The Razer Electra V2 Gaming Headsets

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Deleted member 368765, Oct 20, 2017.

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  1. poppacalypse

    poppacalypse Well-Known Member

    so gorram shiny!
  2. shazzyrm

    shazzyrm New Member

    I think I'm going to have to add this to my wishlist lol :) Looks soooo good.
  3. ST.Vad3r

    ST.Vad3r New Member

    good news. im using this gear fo almost 5 years, and they are still good!
  4. Freekstar

    Freekstar New Member

    update! I got mine xD
  5. Gamerbobey

    Gamerbobey New Member

    Still using the Kraken 7.1 chroma...
  6. Boomer814

    Boomer814 New Member

    Comments on the headset?Can you say something about, photos, pro,cons?
    I want this headset ,but in italy they must still be marketed!!!
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  7. I am kraken pro v2 user plz suggest me how i got free surround pro code
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  8. vinaychandel121

    vinaychandel121 New Member

    I think Logitech G430 is the best gaming headset because i use this headset before 3 months and I make this list for you :

    1 . SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround
    2. SADES Channel Virtual USB Surround Stereo
    3. Logitech G430 DTS
    4. SADES Over-Ear Stereo Bass Gaming
  9. WizardWinter

    WizardWinter Member

    But how does this fair with the kraken v2?
  10. Hadesgatee

    Hadesgatee Active Member

    If you register a Razer product in Razer synapse you can get the Razer Surround Pro for free.
    You install the surround version and in synapse you can find the upgrade button.
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    RFOCHIPS New Member

    The ones aviable for Zsilver are the USB version or the 3.5mm jack version?
  12. Doplegangster

    Doplegangster New Member

    Can't register the electra v2. The "next button" is blurred, in the 3rd step of warranty registration, and cause of that I can't complete it. I checked the serial and product number many times too. Can someone pls help me?
  13. MarioLilov

    MarioLilov New Member

    Now this is one smexy piece of hardware! I might even get it
  14. EagleKnight101

    EagleKnight101 New Member

    Have one of my own, good price and quality, defiantly would recomend
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  15. Urgency

    Urgency New Member

    I am very close to getting them with zsilver, I am interested to see how well they perform.
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  16. GordoAlfa

    GordoAlfa New Member

    I've got mine a month ago. And i love it! Design is brilliant (but i still don't like the green cables), is super confortable and both speakers and mic sounds good.
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  17. Inc0gnitu5

    Inc0gnitu5 New Member

    I got mine on 14th Feb and they are awesome. They are confortable sound and mic are clear and they adapt in my head or in my 5years old head.
    Been playing Wow and fortnite with them and the 7.1 is very good
  18. Christinde

    Christinde Well-Known Member

    Looking really good, would certainly be an option to me.
    If I didn't have a diffrent pair(s) already.
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  19. Giacomotg

    Giacomotg Active Member

    Wow love that design!
  20. Mausthemighty

    Mausthemighty Well-Known Member

    Do these have Chroma? I need Chroma.
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