_Wagon New Member

    Just saying, if you are wanting this keyboard get it! 100% worth
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  4. TheAsianTung

    TheAsianTung New Member

    loooks so good
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  5. Macaugr

    Macaugr New Member

    Take my money!
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  6. revee105

    revee105 New Member

    Does the keyboard rest work with this? Any pics?
  7. K3Tsunami

    K3Tsunami New Member

    Is each key individualy custom lighting? Like the blackwidow if the w key is red the r key can be yellow exc.. Is it like that on the cynosa pro?
  8. treblotmail

    treblotmail New Member

    Besides the underglow, what would be the difference of this keyboard from the BlackWidow Chroma? I'm genuinely curious.
  9. tozeleal

    tozeleal New Member

    BlackWidow Chroma has machanical switches ... so the Keyboard will last longer than the Cynosa... And the clicking noise its diferent... The Blackwidow makes more noise than the Cynosa because the Cynosa keyboard uses membrane switches.
  10. FLAM0US

    FLAM0US New Member

    I'm currently using a Steelseries Apex [RAW] but I wanna upgrade this piece of trash. ATM I've got enough zSilver to redeem this one. Is it worth it or should I just redeem a headset?
  11. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    starting to notice these cynosa's going on sale left and right like crazy. i wonder how they'd do as regular work/daily usage keyboards?
  12. Nyctelios

    Nyctelios Member

    Question to ppl who own cynosa: apart of chroma thing, are you satisfied (materials etc.)?
  13. jackieLox

    jackieLox New Member

    omg I love the underglow!!:eek_:
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  14. Brooky21

    Brooky21 New Member

    just bought it a few days ago and it looks amazing with my set up, tbh alot better than the BlackWidow, gotta love razer swag
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  15. scallipus

    scallipus New Member

    they keyboard is good, the ability to set color and effects for individual keys / areas of the keyboard is fantastic, what is a problem / issue for me is when windows starts and I go to log in, there is no DEFAULT backlighting on th keyboard so I gotta type in my password without seeing the letters I am hitting... This was something I never had to deal with on my previous logitech keyboard as it let you save the settings directly to the device so on bootup it would already have the backlight settings there and would light up just fine...

    Is there a way to save the lighting settings directly to the device? If not then this is something IMHO seriously lacking on RAZER's part and believe me when I say it will influence my decision when the time comes to buy another keyboard down the track...

    Over the years (being the owner of a couple of razer mice, and a couple of razer keyboards in the past few years, I do think their overall products are great but there are some aspects such as what seems to be an inability to actually store your custom profiles on the device itself that really do detract from it, I may well go back to a logitech keyboard in the future when they release a keyboard with totally cusomisable backlighting and effects at a per key level like RAZER has but only because logitech do let you save the profile directly to the device and do not require an additional piece of software to be loaded for enabling those profiles, just needing to run their app for creating the profiles or importing / exporting profiles...

    Please, if there is a way I can save the profile to my Chroma keyboard so it does light up on boot, enlighten me :)
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  16. roboactive

    roboactive New Member

    Hi, how much is it?
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  17. chickdan

    chickdan Active Member

    The price that is listed on the store page, which is linked in the original post.
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  18. LKF_rzr

    LKF_rzr Member

    It runs on synapse so enable synapse when system starts up.
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  19. linkcoolSmoke048

    linkcoolSmoke048 New Member

    Hi when a chroma pro azerty version? Thanks
  20. Greaseball

    Greaseball New Member

    hi im not a very experienced user as far as synapse etc issues and the like but i had a similar issue and it is actually more tied to your system than you think during this boot up period, or while waiting at login screen in the past in synapse 2 you could always go offline and make an update to your profile for the device and this would save the new settings in an offline file like say an .ini and these settings would act as like a "default" for the device at least for lighting anyway not sure about functions as all of my added functions etc are all in game or multimedia so have no way to access or test those outside of their environments. also in the new synapse 3 all of my devices on it go into just standard color cycle mode during this boot sequence and before login and are not blacked out. one thing to maybe look for is if you have somehow stopped maybe a system service from starting correctly or something similar to that and its somehow tied to it. either way just some thoughts on your situation broski. also note that during my boot up albeit a weird boot to begin with since its a weird system from alienware that combines laptop and desktop hardware kinda (alienware x51 r2), anyway during this time it does go black a few times as my screen goes from splash to bios and splash then login. also could be as simple as during this time your systems default action is to partially power and use certain usb's or turns some off etc during certain processes.
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